Toll Gates Will Help Us Maintain Our Roads – PF

The National Road Fund Agency (NRFA) plans to build six more toll gates in various places to reach 40 by December, in a bid to collect K1.6 billion this year. NRFA collected K1.4 billion from inland and port of entry toll gates in 2019, beating its projected collection of K1.2 billion.

Although the opposition in Zambia has downplayed the importance of road infrastructure, the Patriotic Front Government has remained resolute emphasising that road infrastructure makes a crucial contribution to economic development and growth and brings important social benefits.

You may hear many in the opposition talking about the cost of business being high, but what they won’t discuss is how they would reduce it. The Patriotic Front is just doing that in that it understands that road infrastructure is a key catalyst for the country’s continued productivity and competitiveness. For instance, any decrease in business travel time leads to a reduction in wasted business costs.

There are two main ways transport infrastructure can facilitate economic growth. They can create connections between businesses and input sources, other businesses and their markets. It also facilitates the movement of raw materials to and from companies as well as the transportation of finished products to distributors and retail outlets.

Equally, an effective network is able to move large volumes of human capital to and from their places of work, to educational institutions, social events and locations where individuals can buy products and services, such as shops.

For these reasons, transport infrastructure is probably the most important of all public assets. So when someone asks “mukalye misebo?”, just know that he is only an economist on paper.

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  1. Maano

    Toll gates need to be turned into police points, rather than their current double Taxation tool purpose!

  2. Uluse

    Pf is just trying to play the music louder but only a many people are not interested to dance to it, The NFRA managed to beat the projected target but workers salaries and road projects are static. We see the same potholes and stalled works as we drive through. Where then does the money go to?perhaps towards Byelections, purchasing teargas cannisters, spraying chemicals and paying huge amounts to pf tribal propangandists. The only pf social benefit is increasing poverty being faced by majority zambians. The economy is more messed up and wished there were no tollgates.

  3. Thomas mwanza

    Okay that incredible to me personally and you guys should go ahead developing Zambia..

  4. Outsider

    If we assume Zambia has 100,000km of roads (estimated from 2017 data), 1.4 billion kwatcha in 2019 would leave us K140,000 per kilometer for maintenance. Just to place perspective in numbers. Do you see that maintenance happening? Tolls are okay if the money is used for maintenance of the roads across the whole country as they should be. A better road infrastructure is a great plan, but you have to actually maintain what you already have first.

  5. nzelu

    its a great move if implemented nicely, good road network has to move with low fuel pump price then you will see bussiness moving nicely, you are collecting alot of cash and i dont expect zambia to have pothole roads by now. use the other portion of the money to subsdise fuel

  6. Sparta

    Mazabuka -Kafue Road…Where is the money going?…and when ar u closing them down any?? stop stealing from us u guys

  7. Mumba mumba


  8. SD


  9. Jay


    • Jay

      This is stupidity, our roads are bad and you are busy eating the moneys from toll gates

  10. LN

    As you think of buildings more toll gates think of scrapping of road taxes. You are already making enough from toll gates

  11. Daniel Temwani Phiri Youth Educator

    Mr President, you are busy constructing infrastructures aimed at collecting funds from the poor citizens of this nation and as if not enough, prioritising the same funds to sectors that are least productive… I more often than not support the government of the day but your works are compelling me to make an exception.

  12. Dorcas chuma

    But if mr Lungu can really remember where he has come from,he can’t even be busy stealing for poors that’s very sad to me.This is the same reason why God will stop exulting us.cause we ghetto and poor people we have a problem of forgetting our background.all we think of is to be rich on our own.shame on mr president I wonder kumulu ngabaka muleka.


    but the dollar z still the same


    Brilliant plans,but let your speech go hand in hand with the actions.

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