January 2020 Food Basket Cost Shoots Up!

The cost of living as measured by the Jesuits Centre for Theological Reflections Basic Needs and Nutrition Basket for the month of January 2020 has increased to K7,410.96 for a family of five compared to K5,395.35 in January 2019.

Further, the 2020 January basket increased by 11.9 percent that is K790.73 from K6,620.23 in December 2019 to K7,410.96 in January 2020.

The rise in the basket between December and January was mainly due to increases in the price of essential food items such as Kapenta, which moved from K205.83 to K299.07 per Kg, other fruits moved from K107.31 to K439.93, onions and tomatoes increased from K48.53 to K150.88 and K57.36 to K118.58 respectively.

From the non-food essential items, notable increases where charcoal that increased from K296 to K360 (for two 90kg bags) and electricity that moved from K292 to K500.

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  1. lsk

    iwe chris how can i like this story when am getting paid k800 and the food basket is above k7000 i dont like it and i dont like this group of thieves called poor family”PF’

  2. Herv Rena

    Everything keeps increasing,every month. But salaries remain static,the dollar becomes more expensive,oh it is a rat race!

  3. Sparta

    We ought to give others an opportunity we are tired of this thugs (pf).

  4. Ba Gaza

    Stupid of motherfucker

  5. Ba Gaza

    Stupid pf motherfucker

  6. Extremely gifted

    We are tired of poor increament in Zambia Every month there is new price of everything. where is PF I use know?

  7. bob Marley

    Zambia not yet,it is still rising.. this is PF

  8. Ponyacs

    Chili ko tukuya avyakulolavye

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