Number Of Lusaka Household Gassing Suspects Rises To Thirteen.

The Zambia Police Service says the number of suspects apprehended for allegedly gassing of households in Lusaka and on the Copperbelt Provinces has risen to thirteen in total.

Deputy Inspector General of Police in Charge of Operations Bonny Kapeso explains that the two arrested in Lusaka were in connection with pepper spraying people and not using the known chemicals rampant on the Copperbelt Province.

Mr. Kapeso says the two suspects were arrested in Chudleigh and at a Lodge near Cosmopolitan Mall in Lusaka over the weekend.

He adds that all the suspects have not yet been charged as Police are still investigating the cases further.

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  1. Ichinyo ukufita

    But when people were complaining in Lusaka about the gassing police were refusing that it was just a rumour so it means arresting the suspects is also just a rumour



  2. two two 3,3

    yess this is also a rumour what a world in china its corona virus in zambia its gassing mmm iliko bad

  3. Misheck Kinyanta

    If I were you police I would be killing when he refuse to expose their boss in presence of his friends so that they talk

  4. Kalok

    I have lost faith in our police. They also believe a man turns into a cat and runs away. That is why that gassing incident is not even being unraveled.

  5. Jms

    Is their possibility just to gas people and leave them like that without do anything, police must be strictly checking their must be something occurring to these people.

  6. Roachy's

    Police Officers are getting paid for doing nothing…”money wastage”

  7. Tk

    So Zambia does not have laboratories for the police to know the chemicals, its shameful that my country/government/police can’t investigate the unknown chemical substances name.

  8. Kodak

    Too bad pa zed

  9. Mwaba Matole Jr

    Zambian police is full of old people, obese people, kachasu people, malnourished people, inactive women, corrupt people, laize faire people, unprincipled people what else…completely nonsense and garbage. No faith in the system

    • Petros

      Yes I agree, our police are the most inept.

    • Anonymus23

      I stand with you there. Zambians and the country itself are rubbish. Christian nation… Christian nation my ass..a self-proclaimed title holds no weight…its like i say im the queen of zambia its invalid and has no weight. Man has failed pray only to the father and he will answer that i know

  10. James bond

    Zambia police has been rated the worst in the world

  11. Kevin

    The Zambian police is also involved in this matter of gassing people cause it’s been a while now they have caught over 30+++++ suspects and they can’t tell us that those suspects have just been quiet on the issue of exposing there bosses… police is also involved and pretending to be searching for suspects

  12. Daniel

    Still loading

  13. Kelvin

    police we give u 24 hours u have to do something for else we have right to fight for our freedom. 1 we need to know the chemical they use 2 tell as why are u keeping them instead of killing them.

  14. Nevers Nyati

    Atleast if the police can patrol around provinces wer they is a gasing cases.and not only arresting them when they are caught but rather kill them…

  15. Sompist

    I have no comment

  16. Paul

    This is happening in our area araed 05:00h

  17. Tabeth

    So you’re now active because it’s Lusaka right! What a shame

  18. Paul

    Pliz God help us to solve this problems that we are facing in this country.

  19. Ezron

    Let’s admit that man has failed and allow God to intervene for the fact that these people who are gassing they are disappearing meaning only God can do

  20. Khalifa general

    Too bad in our country God help us

  21. Taizya Sichivula

    I cant believe we have to go threw this

    These r the last days 4 real

    No offence but to my observation some police officers act like they have never been to school y shud u start randomly shooting bullets wht type of military training was taught.

    And were else would these people be getting there gasses its either police officers or the hospitals.
    Since they started gassing i have never heard any command to patrol the specific areas

    Were r the c5 were r the commandos.

    All rights reserved

  22. peter phiri

    The issue of gassing innocent people and ritual killings are both one ugly monster hatched and planed by disgruntled individuals.Let us not waste time speculating,just as arsonist went on rampage torching both public and private properties with view of making people think the goverment have failed them,let us not give these demagogues time to stamp satanism in this nation any more we have seen enough carnage.Where are these various types of chemicals,detonators and gasses coming from?Ordinary Zambians have no means to buy them as toys.Zambia belongs to all of us,no class or group of people in the name of politics to cause fear and alarm in the hearts of people.In view of the foregoing we urge the President to immediately think of giving unfettered latitude to our men and women in uniform by invoking emergence powers.Mr President we know you have a constitutional mandate to defend this country from real and imaginary enemies.The nation has triumphed in the past over evil and this one is just one of them.

  23. Judo

    In mtendere just an hour, the just caught sam 1.

  24. Consend students association

    How I wish Zambia Han a department of intelligence like the FBI.

  25. Banda john

    Zambia is ours let’s do something by

    curbing this an injustice and in fairness

  26. Roman HAMOOMPA

    All to God

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