You May Feel Like A Drop In The Bucket, But Every Drop Counts

Whilst many of us might be enjoying a healthy life with no restrictions whatsoever with regards to our movements and whatever we wish to do in life, be it walking to school, college or work, or going for a shopping spree with friends and family, or playing a sporting activity with our fellow friends, all these activities with no disability or help from anyone, we should not forget that within our communities we have those that are disabled, those that cannot enjoy the privileges that we could be enjoying today! Such people need our support so that they can also enjoy some of these privileges that we enjoy.

It is in this regard that once again,
IK CHARITABLE TRUST donated wheel-chairs to disabled patients at the University Teaching Hospital (UTH).

This was a call from the Social Welfare Unit Mrs. Mirriam Phiri and Mr. Steven Mwape that requested immediate attention for a patient from Katete District Named Moses Banda, an 11year old school boy who is studying at Kambira Primary School.

Moses broke his spine by falling down from a mango tree in October, 2019 and was transferred to UTH on the 8th of November 2019.

He damaged his Spine and was bedridden for three months.

Today the Almighty Allah gave us the Opportunity to support this innocent soul with a wheel chair recommended by the physiotherapist at the hospital. And Yes! he will be able to see the colourful world once again.

Another patient who benefited from a similar donation was Christopher Chiswasa, a 33 year old from Chilulu, in Garden Compound in Lusaka. Mr. Chiswasa was involved in a hit and run RTA case due in which he fractured his right leg below the knee which later was infected and finally was amputated.

He is one of the longest patient in the G22 male ward. According to the sister in charge, Christopher has no family member to look after him but only a well wisher Mr. John Banda.

The wheelchairs were handed over in the presence of the Acting Sister in Charge of ward C22 Madam Victoria Ndhlove (in the Surgery Department) and the Public Relations Officer Natalie CM Mashikolo.

IK CHARITABLE TRUST feels greatly honoured for having taken part in this noble course. And please note that all the pictures were taken with the consent of the patients.


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  1. Fredrick muzeya

    Continue with same pirit,my God bless you.

  2. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    Okay, that is a very good move!!! Continue with what you have started!! Do not end on Moses Banda and others but it should be a continuous process of doing things or helping the people with disabilities. Thanks!

  3. obm

    may the power of our Lord Jesus Christ Touch you so that u’ll bare him witnesses together with us through his grace and power.

  4. Daniel Bwalya

    Thank God for the job well done,may the Lord richly bless you

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