Justice Chulu And The IG Must Resign Demands The UPND

The UPND says it is taken aback at the Zambia Police and Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) failure to control the political violence in Chilubi Constituency.

“We are shocked that the Zambia Police Service and the ECZ have continued to ignore these violent attacks on our officials and have continued to hope for free, fair and peaceful elections in a violent political atmosphere,” stated Stephen Katuka, the UPND Secretary General.

“Our ECZ is highly compromised and we wonder how they will manage the general elections in 2021 given the high level of complacency exhibited by ECZ and the inept chairmanship of Justice Essau Chulu,” he continued.

He bemoaned the many attacks on their campaign team which the Police and ECZ, he claimed, have opted to ignore. He reckoned that in an ideal situation, he expected the ECZ to act on the matter by punishing the perpetrators through disqualification.

“ECZ has failed to enforce the Electoral Process Act to disqualify the Patriotic Front (PF) for perpetrating violence in Chilubi. Consequently, we would like to demand that Justice Chulu steps aside with immediate effect. Under his Chairmanship, ECZ has lamentably failed to hold free, fair and credible elections. Similarly, Police Inspector General Kakoma Kanganja should retire as the task ahead is too big for him,” demanded Mr. Katuka.

However, the Patriotic Front, through its Media Director, Mr. Sunday Chanda has rubbished UPND claims stating that the party leadership has reduced itself to cry babies knowing too well that there is no way they can win the Chilubi by-election.

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  1. gaza

    just want for your time boss don’t talk too much

    • James

      Can somebody please list serious incidencies of violence that has happened in Chilubi for which UPND are requesting the resignation of ECZ AND POLICE TOP OFFICIALS.

      • Stephen Matakala

        Upnd this game is not a church their are two bulls in the arena don’t cry

    • Kapobe Kennedy jr

      Icibemba citila ati uwawa tabulakabepesho, it’s your tendency Mr hichilema you ve never accepted to say that you are a failure, God as denied you to reign over this country you should always bear this in mind, no matter what tricks you will use it will never work you can’t mock God and peace will always reign upon this country

  2. Curtis

    Comment which time are you talking about when you are mistreated, how long are you going to wait? They say the ealier the better even medication is effective in its early stage.

  3. Franz Tembo

    It Seems upnd has no strategy of campaigning .politics is as same as football u have to plan for the game whenever u are facing your opponent.upnd has no game plan that is why they are complaining whenever the elections are held.Plan Guys For The Battle.See U In 2021.

  4. Jms

    Never mind, a poor father mostly fails to control his children, thats why chidren are now fossed to do what the think is right neglecting their unconcerned father.

  5. Sibweni

    Ecz and police wil continue 2 run election and political leaders 2 respect ecz chairman and IG. U Can call them 2 resign but upnd 2 focus on campaign and mobilazation than fighting innocent pipo. A farmer in maize growing area meal mealie price is not reason remove pf when he has receive 8 bags fisp fertilizer. Upnd cry wil change 2021 pipo voting 4 pf again. If the two resign stil president lungu wil other and upnd wil praise them as clear pipo bcoz are out of govt jobs.

  6. Iwe

    Let all political parties must follow ECZ Directive 2 respect the campaigning timetable. Violence wil end if days are divide when 2 campaigning then playing victim yet u involved in mitete where u ejoy support. Western province upnd are abusing young lozi’s hoping if they win mongu wil b lusaka. Let him also address gasing in lusake other parts if what we seeing mwebantu is true that his is funding gasing. The firing of ECZ Chairman and IG wil not change anything but respecting electral laws wil help u

  7. Misheck Ngulube

    Mainly Mr Chulu must resign iremember 2016 election was not free and fair because of justice Chulu.

  8. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Yes these idiots must go

  9. James Hamanjanji

    BA Katuka you just decampain upnd by those requests.

  10. 5x unfit for plot 1

    It’s high time Under Pants aNd Diapers accepted 2016 election results. Being cry babies won’t help them. Concentrate on 2021.

  11. Saghdf

    Ba ecz be careful

  12. Fonko Fonko

    This man called haivotela heka has sensed loss in Chilubi, mark my word!

  13. heck

    Upnd…cry babies.chiluba you are losing nowonder you want to shift your failure on innocent people..no game plan.complain also about mitete..

  14. The Cats Family

    Same old story. No new story.

  15. ba bebe

    it’s because of your on corruption

  16. Ok

    Hh you should be the first one to step down. You have failed 5X to make it to plot 1. Isoni e buntu!

  17. l.ci

    Had HH taken the law into his, u could have said he is violent. Now that he has used the channel u say, he is a crying baby.you wanted him to keep quiet? Zambia is not for the pf but all Zambians. There4,the police should treat every Zambian equally. HH, if the pf continue
    doing this, sue them to the International Criminal Court.

  18. Truth

    Icc was created not b abuse it no lik upnd does but hh insult zambia justice system day and night 2 again political mileage if ruling is not in his favour. In 2016, upnd had no strong case that pf rigged but in 2014 in malawi tippex was and jocy banda own but again tippex was used pipo saw same mistakes. Chilubi results are pf heading 4 a win and NDC And UPND sensed defeat bcoz in upnd strong is same but upnd use violence policy 2 win western province and police as cadres 4 pf and if upnd win 2021,police wil turn 2 upnd cadres. Kikikiki pf accused police of bin MMD Cadres this political language by opposition parties 2 undermind police.

  19. Angoni

    Sure fellow Country what else is expected from the perpetual losers, today it bis the ECZ and the POLICE and tomorrow it is the CON-COURTS the usual song, anywhere we are used.

  20. Joe London

    You even include the incident in mitete western province where the PF camp was attacked by your UPND thugs.Yours is sweet If you attack you friends it’s okay for you.

  21. Capt Rix

    Oh, what a rat race!

  22. jj

    People of Zambia be honest to your self’s how much is a bay of Meali meal today,petrol per liter,electricity plus the bill 10 issue you still want to point fingers dull Zambia people wake up and talk stop pointing fingers talk about real issues that affect your day to day living shame to you Zambians look at Malawi very simple example what happened.i stop here.

  23. mamadu

    there’s time for everything. no matter how much you ask for this, this govt won’t hear you. just leave everything in Gods hands he’s not to deaf to hear his children’s cry. stop these complaints sir. I know you are hurt seeing what’s happening in this country. we are all praying for a better Zambia. its just time.

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