Two Lusaka Businessmen Jailed for Corruption

The Lusaka Magistrates court has convicted two Lusaka Businessmen to nine (9) months imprisonment with hard labour for corrupt practices.

The Anti-Corruption Commission in 2015 arrested Robert Chileshe aged 50, of Plot No.38465 Vubu Road Emmasdale and Peter Tembo aged 43, of Plot No. 26/24 Zingalume, Lusaka and jointly charged them with one (1) count of Corrupt Practices with Public Officer contrary to Section 19 (2) of the Anti-Corruption Act No. 3 of 2012.

Details are that Robert Chileshe on dates unknown but between 1st August 2014 and 6th August 2014 jointly and whilst acting together with Peter Tembo and others unknown did corruptly offer and actually gave K500 to a Zambia Police officer as an inducement for him to release from police custody, persons who were under investigation for illegal land allocation in a matter that concerns Zambia Police, a public body.

This matter was presided over by Principle Resident Magistrate Hon. Humphrey Chitalu.

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  1. Muzungu

    Palibe nkani apa. Balemusamba kuminwe chabe. We want corruption cases imwe. Not utu

  2. Reasoning

    This ACC fisherman always catches the small fish like kapenta, when is ACC ever gonna catch the biggest fish in this huge Zambian lake or sea. Is it because the big fish always eats up the small fish. Most hambolo wanu tell us is ACC impotent.

  3. kedrick siame

    Here in Zambia ACC is not important us for know but kwena pa zed at ka k500 what about 40 houses who’s the owner since then until know citizens are quiet and a quite of the bush doesn’t mean that there’s no animals there there.

  4. Jimmy shaba

    2014 case being disposed off today?

  5. please

    Please give some updated information


    The anti-corruption commission has been become inactive in this government,where Red-tape corruption can be practiced without any for investigation,while Pity-corruption is been investigated.It’s only in zambia where felonies can be committed by these with money without even Acc investigate the offense.My area of concern is that where as a Christian nation are we going?…..If countries like India,Japan,China,UK,Scotland,Britain,Ghana,Botswana,e.t.c can fight corruption at root-level

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