President Edgar Lungu Dates Copperbelt

President Edgar Lungu is expected on the Copperbelt for a two-day working visit. The Head of State will attend the programme for All Africa Baptist fellowship Central Council Conference at the Zambia Association Headquarters in Ndola on Friday, February 14, 2020.

PF Copperbelt Chairman Nathan Chanda has confirmed President Lungu’s visit to the Copperbelt.

“Be informed that His Excellency the President of the Republic of Zambia Dr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu will today Thursday the 13th of February 2020 be visiting the Copperbelt Province. The President is coming on a working visit. This notice, therefore, is an invitation to all party officials and members of the general public to come and welcome the Republican President. His Excellency Dr. Lungu will land at the Simon Mwansa International Airport in the afternoon. Let us all come in huge numbers to give our distinguished President a thunderous welcome,” Mr. Chanda stated.

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  1. kelvinmushili

    You’re welcome Mr President


    Mwebashikwete ifyakucita kapokeleleni BA kateka ino nishita yakulima

  3. Equalizer

    Insala + gassing = dead Pf pa kopala

  4. zenx

    as long as you can come, but things are not going good

  5. zenx

    Zambians wake up

  6. Iwe

    Gasing and killing innocent a tactic 2 convince pipo hate pf and lose confidence in govt. This tactic of gasing homes a evil act bcoz are pipo a victims and fear is overall why other careles leaders. Riots are uneconomic and we want truth who send them. Pipo with money shuld misuse youth with dirty job lik gas or killing innocent pipo no but my appeal 2 go 2 new places 2 inform relatives in advance avoid mob justice.# NO TO MOB JUSTICE, REPORT AND TAKE A SUSPECT TO POLICE.

  7. ba bebe

    instead of looking over what us people of Zambia are going through but u are busy moving around.. we are not safe pliz do something maybe u are happy with what is going on..

    • Shokolokombagoshe

      Whether u like it or not 2021 Mr Thief u are going. Same people like Zambia reports trying to sugar coat u will be against u in reporting. Lucifer disguising as Mr Humble president. No matter what u try to do gassing of people to make people uprise won’t work Mr Evil Chakolwa Lucifer.

  8. mwanatumpako

    Things are not okay in the country please do something Mr president we are going to die 💀 no one will vote for you

  9. Shokolokombagoshe

    I feel sorry for u Zambia Reports how you try to coatsugar this failure of a president. Wake up from your slumber whether you twist and oil your senseless news to appease him and 2021 whether you like it or not the man who can’t even speak properly articulate issues is going.
    Feel sorry for kandiles for this stupid Zambia Reports.

  10. two two

    ninshi copperbelt is the onry province in zambia?

  11. Xiancious

    Ritual killers receive your boss

  12. Sosa

    The president has been following the postings on this media concerning his disguised bob Lausanne who fumbled during his rally in Nicola.The insults which was pored on his cadre,the so called die hard pf member and all the negative impact the president is receiving,,,,,,,he’s compelled to make this aimless movements to the copperbelt.

  13. Hendrix

    Kuwaya_wayafye kweka_kweka….!!!

  14. Joe London

    Shokolokobangoshe whether you like it or not our humble President has delivered development. The problem is you pipo don’t watch the National Broadcaster ZNBC to see what this government is doing. Pipo from foreign countries are appreciating the development being spread across the country. Don’t be on TH wrong side of these changes like your preferred man who have never seen any good.So Mr Shoko something coma 2020 his Excellence the President will come out victorious. We don’t want a kaponya type of a President to come and Auction the few remaining state properties. We love President Edgar Chagwa Lungu,period.

    • Shokolokombagoshe

      Joe London deep down u know that all these roads infrastructure were started by MMD period and your so called Mr Evil Lucifer aka Humble man a known lawyer thief has done nothing and can’t even have the audacity to address the nation. PF think people are dull, gone are the days when they can hoodwink people to cheap politics of staging something and trying to put blame on opposition. People are jacked up now. You think by gassing innocent people to cling on to power will work. Sort out and put your house in order u fools. Everyone knows that it’s PF and your so called humble leader fake humility behind all this. Who in his senses with a medulla oblongata can yap that we offering a reward stage managed , a disastrous one entire president what’s the work of ZP. Toothless ZP full of cadres who can’t even find the mastermind which is PF full stop

  15. Sosa

    Ba J.London you seem to be so much in love with the president of the republic of chambia well done…….Good loyal cadre keep it up.

  16. Concerned

    Joe london uli chipuba sana.

  17. Kb

    PF nakalya. Calipwa bane. Whether rain or sunshine kuya bebele.

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