CBU Stakeholders Union Condemns Decision By The Ministry Of Labour

The Copperbelt University Stakeholders Union says the Ministry of Labour and Social Security should be proactive in addressing the injustices employees are going through.

The union has condemned the decision by the Ministry of Labour to terminate the recognition Agreement between UNZA management and the University of Zambia Lecturers and Researchers Union.

The Ministry of Labour approved the termination of the recognition agreement between the University of Zambia management and the University of Zambia Lecturers and Researchers Union (UNZALARU), which the union has said it will challenge in the courts of law.

But the CBU Stakeholders Union spokesperson Dr. Derrick Ntalasha said the decision to revoke the recognition Agreement was not done in good faith and is so harsh.

He said continued challenges in higher learning institutions such as perpetual salary delays, unpaid gratuities and erratic government funding, among others, have not been addressed.

“University councils owe public university staff huge sums of money in unpaid gratuities, pension and NAPSA contributions. These have remained unpaid for far too long. Further government is failing to release the grants to universities on time to enable them to pay salaries to workers on time,” Dr. Ntalasha said.

“Employees have suffered injustices for too long at the hands of university councils and the Ministry of Labour and Social Security has only been reactive and not proactive when it comes to handling such injustices.”

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  1. Sparta

    Jxt Vote Pf Out of office then problem solved

  2. Jms

    Suppose we go to nongovernmental institutions its worse.we may say God to help us but God helps those who help themselves then how? The answer is in each one’s mind, then we want to see whether Zambians have that or not.

  3. mwanatumpako

    The only thing which can solve this problem is to change government this government have killing us they don’t care about others 2021 we want change

  4. Man of substance

    To live proper and enjoy good life you supposed to be a carder

  5. Fyantha


  6. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    UNZA and CBU, tell the Minister of Labour and Social Security that they should be proactive in dealing with issues of Lecturers and their salaries. Thanks!

  7. Herv Rena

    Problems of labour disputes and our citizens having to endure slavery conditions must be addressed by labour ministry and zcTU without delay.How come all companies have just settled on paying ministers wages!Tell theseChinese and other misguided investors to pay normal salaries failure to that let them leave us.

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