Chipata UPND Cadre In Court

The Chipata Magistrate Court yesterday adjourned a case in which a UPND member in Chipata District is charged with threatening violence on Chipata District PF youth chairperson Mubiana Mabebo because the accused lawyer was not before court.

Mung’omba Ngoma pleaded not guilty to one count of threatening violence. It is alleged that Ngoma threatened to shoot Mabebo on 14th January, 2020.

When the matter came up for commencement of trial yesterday, Ngoma told the court that his lawyer was not before court. He said his lawyer who is also an MP is busy and asked him to seek an adjournment to a later.

Magistrate Mwiinga adjourned the matter to February 25, 2020 and extended Ngoma’s police bond.

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    pf cadres are busy doing all sort of useless things but nothing is done. look at how kaizer zulu was behaving pointing guns at innocent people,beating them,caging them but nothing was done no arrest, now ba opposition just a simple one u are gone, a upnd cadre can be killed no arrest but just threaten a pf cadre u wil rot in jail. dont forget the bible verse which reads”what ever u measure to sum1 it wil also be measured to you. one day pf u wil be out dont over use ur power.

  2. Mumba mumba

    Animal farm

  3. nshilimubemba

    Lawlessness doesn’t pay break the law you should be answerable even if you are a politician of any party if he has no he will go free

  4. Ichinyo ukufita

    Ba PF keep on arresting your opponents but your time also is coming

    • Ha

      Foolish what is this you are saying about PF. Please try to learn PF is not police . PF will not and has no capacity to arrest anyone. This is the duty of the police to arrest anyone who breaks the law. Whether PF or any person from any political party this also applys to court . the problem with UPND is they are of inferiority complex and think very low like there president HH.

      • l.c

        My friend, u are saying pf is not police, I agree with you. Now, in which government are we? The police, judges all act fast when dealing with the opposition, but slow and never when it comes to punishing erring pf members. Why? Because police and judges are puppets of the pf . let the police and judges treat every one equally, opposition or not because the laws of our country are to be implemented on every erring Zambian citizen not favouring one side and punishing the other. That atitude is really undemocratic.The pf should change !

        • Gift

          This midea is no for insauting please,just comment on true issues

  5. Chusi

    PF are more equal than others, it’s this kind of unfair application of the law that’s causing seer1-bewitched PF cadres grow big headed by thinking they can do anything and get away with it. Ask Katele Kalumba what losing power entails. It’s wise to treat others fairly when you are on top so that they equally treat you with kid gloves the moment you tumble, not Ifi.

  6. l.c

    U are saying HH thinks low, why then has your so called chagwa failed to create employment for the Zambians? Why has he failed to stabilise our economy? And why is he still failing even to provide quality health care in our country if he is fountain of knowledge? The only thing I say about chagwa is that he is a good failure . He knows how to fail. Want evidence of this ? Check the value of kwacha , see the high cost of living , look at how indicisplined his followers are, listen to Znbc news if its not all about the President and his MPs and ministers , ask yourself if zambians are able to express themselves freely without being harassed by the police or pf cadres.So, my friend, it is good to Annalise issues before you mention them !

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