Kampyongo Tells Kambwili, HH To Stop Being Cry Babies

Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo has told opposition political parties participating in the forthcoming Chilubi Parliamentary by elections to stop being cry babies and focus on their campaigns.

Speaking when he appeared on ZNBC’s main evening news, Kampyongo said it was wrong for the opposition to claim they have been pushed out of the island.

He wondered why opposition political parties want to campaign in the same areas as the President when the constituency is vast.

Kampyongo stated that it is not possible for all political parties to campaign in the same area at the same time hence the need for those crying foul to stop.

He said the President is only in the area for a few days.

Both the UPND and NDC through their leaders Hakainde Hichilema and Chishimba Kambwili have cried foul alleging that they have been pushed out of Chilubi Island.

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  1. Uluse

    That is how pf makes fools of themselves. Zambians saw with their naked eyes what transpired in Chilubi. Pf exit door is widening at lightening speed.

  2. Sosa

    Ukupokelela uwamatako ayakulu alapoka icipuna.pyonpyongo alifika and he doesn’t even think of any wrongdoing wen it comes to political matters such this.

  3. poloshenko

    pf just continue decampaigning urself through ur useless behaviour in case you dont know ask mmd ukankala pamunshe poyipa payitana

  4. Sparta

    Mwanya bafikala ba pf 2021 exit is near

  5. mulele

    CommentContnue twisting stories the opposite way and twisting yourselves in the long ran.Its a matter of time.

  6. Fyantha

    U C?

  7. Songz

    Kampyongo you think Zambians . they’re so dull not see what is happening?

  8. Jms

    If God is seeing how Zambians need education to develop then he will do something, and he will. That sit isn’t for of u will be astonished.

  9. Jms

    If God is seeing how Zambians need education to develop then he will do something, and he will. That sit isn’t for pf u will be astonished.

  10. Big Muntu

    PF supporters are all fool

  11. Mostjaychaambwa

    Ba pf ask lupiya banda wat my vote dd to him in 2011😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 jst wait n see muzamuza yesu imwe 2021

  12. Jimmy shaba

    Zambia’s opposition is moribund and the leaders are self centred.
    They will again lose in 2021 due to selfishness.

  13. kk 894

    it was right you can’t campaign where the President is campaigning

  14. JVO

    A time for everything don’t worry ba people

  15. Razor

    But they were not given alternative areas by the police. They were told to stop campaigning altogether. It seems the minister is not aware of what the IG is doing and vice versa.

  16. Nega nega

    If you say we are fools thanks what of you ,I love upnd now the problem is no respect big up to pf and upnd supporters God bless u all

  17. obet j sebente


  18. Partson

    Fool’s pf

  19. Sexb

    Fool’s pf

  20. man matter

    man matter

    znbc bring people with integrity on the main news because it is watched worldwide, not want you did with kampyongo. This is why zambia is being seeing to be slowly getting to a dictator ruled nation by the international community. people like him are the ones painting a bad picture of our zambia .

  21. Iwe iwe

    Non developmt community party (NDC) and united non party destroy party (UPND) use violence 2 win votes and y failing 2 support campaign timetable. Let us support timetable 4 peace 2 continue and avoid violence bcoz 21 period is good each party is given 7 day pipo keep promises but violence kills innocent voters

  22. Bude

    God is watching ba PF. wrong doers at evil.. sponsored by Seer1

  23. Tonolofiki

    The truth is in your heart and the lie on your mouth.

  24. James

    Mwemafi mwe ba pf, you have destroyed this country to nothing.You think you will get away with this,your days are numbered God help us to get rid of these criminals.

  25. James Hamanjanji

    My fellow people the problem we have is cheating ourselves n like living in he dream. We are always doing what we are told n we believe in someone’s belief. These people we insult are in ruling party. Its not building our party at all. I think this is the reason they call us bitter people and yes we are bitter let’s change please if we don’t they will win again in 2021.

  26. Ponyacs

    Muletekanya tata one Zambia one nation

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