Kapata Links Riotous Behaviour To Politicians Desperate For Plot One

Minister of Lands Jean Kapata on Thursday told Parliament that the opposition is desperate to get into State House at any cost looking at how they are celebrating the unrest resulting from gassing attacks on citizens.

She rose on a point of order seeking the Speaker’s ruling on the matter, and added that the riots were politically motivated because the rioters were chanting opposition party slogans.

“This, Mr Speaker, raises a lot of suspicions and I want to say that it is politically motivated because the opposition who are supposed to be working hand in hand with the government in such a crisis are busy celebrating the death of people in Lusaka. I speak so because this morning in my constituency in Mandevu and particularly speaking of Chaisa Compound, people woke up around 03:00am, just a handful maybe about ten people and started knocking on people’s doors and saying the police have arrested people that were gassing people. And within a short period of time, people came out of their homes, and immediately the crowd got bigger and people started chanting political party slogans. It means these our colleagues, the opposition political parties, would do anything to get to State House. They don’t care if people die or don’t die. As I speak, today, three people have died innocently; blood has been shed here in Lusaka and if they were concerned, we would have been working together. Are they in order to push people in our constituencies using their slogans?” she asked.

In response, Speaker Dr. Patrick Matibini said Members of Parliament should wait patiently for the ministerial statement that Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo will issue next Tuesday on the matter and therefore, he could not make a ruling on the point of order.

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  1. Curtis

    Well spoken Mr speaker, wait madam before you conclude because the people who are involved may not be from opposition alone but for the love of money. One thing you should consider is high level of poverty as a result of high cost of living.Look at the rise in number of sex workers.I totally condemn all this form of lawlessness.

  2. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya

    Well said Curtis, but this should not allow lowlessness towards other citizens.

  3. Citizen

    Maybe they need change with those slogans

  4. Fungwe

    This matter of gassing, i think it’s a non partisan issue. And i can’t figure out why the minister of lands is trying to politicise it.
    People were celebrating the news that the police had arrested some of the criminals.
    Why is the minister trying to condemn the people for celebrating the arrest. Was she not supposed to celebrate it too?
    Perhaps chanting the opposition slogan is another crime according to her?
    I just don’t get it.

  5. Razor

    Riots are there because you as government are failing to do what you were put there for. If the people are chanting opposition slogans then it’s because they have seen that you have failed and want you out sooner than later.

  6. oops it's van parera Brazil

    It makes no nonsense to start pointing fingers at each the only thing u can best do is to work extra hard to find a solution

  7. Jimmy shaba

    Investigate thoroughly before accusing others of being the sponsors of criminal activities

  8. King cool

    Fungwe and Razor don’t blame the land minister for the comments, she commented on what she heard. It’s her opinion.

  9. Respected

    She is right. Y 2020? Because u know election are close. Tell us ba kapyopyo.

  10. Detector

    Send o the foreigners back to there country their the ones killing pipo in partnership with seer1


    The clock is ticking,2021 is around the corner bane.

  12. Mostjaychaambwa

    Muzamuziba yesu nxt wait ###

  13. Clement

    Zambia needs change.
    Zambia forward.
    Zambians are tired of PF and their lies.

  14. L.C

    Mmm, kuipa! Instead of protecting the people you are busy accusing others falsely for what they are not doing. Chi oneni, anti Ba minister. Very useless !

  15. Nineo

    Blood thirst pathetic failures

  16. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    The Minister of Home Affairs should issue a ministerial Statement in Parliament and the Zambian Intelligence Team should be on the ground to investigate the cause of these gassing in Zambia. Thanks!

  17. mumba

    I am dismayed to hear to some of our fellow citizens try to threaten hon kapata to be taken to court for linking HH over these gassing taking place in the country . why should someone who is not HH threaten madam kapata . please HH is quite why can’t he answer for him self. The madam is linking you HH and his party because of what they talk about. Always talking about the bad words like fight back,defend you self ,hit back .so please no one should answer for for HH. He has his own mouth to answer. As for me I could say ba HH should not always say bad things to what ever the government is doing . if something goes wrong in the country though he is to the opposition he should ask the Republican president in a polite way no sacasitic language . that way no one should link him. The way ba HH behaves even me I can link him to what is happening in our beloved country. My prayer is let HH not be linked to this but if he has a hand to this gassing. God should punish him. Because if we look to the innocent people have lost lives for being suspected as victims of gassing

    • @Truth

      @mumba, You are dismayed but you seem to be one sided too over the incident

      That’s suspicious.

  18. Stephen Chinoya

    I think the minister as the title suggests should not talk like a five year kid, it’s a joke to hear such remarks from what some top leaders of her caliber are saying. Have substance in what you are saying. If called upon by the law to substantiate,is this what a leader is going to present before the courts of law. Some people are not fit to be in the governance system such that they are the ones who make it hard for our heard of state to do all the needful when they are supposed to assist. I’ve no doubt his excellence Mr. ECL is a hard working states man only that lack of teamwork with some of those entrusted with authority to supplement his efforts are a let down. As far as am concerned, let’s not condemn totally,there are quite a lot of good things the president is doing and i give him a big praise, look at what he’s doing especially on DMMU response,he’s responded quickly let aside political inclination. He’s shown to be the father of the nation, look at the recent disasters in southern province where rains have swept some homes in Mazabuka, it’s opposition strong holds but within 48hours he’s managed to bring relief to affected families. Sometimes let’s praise where it is due. Those are human beings who needed urgent help and so far, DMMU within a short time responded to the affected families. Am not partisan but i praise what government has done as a responsible parent.

  19. Jms

    When the police are holding on results,thinking that may be it may be an advantage for other people to locate where to access those materials,its wrong for them, it means those criminals are being protected and Jean kapata is saying so to protect her sit. If she is a good minister its better to produce results but unfortunately she is leading by misleading the speaker and Zambians. (The speaker isn’t for the party but for the Parliament, he should be patristic)

  20. Concerned

    I am pleading with all Zambians to desist from rioting and destroying police stations. If we destroy police stations we simply encourage more lawlessness in our communities. And the very people destroying the stations will be the victims of their own evil action against the police establishment in their own communities. On the part of government I would advise to acquire eawater

  21. Concerned.

    The government must acquire water canons for the police to stop rioters destroying police stations without using live ammunition.

  22. Jms

    The concerned person’s views are correct but is their possibilities to how people will be saved from this solution and how people should know who should protect them or may be should everybody stay awake while the next day some are going for work/classes for school boys/girls. Please people need to be protected. Now coming to Jean kapata saying people have been calling they need change,I’m doubting if even her she wants this to continue without stooping it ,if then ask her she should answer that question.

  23. dance

    Kapata whom do you want to sugar coat?? We already know that the ruling party is the one behind the issue of gassing.. Period!!

  24. Dundumwezi for chagwa


  25. Dr Fonicks

    Please Hon Jean Kapata, do not politicize this issue. What we need now are conserted efforts from all of us Zambians. No need to start finger pointing. Politics of hatred are not good. This is a national security issue that requires all of us to put our heads together and find a solution despite differencea in political inclinations. Why blame those seeking to be in plot one? If you have evidence, tell us my sister. Economical hardship is on the rise and that is why sa lot of people are desperate. They can do anything just to make ends meet. Let’s find solutions because pointing fingers at one another won’t help us at all.

  26. Jms

    I agree to what the speaker said, but it wasn’t enough. The speaker must is the head of that Parliament he shouldn’t allow notorious people to use their vulgar language in that beautiful house of law otherwise it will be a house of hypocrites. A house were good chosen people are their to protect who choose them. Its shame the speaker is unable to control some members thats why some in order not to be with notorious people, you just walk out peaceful telling the speaker to reason well,not to stay as a monument no.

  27. Angoni

    I also agree Hon Kapata this gassing issue has everything to do with the opposition who lack the patience of waiting for 2021 and see no hope wining the general elections using the ballot instead thy want to create fear in the people so that they end vote in protest against the pf government. I am sure that as we go close to 2021 we will see things even get bad as there desperate attempt to push Zambians to the blink. Zambians lets be ready for them they have never said good things about this country whether they are abroad or in the country. I miss Sata in opposition not these cry babies willing to sacrifice the country for there own pleasure.

    • Zambian

      Angoni, Reason well, to some of us who are affected to this issue, it is clear with no doubt, PF is connected to this issue, PF carders are ones spearheading this issue mark my words bro. In Zambia nowerdays if you just notice investigations of any crime taking so long even after apprehending suspects, then just know that it concernes the government.


    “Plz investigate and tell us we living in fear in our own land mother Zambia”

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