Test Results Of Chemicals Being Used In Gassing Households Are Out.

Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja says results of chemicals being used in gassing households are out; however, the Police Command has decided not to announce the chemical for security reasons as doing so may mean giving information to other criminals.

Meanwhile Mr. Kanganja has dismissed claims of gassing incidences having shifted to Lusaka.

“In as much as the Zambia Police in Lusaka have received reports of gassing from members of the public , which claims are yet to be verified, I wish to dismiss information circulating on social media in which it is being insinuated that most parts of Lusaka have been affected by the gassing” he said.

The Chief Cop explains that when complaints of alleged gassing were received by police in Lusaka, officers went on the ground to verify the reports and are still inquiring on the same reports.

“In view of similar occurrences being recorded in some parts of the country, my advice to members of the public across the country is for them to be security conscious and work in collaboration with the police in safeguarding their respective communities,” he added.

“I fully understand the fear in members of the public concerning the current occurrences and my appeal to them is that they remain calm as the police are doing everything possible to avert the situation,” said Mr. Kanganja.

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  1. Fredrick muzeya

    Good news but we need the of that chemical

  2. Zambian

    This time now we need to see people being arrested or else, bwana Kanganja you must resign.There is no way people should start treating others like chickens.

  3. Lackson shamboko@Gmail.Com

    Do something

  4. George

    Sir you must do something with your people….we are not sleeping


    Mr captain sir,the results for the chemicals that these criminals are using durning gassing of house are out and you can’t disclose your findings to the general public for security purpose.My question is that what are the measures you and your team to safeguard the lives,and people’s properties as well providing law and orders?……Secondly what side effects does that chemicals have on humans,and what’s the position of your government to treat those victims or patients?……Thirdly how many watch-groups/Neighbourhood do we have countrywide?…….Lastly why is the that in most area patrols are not been concluded?……WE AS ZAMBIANS WE’VE NOW BEEN LIVING IN FEAR. “ONE ZAMBIA,ONE NATION”.STAY BLESSED ALL.

  6. kedrick siame

    But honourable sir kakoma tells us how infect chemical is to the human been, how to protect our selfs but zambia we are still behind we don’t ask where to buy and how to make just protection only.

  7. Razor

    They dont know up to now the chemical used so easier to say we are not disclosing for security reasons just to save face and ridicule from members of the public.

  8. Sosa

    But the IG should have told us how that chemical can be neutralized or suppressed for us to know how we can protect our selves.

    • Tafadzwa Mwanza

      That’s very true, the id infection of the chemical is verified,

      • Prince malele

        And why upto now they cannot tell the chemical being used. And upto now the criminal issues are steel there. Does it mean the government has felled to control?

    • Lizzy


  9. juliuskamau

    SIR u say that u can’t disclosed the name of chemical there using, my concern is, that chemical is exported from outside country or here in zambia and what infect.

  10. 1eye.see u all

    since the result is out/found, from today onward we don’t want to hear again that you are removing blood to the affected pipo with gasses,if it mean getting blood where are u gone to take that blood,for us we are gone to think pa top there is ONE.

  11. LN

    Now that you know the chemical, ban its importation.

  12. Wessels j kunda

    It’s good that the gas is established but we still are in danger, try blocking or boarders and thoroughly check all vehicles just a suggestion .It’s possible that those chemicals are from within the country.We also need soldiers to come in and help with the situation

  13. Seer 1

    Tell us the measures you have put in place and how many to safeguard the lives of Zambian. Please I will pray for you.

  14. Roy B Tembo

    May you do something to protect your people please.

  15. Mr patriot

    Accordingly,the law says let the authorities handle the law and not civilians.now my concern is wenever such pipo are caught u pipo in authority hide the fate of the matter to us,in caught we only hear about the adjourney scenarios that’s why we the general public don’t feel satisfied with national justice hence we tend to bcum suspicious unnecessarily.please we only have one country nowadays we even feel ashamed calling ourselves as a Christian nation,why can’t we fight together remember not only those in authority have solutions over our national challenges even us here we are indeed blessed by God in an imaginable way.

  16. Mwani

    Results are out, yet hidden. What should those whose houses have been gassed do?

  17. Bau

    its a humble gratirude to pay with a highet measure of thanks to committed efforts of help being rendered to the people of this beautiful nation. I believe its going be easy now to find out were these chemicals are being produced from. I will be greatful to hear from every report that concerns these evil activities may God give you more insight and a quick action of solutions.

  18. LK

    Bwana is that chemical not harmful to our bodies? I cought you saying we should work hand in hand with the police but the question is that you the police said that the communittee should not get involved you can manage yourselves but why now calling out for the communittee to help?

  19. Njavwa

    We deserve to know . IG is a let down surely.if ‘ information is power’ so goes the saying,why hide it from the people.

  20. Joe London

    Bwana IG and the Minister of Home Affairs kindly consider the introduction of Roadblocks around the country. I believe this way the police will be able to arrest the current prevailing situation.

  21. Joe London

    Without roadblocks Criminals are able to move from one town to another with their chemicals without being catches or their bags searched.

  22. Oliver chibuye

    save mother Zambia, you are just deploying police officers kuma by election while people are suffering with ritual killers , protect us

  23. dman

    bwana jst let us know the results so dat we know its source we want to deal with those people who are suppling chemical

  24. Joe London

    There are just too many foreign nationals,both legal and illegal ones who maybe involved in different clandestine activities. Government must consider rounding them up and sent them back to their country of origin .Do not go to sleep when things are bad in our country.

  25. London weather

    Just passing wakumwamba ndiye aziba

  26. Alick

    Mr IG you took samples from the afected members but , I see no reason to hide the results becouse those results are not yours, surery you can take samples from somebody and hide the results, its againest some one’s rights ka……mwitwikala pansambu shesu twapapata twebeni ifi tumbwikemo just like the way you do when testing for HIV and AIDS period

  27. Pj

    We are not sleeping bcouse of the same things

  28. Muleya

    Sure sir can you tell us the control measures because we are not sleeping

  29. Adrianal kantumoya

    Do as you have said

  30. N.I.M

    I think this politically motivated,but how I wish all security wings were involved in patrols, like zns,Zambia army and the police,becoz I think this exercise is too much for police.but my prayer is that all these evil doers shall be exposed together with their cursed masterminders in Jesus ,s name.all those doing this may calamities fall upon them to their third generation.tonight as they do this ,holy angels wil fight for zambia.i cover Zambia with the blood of. Jesus name,this blood is strong i know what it can do.thank you Jesus.amen.

  31. saviour

    meanwhile, Inocent people are dying, spending, sleepless nights, leaving in fear and waisting their resources insteady sleeping to work up early nextday and reduce poverty in their homes but investigation are not being concluded while police make partro (incomplecated)
    you are the ones to help us.
    At the mean time we are still suffering 😭😭😭.

  32. Zambian

    thank you Sir. but as good as u said that u have discovered the chemical using for gassing houses, u can even know the negative effect it’s causing to human being if yes what zt? 2 which part of a body it attacking last what thing could be taken for it to be cured soon so that a human can’t die.

  33. Koji SKM

    But sir, how do we protect ourselves in case we are gassed. What effect does these chemicals have in human beings and what measures have u put in place to protect us? We cannot be living in our country in fear. Have u supplied masks for us?

  34. Dr phiri

    I think we should take the law into our own hands cause we can never know these guys might be working for so trust no one protect your loved ones nd yourself Zambia is no longer a Christian nation💔😓😞😞

  35. Dr phiri

    Don’t come complaining to us wen we start killing them ourselves cause the law ain’t doing a thing🙏🙏

  36. Blessing

    So we still have to be sleeping in the sitting room,this is not something I could wish on another person or family,those who have experienced it understands better. Hornarable if the name can’t be told we understand but what can we use to arrest this gas.Am only sleeping 3hours at night my daily activities are being affected

  37. pipo

    Nice the chemical is known, find something to spray using the method you use to spray to prevent malaria in lsk, this time to prevent the chemical from being suffocatve

  38. Nichchan

    Mr. Kanganje last time we had people who were removing parts from innocent Citizens those people were arrested up to today nothing has happened and why these things are happening during election in the history of Zambia and under the era of the current leadership.

  39. Gabby

    As long as, the PF is behind all those evil act, nothing will happen. seif defend your seifs.

  40. Osman

    It’s really sad results are out but no solutions.

  41. jbd

    but where did these people get those chemicals?

  42. Misheck Kinyanta

    Please we beg you in the name of God work hard police men

  43. Daniel Sinkala

    State of Emergency

  44. Eneli

    Kakoma is an outdated lG, That information you are hiding is not helping you.If you don’t,why even informing us which is not even a poor Zambian.Poor country that takes weeks to identify the chemical and no proof to lab test and to some of us it is a zero work you are doing.

  45. Bezaly

    It’s a good news, now that you know the chemical these people are using its very easy to know the source or and maybe the suppliers ,You are the police,investigate whether the chemicals are being supplied locally or outside use any resources available to bring these crimes to stop because we are living in fear our homes are not safe especially at night,our children are not safe
    please do something and fast because that is your job don’t tell us to remain calm,the lives are at stake

  46. Chilekwa Mwansa

    The police need to ask forgiveness from the kitwe cingola residents, people have already died and you don’t feel ashamed of Incouraging people to be strong and not to punic??? Send soldiers to solve the problem if police are incapable. I’m ashamed of our police officers

  47. TNT

    No gassing in lusaka???
    Come spend a night in my hood, see how you like it.

  48. Jms

    Their is nothing like security measures,you’re the security now if you can’t arrest these two groups then problems coming forth. We need to know who brought this and why?

    • Jack Lay

      Wrong people in wrong posts. Nepotism.+++corruption. If the Right people were employed. This whole case would have never gone this far. Tell them that the first suspect s are hebalist s.,Wich doctor s . Then you will get to the bottom of everything



  50. predator

    kakoma u said u wll not anounce for the securit reason for the sake of criminals.qstn who ar using now are they not criminals?I tel u true bro u hav failed with that position every one knws am ask u surenda coz we are finished

  51. awake

    bwana tipaseni mpamvu zoba bulasha tikagwila

  52. Derrick munyinya

    thank you sir for the report all you need now is to intensify patrols with your team.

  53. Chizalira

    Thank you sir for the report.

  54. Jack Lay

    2500kwacha to gas a house, meaning the people doing this are making a lot of money out of this business. Where this money is coming from, the source even the chief of police knows..him also wants a share .gone are the days when muder cases were solved whithin 24 hours. Don’t think people are blind. They know everything. Everybody in Zambia now wants to become the richest man in Zambia. If Zambia was attacked by enemies. The soldiers are first to know. Not us civilians. That’s why the flying squad was formed..Mr. kanganja you know who is behind this. You don’t want to disclose till you have benefitted from it yourself.

  55. Scale Ndapima

    This really sounds ridiculous. Let citizens know the name of this chemical so that the learned sons and daughters of this country can help to come with solutions to counter this evil act. Unless you are benefit ing from these acts, there is no need to hide the name of this chemical. Can you imagine going for an HIV test and then the doctors hide the results, that wouldn’t make since. Everything in this country is done under the blanket. Why can’t we once become transparent and do things correctly ? Citizens want the name of this chemical- please release it if you are genuine !!!

  56. Moses

    We’re is the source of those chemicals?

    • Ben

      Commentl don’t understand why police can’t start to look for the original sender of these things

  57. one Sido

    yes Mr IG just tell us the results because there’s nothing to hide, we are not sleeping because the same thing right now I’m at work my heart is pumping very fast just thinking of my family at home, just do something for us zambians please.and why it’s like this every time when we are near to the elections the criminals comes out why, please God dispose them.

  58. Ti yo

    The issue of seer1 you guys came in with immediate effect but this issue is taking you years to react on.put security in each community (patrol)

  59. Nevers Nyati

    If the police have failed please before it’s to late engage the C5 as soon as possible.

  60. Nevers Nyati

    Police show your experience on all the possible communities were they is a gassing issues….

  61. James mpuku

    In ZAMBIA we don’t have security that’s why we’re treated like chickens

  62. felix

    Here in chunga about 8 gassers have been arrested so far by the resdents and not by the police,the polices only comes to take the suspects to their respective police stations and its very unfortunately that polices dont allow people to take photos nor make a video record😬😬😬

  63. Johneudes Kasonde

    Honestly, I feel that this issue is being delayed unnecessarily. These people have no fear, whatsoever, for anyone, the police inclusive. I believe some people are in custody. Whats so hard about finding the source. You jailing the “suspects” isn’t solving anything for Christ’s sake, What you have to do is find out the source. The only way this will stop is by finding out the source. Whatevver is hidden under this sky, will one day be revealed. I assure you!

  64. Paul

    Do something just for us pupils we are not sleeping 💤😴💤 and we need to go to school in the morning

  65. john

    sir u most do somthing with your people plz
    or else we will continue killing by ourselfs kaleza che

  66. frank

    So Mr sir, what if these gasses have side effects just like slow poison?

    we dont know anything about that and you dont want to disclose the results.

  67. ba bebe

    i think this people should not be kept their must be killed because their aim is to end peoples lives so its better their life end.. police it’s your time last time u failed over the issue of cholera and u were helped maybe u need help again

  68. Djc

    Were did thy get that chemicals?
    And who send them to do that
    And wat is the meaning of gassing?

  69. Rita Mwanamwalye

    Mr sir, does it mean you are living these chemicals in the hands of the enermies to kill us?. Assuredly, we have no one to save us from this danger. Some police, doctors and nurses are all involved in it. To tell the truth, As long as the God i save is a living God, all those involved in it shall be stricked by the rath and anger of God for killing innocent souls. in Jesus Christ name i pray. Amen.

  70. Webby

    Zambia we need to pray..am sorry for mention TB Joshua. .he actually said this would happen in this years prophecies . ..he said that. “There is a drug that will be circulating and leaders of respactive countries should not allow it’s imporation because it is dangerous .”we really need to stand in prayer.

  71. French

    Where is the safeguarding policy in this statement! Because your first priority is to protect people and stop this criminals from the continuation of gas’s households. People are now living in fear and here you are holding information that could help to protect themselves from those criminals. My question is how long are you going to hid the results of gass being used by those psychopaths?

  72. French

    Where is the safeguarding policy in this statement! Because your first priority is to protect people and stop this criminals from the continuation of gas’s households. People are now living in fear and here you are holding information that could help to protect themselves from those criminals. My question is how long are you going to hid the results of gassing being used by those psychopaths?

  73. Kedrick nkhoba

    Now there is no prevention for that sir … quickly tell us the prevention

  74. Queen

    Kindly cut the importation of this gas or any substance used in the making of this gas since you now know what it is…and please provide the means or ways in which we can neutralize this gas incase of an attack..we are living in fear, people are dying Zambia doesn’t feel safe anymore😔

  75. I don't care

    Government ,police, migration,MOH atase you are Dee,you, double, el and far ,key, you.

  76. chibwe

    Comment if the gassing cant be contened then Mr kankanja resigne

  77. China Boy

    Kindly why the government can’t find the manufacturer of the chemicals and follow them and ask them who ordered those chemicals because I’m sure here in Zambia no company can manufacturing this types of Chemicals… My request to the government is that work together with the ZRA so that you may find the source of poins.

  78. Eddie Reyex

    so do we have power to kill them?

  79. ANGELIC1

    They still don’t know the neutralisation of this type of gas

  80. Njogijo

    Kufilila munsenga Nama gas sprare. …..Nothing Will be done. Unless the troops themselves are attacked maybe they can be seriously don’t torarete this. ..it’s pain full losing a beloved One.

  81. KALUBA Kaumba

    Kufilila munsenga Nama gas sprare. …..Nothing Will be done…my young brother in Chingola is still dizzying. ..we don’t know if he will recover

  82. The miner

    Ba IG just tell us and stop posing on that vehicle it is not yours ba mudala it is also part of national security.

  83. boyd

    According to the situation in zambia the government is behind the gasing no doubt thats my opinion if it was the opposition behind this mr hichilema would have been arrested let us protest please no fear these killers have no mercy but to kill and remain in office.

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