UPND Drag Kabushi MP To The Police.

The UPND in Ndola have reported Kabushi PF Member of Parliament Bowman Lusambo to the police for allegedly issuing derogatory remarks against party leader Hakainde Hichilema.

During a public rally at Lubuto market in Ndola last Saturday, Mr Lusambo said Mr. Hichilema was a Satanist who was collaborating with Nigerian prophet calling himself Seer 1.

Because of this, the UPND in Ndola has filed a complaint at Masala Police Station against Mr Lusambo.

UPND Kabushi constituency Chairman Henry Bwalya accused Mr. Lusambo of uttering hate speeches against  Hichilema.

“This is not the first time this Bowman Lusambo is using hate and insulting language on president HH. If we react, we will be called names, because we have the capacity to face Bowman. But we want the law to take its course,” Mr. Bwalya said.

He said the party feels that the hate speeche by Lusambo may cause them to take the law into their own hands against him.

Mr. Bwalya explained that the party may also consider taking Lusambo to court to justify his accusations that HH is a Satanist who is collaborating with Seer 1.

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  1. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle masters

    Cage this idiot called Lusambo. He think they will be in offices forever. Come 2021 here we will vort pfools out of power we are tired of these failures SHAME.

    • FuManchu

      Action must do the speaking and instead of “the party may also consider taking Lusambo to court…” you needn’t hesitate to act the lawyer must have already done the court filings! PF is emboldened to carry on telling lies and disparaging the UPND and its leaders because UPND are behaving in adults manner taking a route of civility to obey the law. Is it not Lungu who used the media to resound that insults and violence have no place in Zambia!

  2. bronco

    this guy is wiked with sweets of poorfools

  3. Davies

    Police will do nothing the ar scared of loosing their jobs

  4. Man of substance

    If Lusambo was an opposition ,znbc would have announced this and this minibus oh sorry minister would have been in police custody waiting to appear in court

  5. Renard

    This man called lusambo talked a lot against hh insulting home why please make sure you deal with him

  6. Saga man

    The dayz are numbered think before you take lusambo

  7. Hango'omba Miyoba

    Freemasons coming out in numbers to defend their small god, foolish.

    • Man

      That’s not what it means ba miyoba, that’s hate speech as well, cool down.

  8. Mostjaychaambwa

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂 lusambo Swain iwe u shld grow in yr head stop been childish twapapata elo u shld ask lupiya Banda wat my vote dd to him in 2011 wait n see imwe kuya bebele

  9. Jorginho GS #14

    Mweso mukwete ba poor fuck or sorry ba pf

  10. Joe London

    Many pipo have called this same man HH as a satanist.Maybe they know something about him or they may have proof. But one CUNY thing is that he HH only threaten them with COURT action and no one has ever been taken to court but threats only.Mind u there is no smoke without fire and why him alone. So ba upnd this time around encourage HH to take this matter to court and settle this issue of satanist.

  11. former pf supporter

    Lusambo don’t think people of Zambia are fools, twalyamba ukwisuka mu ndala wandi , am no longer a pf because of you foolish

  12. dance

    Joel u are big fool!! Bowman is in government and hh is opposition. Whatever you do onto others shall also be done onto you

  13. Sparta

    Let him pay!! his an idiot#lusambo Must Not Go Unpunished

  14. Asher

    Lusambo careful manje manje uchokapo apo alotizaka kushoka

  15. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    Job well done ba UPND!!! Take Mr Borman Lusambo to Police and from there take him to Court so that he can learn a lesson. Being a Minister does not mean that he should be caress with his tongue. He is boasting just because he is in the ruling party. Each and every Zambian Citizen should not and must not take law in their own hands. Thanks!

  16. cash

    @joe london or joe vilage, if ur father was rich wud also been called a satanist wud u agree? all i know is that hh was rich before joining politics now its like he onry became a satanist after becoming popular in politics. shame ba poor family

  17. mukosa liteta

    Let the law take its course, no matter who is concerned. Luo, Mutale etc must all be reported to the police.
    That is the only way stupid people will stop being stupid.

  18. Power

    Bo lusambo king’i

  19. Mwape Davis

    Please ba upnd don’t let that man speak bad things about HH take him to court

  20. Chilubo

    Please people don’t say ba PF, it’s not ba PF it’s Lusambo, he was not sent by PF not even blessings from the party, come 2021after elections President Lungu will make government with other people without Lusambo

  21. Man

    Ni~forward……….nt bkward,,,,,,whn ar u gng to reach whr ur gng………..wth bkward,,,,,we ar abt,,,,, wait.


    One Zambian one nation,Zambia as Christian nation, what makes up this? James chapter number 3,do not be kwick to judge,because you shall be judge,JESUS told the people who brought the woman to be stoned,who as never done this before? Let him be the first to stone her.who is a Satanist ? What I known is that all those that are not Christian are Satanist ,because they are not in support with the gospel. The greatest weapons weapon that the the devil’s uses is accusation ,provocative language and inflicting fear in someone. God is about to do something that as never being done in Zambia. No one is caring caring about someone else is feeling, life but their own.GOD is about to do something. See you the other side.

  23. Concerned

    You are continuing calling HH a Satanist, did you hear seer 1 talking about him?, you who is having a ring you are the Satanist, watch out 2021,

  24. abanesu

    is this not lusambo who was in mmd and busy insulting sata and pf now after pf formed gvt he joins pf and start insulting hh and upnd 2moro he wil be in upnd and insulting edith and fdd zambian politics kuwayafye nowonder we dont develop because we keep on recycling same seeds.

  25. Long live pf

    PF mpaka lintente

  26. Brave

    Thats the way to go ba upnd,thumbs up

  27. Choipa


  28. Asap K.O

    so long as he is a PF member dat case is going no where… Zambia baliba😞😞

  29. ROberto

    Humble the quack


    Please somebody help me? Am little confuse what happend to our mother land, Policians are fighting , Cadres are fighting, poverty is increasing , no enough food in homes , No jobs, Nowadays money is not easy to be found.

  31. ubwsmba na bukula

    I like these two statement 1 we dont want to react 2 they dont want to ttake the law in their own hands agaist him what do u think u can do nothing ulefwaya alande nyooo

  32. Kitotwe

    PF will win like it or not, we have lost on social media several times. Upnd is a social media party, there it scoops all the seats in Zambia. But on ground it is the might pf . Seer 1 will be used by hh to rub his satanic tag, but will not work. Who doesn’t know the tricks of hh? Go to the Watchdog site and read what his servants are doing to their god.

  33. Kanga

    @ kitotwe, you’re right upnd wins everywhere in Zambia. They have gone to court for Chilubi but didn’t go to court for Sesheke where they killed a person. Even in Mongu they can’t go to court. Dull hh, You can’t trick Chilubi what you did in Sesheke by running in the bush. We know you baba.

  34. Yakumbuyo Banda

    Go pf go. Send the devil to retirement.

  35. kedrick siame

    Funny people like u some animals who’s getting power from seer 1 between upnd ad pf remember that day mp in pf vs seer 1 all this is just because luck of the wisdom.

  36. Jj

    All of you just hallucinate about what satanism is. If you believe in it then you are part. Let the senior pf cadre go and tell us more about satanism. Perhaps pf uses the same satanism to cling to power when they have poorly perfomed since 2015

  37. chiti muluba

    mr.lusambo is right

  38. Jms

    I recall Danny kaya’s song (Naiwe–e-e-e Naiwee) it means lusambo knows that , never argue any person because he does know his tactics.

  39. Curious

    I wonder what BCL stands for at the back of Lusambos T-shirt….could it be a sign of things to come in 2021? Lost?

  40. Subjuice 212

    Ba pf ( patriotic fuckers) leace our president alone we dont need anymore drama from you assholes

  41. inhappy zambia

    miyoba or whatever you call your self, you don’t know what you are saying, you may think because you are comfortable with PF sweets then all Zambians are OK just like the other fools who feel good to do tricks on Zambian Votes, Baleonaule call cesu banyinabo mulefitwala munseko nangu icakulilapo, if you don’t know the future repercussions of what the bad gvt is, the coming generation will cry of crime because there are no jobs, baleonaule call bena baleinonkesha thinking ilice fellow Zambians let’s all wake up this current gvt means harm to the country and its future, a president must be a representative of citizens nomba bashimwana is representing himself that’s why he doesn’t care, he wants by all means to work with his ecz, that team is not for Zambia its for of which is why they are ever quiet on electoral malpractice, balikuta umwina Zambia alecula, kontamukeni mwebekala calo, change, they are playing on your Christianity thinking way uluse lwalile nkwale let’s chess the bad homens

  42. Angoni



    lusabmbo just called a spade a spade why should he be taken to police. ANGONI you are speaking good. There is no opposition apart from kambwili who talks stuff.

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