Harry Kalaba’s DP Press Release On The Deportation Of Amb. Kapambwe Is Fake News.

Minister of Foreign affairs Hon. Jospeh Malanji has dispelled reports suggesting that Zambia’s permanent representative to New York in the United States of America Lazarus Kapambwe has been expelled from that country.

Speaking at a press briefing this afternoon, Hon. Malanji clarified that ambassador Kapambwe was working on the multilateral platform with the United Nations but has been transferred to Washington D.C to handle the Multilateral relations with the US government.

He further said his agreement has already been signed and awaiting procedural requirements for him to take up office.

“But it is only procedural that he gets his A1 visa which is like a work permit for him to operate in the United States on a bilateral platform,” Hon. Malanji clarified.

Earlier in the day, Democratic Party spokesperson Judith Kabemba issued a Press Release stating that the DP had learnt with concern the expulsion of HE Ambassador Lazarous Kapambwe from Washington DC by the US Government in line with the the principal of reciprocity that governs international diplomacy.

“It is the DP’s view that the Zambian government was excessive in the manner they handled the issue of Ambassador Daniel L. Foote and in clear demonstration of complete ignorance and failure to learn and understand diplomacy inspite of being the number 1 diplomat for the last 6 years, President Lungu’s unstrained utterances and behavior has led to constraining of the beautiful relations Zambia has had with our true friends and comrades across main fronts including health and water improvements among others,” read in part the Press Release.

But Hon. Malanji said that, to the contrary, Zambia continues to share a solid institutional relationship with the Unites States contrary to speculations and emphasized that Ambassador Kapambwe will be taking up office after all procedural requirements are concluded.

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  1. Razor

    If it is true that the ambassador is not yet deported then it is also true that he has not yet been granted a visa to work as ambassador there either so it’s possible that they just dont want him there and are therefore delaying to grant him a visa.

  2. Savior

    Mwebantu how can a diplomat be delayed to be given a diplomatic document?……..If it can take years for a diplomatic document to be issued what more iya ifwe bakayende?……….let’s hope that man will step into the U.S.
    Better you tell the nation the truth in time.

  3. Reasoning

    Let’s wait and see how things pan out. The truth will always out, and no amount of subterfuge will keep it under wraps forever.

  4. Gigs

    Kalaba he is useless just continue make use of a bible major 1 papa gave you . papa didn’t say a you will be the 2021 president he told you to know God that was the reason you were given the holy book .you are miles away to be a Zambia president we don’t listen to your speeches because they are provocative . you alter words which are not matured and they show how foolish you are. You were just a thief at your child hood look at your face in the mirror . that mark on your face you were axed when you were stealing cassava pa chfwani.

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