UNZALARU Kisses The Dust

The Ministry of Labour and Social Security has terminated the recognition agreement between the University of Zambia (UNZA) and the University of Zambia Lecturers’ and Researchers Union (UNZALARU) over alleged insults by union officials.

During a press briefing held on January 6, 2020 over delayed salaries of lecturers at the institution, the union stated that “if elections were called today, only an idiot would vote for PF.”

Following the said remarks, the government then threatened to abolish UNZALARU.

In a letter of termination that was issued to the union on Friday by acting Labour Commissioner Mukamasole Kasanda, the Ministry cited “threats as to the return of students on campus” and “unbridled insults on Management” as reasons for the cancellation of the certificate.

“Having heard the parties in the said meeting above, the Ministry observed that this was not the first time that the parties have been before the Office of the Labour Commissioner on similar matters. I wish to remind you of a similar incident which happened in September 2018 and the Labour Commissioner’s final determination of the matter as contained in the letter dated 1st November 2018. In this letter, the Labour Commissioner rejected an application from UNZA Management to have the Recognition Agreement between UNZA Management and UNZALARU terminated. The reason why that decision was made by the Ministry was purely on the basis that the parties agreed to reconcile their differences. However, in the same letter, UNZALARU was given a last warning and was accordingly advised to desist from engaging in any future illegal activities that contravened the Law and the Recognition Agreement between the parties,” read the letter in part.

The letter further reveals that management argued that the two issues in question incited industrial disharmony and had caused the relationship between UNZA management and UNZALARU to deteriorate irretrievably.

The letter also reveals that management indicated that the Union was given an opportunity to exculpate itself against the above allegations that appeared in both the print and electronic media, but that was not done.

“To this end, Management cited section 6 of the Industrial and Labour Relations Act, Chapter 269 of the Laws of Zambia which provides what the union can or/and cannot do. Further, Management also cited article 18 of the Recognition Agreement between the Union and Management of having been breached. To substantiate their case, Management did indicate that the Union was given an opportunity to exculpate itself against the above allegations that appeared in both the print and electronic media. However, following your response that Management found to be unsatisfactory, they proceeded to invoke provisions of the Amendment Act No. 8 of 2008 of the Industrial and Labour Relations Act Cap 269 of the Laws of Zambia,” read the letter in part.

According to the letter, the Union also indicated that although the print media reports were attributed to UNZALARU, it had no control over what was published.

The letter disclosed that the Union did not see any reason to withdraw the remarks or indeed have them corrected by the media houses as the alleged “insults” on management were just a figurative speech.

The Ministry, however, stated that it terminated the Recognition Agreement according to the Laws of Zambia.

“In view of the above, the Ministry wishes to inform you that the application to terminate the Recognition Agreement has been approved in accordance with section 65A (3) (a) of the Industrial and Labour Relations Act, Chapter 269 as amended by Act No. 8 of 2008 of the Laws of Zambia,” the letter read.

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  1. Domity Kafwamba


  2. ba 408

    mmm ati if elections are held today onry an idiot can vote for pf ninshi people are annoyed with pf kansi lets vote it out in 2021 chapwa basativutise bad we voted for them xpecting gud now they have failed lets try upnd


    UNZALARU Don’t insult the government by using the mast news there better ways of engaging each other and not what you did. You also insulted many Zambia who support ECL and make him win in 2021.Dont forget that it is ECL up to 2026.

    • Citizen was pa zed

      Pf out mwativutisa I even regret voting for them

  4. Dundumwezi for chagwa


  5. 2021 chapwa longa

    Pf support has dwindled, no need to appease the minority as there will be only a few idiots to vote for pf.

  6. Hantobolo

    2021 pf hapita. Tivota

  7. Fisunge

    408 please just 2021i will vote for upnd it’s not every one who want upnd ok and those who are saying bativutisa wavutika weka with me am warm and dry Because am not a dependant nor a parasite who depends on other pipo up to know I don’t know the price of mealie meal if you’re lazy not even god will feed you that’s y god created you with hands and feet the Bible says clearly that lazy hands shall not eat be practical

    • OBM

      iwe fisunge,who told u dat god created a person.thats why mucita praise seer1 kansi
      mucinje.things r not oke

  8. kedrick siame

    Don’t worry my dear already there’s some idiots here who are supporting foolish things to be continued come 2021 UPND chabe be like american their don’t vote any how, someone to be a preasindet must have money not incushi shamu africa, us africans we are easily cheated katengefye Kamo nishi livote kumupela zambia.

  9. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    Okay, Give Caesar what belongs to Caesar and Give GOD what belongs to GOD. The Lecturers are doing a tough job. Most of them do not sleep, they study the whole night in order to prepare for the Students Lessons. Now it hurts alot when someone is delaying you for the money you already worked for. Am not here to support the UNZALARU for insulting the Government but am just telling the Government to quickly pay these lamenting Lecturers at UNZA. Thanks!

  10. Ba 408

    here is one of the idiots “fisunge’,,,fisunge you are dull, when sum1 demands to be paid his/her salary in good time does it mean that person depends on the gvt? when campaigning what do these people say? you cant have more money in ur pocket if you are paid on 45, civil servants ninkongole chabe. u are right u dont know the price of mealie_meal ndaba usungiwa


    What has gone in this current resume/government,the delaying of salaries for public workers has come with mixed feelings among them.Most public workers have not yet been played,if a Lecturer who spend sleep-less nights in order to ensure that knowledge is past-on-to students can complain over delayments of their salaries,what of a council worker who falls under local government?……The government of the day should come-up with extremely measures to ensure that all workers whether public or public have to receive salaries on time,rather than dismissing those that what our country to be a better nation.LET WORK TOGETHER AS A NATION,”ONE ZAMBIA,ONE NATION”.THANK YOU ALL,AND STAY BLESSED.

  12. Robert

    People people

  13. Akwa the Great

    Unzalaru didn’t insult government but the people that may and will vote for PF .even the family members of the people who pronounced those words ,not all will vote on the same head . Normally for me that’s an insult somebody needs apologize to the general public .

  14. 2021

    Pf will also kiss the ground in 2021

  15. SATA

    We will vote for the fools again in 2021.People are perish because of lacking of knowledge

  16. Lethal Weapon

    Unzalaru issued that strong statement becoz of persistent delays in paying their salaries…this government has become so comfortable with delaying salaries for public workers, and expects them not to complain…the economy has been run down,corruption is rampant, intolerance by this regime is shocking…we r definitely changing government in 2021,we are tired and fed up of these people…change has come and P.F kuya bebele.

  17. oops it's van parera Brazil

    Next year New government

  18. Kay's mayo

    So,pf only respond when you insult?

  19. Sweet flo

    He might have used wrong words but the the truth is we are not voting for pf.

  20. dmaria

    yeah they were right!!

  21. Joe London

    UNZARARU you deserved to be punished for insulting Zambians, you did not insult PF.Mwebasambilila kabili,mwebapa sukulu ilya Bamako nimwe muletuka abena Zambia. Advice just join the opposition maybe with u in that party u can come and make the good difference not the way u came out insulting pipo. Mind u not all pipo are against the pf ,some are die hard no matters how many insult u created.

  22. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle masters

    Ni fwd chabe baaba

  23. SEE MIND



  24. Gabby

    its true, only IDOITS will vote for PF.

  25. ECL

    I Edgar Chagwa Lungu will vote for UPND come 2021. Only fools will vote for PF.

  26. unza dons

    The UPND politics of Kelvin Mambwe and that of his fellow executive members and their stubborn supporters in UNZALARU is what is bringing down the union. When meetings are held and they are given a different view by members who are not UPND, they heckle and shout down such independent voices. The so-called UNZADON website run by the UNZALARU executive is a hotbed of UPND politics. But government should know that the insults of Kelvin Mambwe are not shared by all UNZALARU members who are now being punished because of some bad seeds in the executive and membership of the union. The drive of UPND zealots to turn UNZA into a hotbed of UPND politics has seen this group, with the aid of the UNZA registrar, try and ensure that only a UPND person takes charge of the office of Dean of Students so that they use that office to mobilise students for UPND politics. However, there are people within who are seeing through their schemes.


    me too will vote for upnd but some fools wil go for the sinking boat


    me too will vote for upnd but some wil go for the sinking boat

  29. Daniel Bwalya

    Please, be proactive UNZALARU,careless talking won’t help you, you are just showing your ignorances. Insults are for the fools.

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