Court Hears Maanya’s President Lungu Defamation Case

Millennium Radio station manager Martin Akende has narrated before court how he got confused and surprised when a man who identified himself as Chanda from Kabwe called in during the morning programme to insult President Edgar Lungu.

He was testifying before the Lusaka Magistrates’ Court in a matter Fred Maanya of Luanshya is charged with defamation of the President for insulting President Lungu after commending him for opening Mulungushi Textiles in Kabwe.

He said before chief resident magistrate Lameck Mwale that Maanya insulted President Lungu while he and two other colleagues of his were on air on March 28, 2019 during the “Meal Breakfast Show”.

During the call, Maanya claimed he was Chanda from Kabwe but he was traced by the police through his girlfriend after Millennium Radio reported the matter to the police.

Akende recalled how he and his co-presenters made several apologies and distanced the radio station from Maanya’s remarks.

His co-presenter, Prisca Lumingu, who also testified, confirmed before the court having heard the insults that Maanya uttered against President Lungu.

The matter comes up again on March 16, 2020 for continued hearing.

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  1. mr charm

    animal farm, the other day ball boy lusamba was calling hh a satanist and all sort of names nothing is done

    • 5x unfit for plot 1

      Hh is not the republican President, Fipusanye! He is an ordinary Zambian who can be insulted and if he wishes can take it upon himself to take legal action against whoever. President Lungu represents the whole Zambia. If he gets insulted all Zambians are insulted hence the charge.

    • HH

      Who is HH . HH is not an elected president . he is self elected president. If I what to be a president even you can have a title of a president but the presidency of Lungu is of elected president not self imposed. HH can be called any thing. So lusambo is doing national duty whilst HH perform s his personal duty for that matters at his own risk. ECL deserves to be respected st all cost .HH awe shibishi. Nibakatolera fye.

    • Mwamba Joseph

      Who is hh in this country

    • Tu G7

      Tu Grade 7, kaunda wamu Zambia ni ndani?
      Ba Grade 12, who is the president of Zambia?
      Us Graduates, the republican president Mr E. C. Lungu is addressing the nation, one zed one nation!!!!!
      So Ziba malile yako. Know to boundary full stop

  2. L. c

    Ba pF, especially Edgar LUNGU, learn to be fair and to exercise equality. Why are you been so hard on the opposition? Even if u do this , Chagwa, your time of leaving the state house is at hand !

  3. ECL

    i edgar am also an ordinary person next year am leaving office what the hell are you talking about

    • Genius


  4. IWe iwe

    Lusambo is right or wrong. If he is wrong report him 2 police 4 hh a satanist. Insultin those call satanist own’t end unless some one appears court pipo we learn a lesson. Hh has time 2 answer lusambo but support are angry with the accusation. # report lusambo 4 hh a satanist. we want justice 2 b done

  5. Dm

    Pf government have failed to run the country

  6. chipuka

    Guys I think we are not addressing the real issues here the insult can’t kill. But this guys gassing our homes are the real issues we need to care about not insults


    ECL >>>>2021 >>>>again remain plot 1.
    Idol people can vote oppositions, clever people PF 2021 NAFUTI !!!

  8. Treason

    lungu is not a president.he has sent police all over the country to rescue the killers when they are beaten

  9. Sparta

    Palibe nkani !!!

  10. Jms

    If people think that its normal to insult HH not ECL in this Christian Nation then its poor thinking. In fact what I know is that a KING don’t select whether called any name to him he understands why such misunderstanding has been made. Here in Zambia we are lucking education. (If you insult people, one day they will do so,and sometimes it may be an actual insult but what you did is an indirect insult. Rulers should understand their people, culture, land,behaviour,hanger, anger etc,in order to be respected, but don’t beg respect people have mind to know when ,where and how to give someone respect.

  11. Kopala

    Hey watch out guyz, still dununalling reverse nafuti nafuti nafuluka baska so u talking shit about ma King ECL u won’t see tomorrow 👹👹👹👹

  12. Kalasi

    What are the insults he uttered you useless reporters? We would like to know if they were insults for everybody or they were just imagined to be insults. Why do you censor yourselves so much?

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