Power Tools In A Road Traffic Accident.

The Road Transport and Safety Agency RTSA has received a report of a Road traffic accident involving a Power Tools bus which was heading to Zambia from South Africa.

The accident, whose cause is yet to be established, happened in the early hours of 9th February, 2020 in Zimbabwe’s Karoi area where the said motor vehicle overturned, leaving some of its occupants injured.

According to the Global Positioning System (GPS), it could have occurred at 07:26 hrs. There have been no fatalities recorded.

The RTSA has since dispatched a team of officers to establish the cause of the RTA and extent of injuries on the accident victims.

Issued by:

Fredrick Mubanga
Head – Public Relations
Road Transport and Safety Agency.

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  1. Tomson salala too bad

    Too bad

  2. Bbb

    To bad may God be with our driver’s

  3. Bb

    To bad may God be with our driver’s

  4. Mr Director

    to bad for our lovely lives

  5. Jsytwo

    too bad


    To bad may God protected u

  7. Sims

    Too bad thank God there was no death recoded we pray for the quick recovery to those injured.

  8. Speed driving

    Over speeding mostly causes these accidents. I witnessed another accident after munali round about yesterday and it was nasty. The drivers legs got broken completely and many got injured. The cause of that accident was over speeding and wanting to take over.

  9. Edward mula

    Too bad

  10. FJ

    Too b

  11. FJ

    Too bad,,why having a rampant rise of frequent accidents with power tools this year? It’s too much now

  12. Too bad

    Too bad

  13. AJ Styles

    Oh so sorry really bad

  14. Patrick

    To bad

  15. Kennedy chileshe

    to bad, but it’s not karoi, it’s in chirundu Zimbabwean side about 4km from chirundu borda Zambia.

  16. Magical minds

    Power tools?????

  17. sims c

    Comment too bad may God protect us all the time.

  18. chris

    Too bad

  19. rabby

    too bad thank God was no death recoded

  20. powers

    what is happening to power tools

  21. Kapena Albert

    Too bad!!

  22. Vincent jere

    Too bad

  23. nshilimubemba

    We only hear about power tools buses causing accidents we question why only power tools, this fleet needs to be investigated to the reason why this company is only there to kill people on the roads.
    The police should not turn a blind eye to these accidents because one day one of them will be a victim .

  24. jairos

    this happens at 05.30am 2 km from the border driver was over speeding in shower rain.

  25. B L

    I suggest RTSA should take these drivers back for assessments as they did in 2018 but it still shows they r not improving their skills. The said area has These RTA’s every year same buses. Come on RTSA IYANGANEPO. Some of us r experienced and yet they just keep getting these speedsters who r just out of money instead of passion.

  26. Kery teadfy

    Too bad


    Too bad indeed

  28. Chendabusiku

    This story makes a very sad reading indeed. Peaople should also look at the road quality. We are busy crying foul here when roads are being made and good roads for that matter. Some of these accidents could be due to poor road quality. just thinking?

  29. Pj

    Too bad

  30. Bridget

    Indeed its sad 🙁

  31. solomon

    too bad,its sad indeed

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