Police Pick Up Teenager Over Northmead Primary School Gassing

Police in Lusaka have picked a juvenile of Luangwa Township in connection with the gassing of pupils at Northmead Primary School.

Some of the affected pupils were rushed to the hospital for treatment.

“Police in Lusaka received a report of suspected malicious administering of poison with intent to cause harm at Northmead Primary School today, 13th February, 2020 at 12:00 hours. Police picked up a Juvenile suspect of Luangwa compound aged 14 years who allegedly went to Northmead Primary School and sprayed a substance in room five (Grade Seven) thereby affecting pupils who were learning and four were affected and were taken to Shimuzi Clinic in Garden compound for treatment. The suspect is in police custody and the substance has been taken for laboratory analysis,” police spokesperson Esther Mwaata Katongo has stated.

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  1. Mosquito

    Yes every time the chemicals are taken for analysis and results never return

  2. Samson

    What World Are We Now? u police u have to make sure that u go in compound not only sitting and moving with vehicles in big roads cause we will die all if u are not serious

  3. Joseph

    We want change now we have no confidence in this regime (government)

  4. Dr Fonicks

    The so called suspects can lead to the source of these chemicals. Make that boy talk. Our Police officers, use the appropriate methods so that chap can spill the beans. There must be a big if not big fishes behind this because there’s no way the gassing should be taking place in different parts of the country. There must be a network. Make those suspects speak our gallant men and women in uniform. Use necessary methods at your disposal. Get to the bottom of this problem.

  5. Abena kafue

    Kikikiki the world has gone to the dogs or the dogs have come to the world. 14year old sure. And ba police are full in roadblocks busy eating. So let’s wait for results which never come.

  6. Mostjaychaambwa

    ๐Ÿ™†๐Ÿ™†๐Ÿ™†๐Ÿ™† Elo ni my bro z at dat school mwelesa sure ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  7. bether chansa

    Police are not doing anything how hard can it be to get a 14 year old to talk really

  8. The rebel

    why is the president quite about the gassing and ritual killing in the country he is not affected and don’t care why can’t he deploy soldiers Instead of police officers who are doing nothing in the country the soldiers are just in the barrack getting free money



  9. Daniel Bwalya

    Please, punish that 14year year old boy so that he will not be able to do it again and let him tell us the truth.

    • haste

      that boy should be killed to avoid such things in near future

  10. Joseph Matina

    Mmmmm even school๐Ÿ˜ฏ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜ฎ pupils ili bad

  11. Frank Chombela

    It’s goid that the boy is in police custody. He in fact should hv been at school himself.

  12. james

    zoona va police wth ur results never return n ba lungu wats ur say zoona mulichee zeee..???.

  13. 1z 1N

    chemicals are complex what chemistry do u know?

  14. chimwela

    Thats y people will be suspected ,thinking that through instilling fear in Zambians change will come but Zambians eventually will know the truth and change will not come God is on the throne I promise u

  15. Whiteshadow ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

    He should talk or else he will met hell fast we have a short cut ready for him if he won’t talk ๐Ÿ‘ฟ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

  16. Rashad

    I don’tlike this at all…
    This is Not Chingola them, killers should know that here in LSK we kill & Don’t care…wish it waz mu ghetto we would kill the chap

  17. Panganani Webster

    Lung you have failed completely. Go home now.theres no way ba lungu pipo diying like cockoloches . This government atase,tupolice atase, you are just getting salaries for nothing.At chemicals are analys with no intells atase ba MOH atase failed by itself……I have seen that this government is fake.#BUT THINK TWICE

  18. Panganani Webster

    Seer1 is claiming from you ba Lungu give him your family, the whom eat with,no n just innocent Sauls mwamfwa ba Lungu ai? thanks

  19. Tyga

    Country war is began.

  20. CYRUS

    this is Zambia I don’t know where we are going

  21. Richard

    Government sure y

  22. Ba Gaza

    Awe we r tired of these pipo the government is getting them n put them in police instead of killing them they have killed us these motherfuckers deserve to die if by tomorrow u r nt killing the suspects then that simply means u r the one sending them to kill our family

  23. C200

    Correct. The true is actually on it’s way.

  24. Balungu we voted for u so that u can changer things not destroying aaaaaaa but if u are not going to do anything as it for now we will take care of our self's Cos God is with us and he will fight for us he is God

    U need to do something balungu not evo naimwe your pipo are deaing and u are busy watching zooona

  25. I don't care

    Lungu knows something, police kill the killer not put them in person nor police station.

  26. I don't care

    Lungu knows something, police kill the killer nt put them in person nor police station.

  27. Collins

    Police you are not working how many suspects do u have in your hands buh no concrete solution is coming out thats bullshit

  28. back j

    Police as well as chemical examiners u have totally failed because ure not helping us in anyway like e.g ure not telling us the solution!! Sure all suspects u apprehended ur failing to make them say their leaders…mmm . Y releasing others? Don’t love money too much because that’s the root of all evils…

  29. no ma

    to my view this issue of gassing is govt linkd issue mwe

  30. Ba speaker

    Ba police wake up what are you doing in this country

  31. no mo

    to my view, this issue of gassing is not just ordered by ordinary people No,it is a complex issue, to start with. Electricity; why is it that electricity has to go every evening despite of complaining about floods on everyday news is kariba dam not yet filled up?, this means that no lights in the compounds for security hence gives big chances for those serial killers, living people vulnerable to any physical damage, secondly, why did they arrest Bishop Joseph kazila who was trying to call for peace and prayers over the ritual killing in chingola why?, unsteady of arresting the people responsible for the for killing instead they went and arrest a man of God and after that they even claim to be Christians why were they putting the issue under their feet despite innocent people dying?, why don’t they broadcast this issue of gassing on ZNBC in details?,instead most of the time it’s complementing on the govt despite doing nothing, why all these happening near elections times?, why don’t they tell us the comical compositions of those gases killers are using and why is govt not taking this into account instead the President is just busy travelling. psychologically this in tells us there is something spontaneous about this govt inline with the current situation. unless the govt take kin interest over this issue by deploying the sojas to be patrolling at night protecting the people from ritual killers those useless police officers won’t be able to stop violence in the country. COZ BABUJU BALEYI POMPAFYE AKASUBA NOT AT NIGHT THAT’S WHAT MAKING PEOPLE ANGRY AND EVENTUALLY BRINGING RIOTS

  32. Drรฉg

    This time we request that you’ll give us an update because we are getting tired of the same stories or else people are going to take matters into there own hands

  33. Nsangu

    Firstly, load shedding in the nighg gives the criminals more advantage, I mean with all the floods hasn’t the Kariba dam Being filled..and why is it that when they catch someone either hacking or gassing they do not inform us further about the people, and why do the police keep insisting that these people are not killing, here in kabwe several people have been gassed, government according to the rule of law you must be accountable so
    1. Why is there load shedding in the evening when the killers have gkne country wide and why is there still load shedding with all the floods we are hearing,
    2. Why is the government not informing us further about the suspects
    3. Why are you denying that they are killers

  34. emperor

    Comment the polices they don’t hurt but catch This is is our problem in kabwe ,and once they catch they are eating for themselves minus sharing , we’ve taken the law into our own hands ,

  35. One love

    Why this situations normally occurs during or towards elections i need fast response.

  36. SEE MIND


  37. Jah rules

    If these ritual killings and the issue of gassing innocent civilians is not stopped by the powers that be,we as civilians will definitely take the law into our hands,cz if we ar denied the right to live the life we deserve,we will have No option but to become outlaws ,for the security of our families,,,mark my words PEOPLE ARE NOT HAPPY,,,and soon there will chaos

  38. Femercy

    The so called Edgar lungu is a very big coward president in the world

  39. Kalok

    I lost interest when police started saying people were converting into cats… itโ€™s now every man for himself.

  40. Kalok

    Ritual killing when no bodies have been found or a ritual established. This is like seeing UFOs …

  41. no mo


  42. LN

    While as identifying the chemicals could be one of the solution, the best solution is to mercilessly deal with the culprits, unearth the source and networks and imprison for life or dentence them to death

  43. Kopala

    Okay again to the lab to taste the type of the gas kkkkk after they have already tested b4 wat kind of delaying tactic is this is it mean u a r also behind this coz is not the first culprit u have arrested so far wat of those, u haven’t given has any update, poseniko amano tamwabamwene abanenu twalamwechala pamo!!!!! Brally shit

  44. haste

    that’s the problem of voting for someone who has no vision for the country. He can’t even address the nation on serious matters, and now he is quiet on ritual killings. WAKE YOU ZAMBIANS

  45. Jms

    Why do we have many foreigners in Zambia underside where by they own at least half of the shops in the compound. Do people realize what happened to the Israelites. When a rat spots freedom in a house he behaves as a family members..

  46. Amai

    Going by the comments here, most of you have also swallowed the mass hysteria pill. Sober up. Calm down. Balance your thoughts. Let the cops do their job. Can you really hide stuff in Zambia? For how long? These happenings are so obvious but most of you are clad in denial. Continue.

  47. Cacious

    ๐Ÿ‘ thats a very good move, well done๐Ÿ‘, you need to be catching ๐Ÿš”some
    of these criminals doing evil๐Ÿ‘น things.

  48. Prince

    We are not sleeping at all please government do something on us

  49. steven nyambe

    if caught doing such staffs no need for arrest just kill them pliz as pupil’s we are supposed to leave for school around 06 hrs ,but we ain’t sleeping just waiting and watching over our houses pliz


    Who sent him

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