First Lady Prays For Zambia Over Gassings

First Lady Esther Lungu has said the ongoing gassing of homes is unheard off and becoming a source of concern that require prayers.

Speaking when she arrived in Kitwe, Ms. Lungu said she has been praying for the country ever since gassing reports emerged.

She is further disturbed with the increased number of people who have been killed in recent past.

The First Lady said Zambia is a Christian Nation and it is wrong for people to take the law in their own hands.

Ms. Lungu said the church needs to take a leading role in praying for the nation over the spraying of homes.

She said only God can rescue Zambia from such attacks and that can only happen through prayer.

And Copperbelt Permanent Secretary Bright Nundwe said his office has continued to recieve reports of people being gassed.

Nundwe said Zambia has always been peaceful and people should not dent the image with their unknown ill motives.

The First Lady is in Kitwe to grace a United Church of Zambia fundraising dinner.

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  1. josh

    tomorrow they will be on me,so we can not be happy if they don’t act people will act

  2. Uluse

    It is Pf’s abnormal appetite to remain in power. They ask others to close eyes while they gas, use guns and kill innocent citizens to fulfill Seer1 power. Their prayers fail to pernetrate heaven, no wonder pf evil acts have continued. They possess a demon and casting it out is by voting pf out, then only will zambia see political normalcy.

    • Gigd

      Iwe uluse you you you are a foolish and a useless in society it was better you were not born . you a suspected ritual killer and gassing or ring reader soon you will be cornered rubbish and foolishly speaking . wabipa umutima nga satana

      • Butu

        You’re the one who is useless

      • Hero

        Uluse , you are a man

      • Me

        You are very stupid and u are the 1 who is splaying the houses you don’t know that edger chikala luugu lwamaiza he is the 1who gassing .


      PF is no more in 2021 it either UPND or MMD will going to win the elections

  3. Bau

    This is a noble statement that I want to hear from zambia.it’s a statement of wisdom ,peace and love .as long as we can have differences in political aters and views .God settles our differences through his spirit we can not solve this diabolical activities with a physical strength we need God and we need Divine wisdom aswel…
    It’s sad that we have some leaders who are really babies instead of finding the solutions they are busy point fingers .
    This shows how immature we are molding our beautiful nation.
    We need the light of God we need the presence of God no divisions.

  4. Ichinyo ukufita

    These are the results of mocking God declearing Zambia a Christian nation while you are woofs in ship sikins

  5. Ty

    let’s not mock God pliz…why is lungu not addressing the nation and firing top security officials, not ma nosense

  6. Prince

    Jehovah’s witnesses I like u, keep on saying the truth

  7. ubwamba na bukula

    Why lungu should fire top security officers are they the ones involved in gassing chikala chawiso tawakwata amano coming to u guys who like insulting when the issue is straight foward mwaba ichibukala ukufita ba swine

  8. Kapendi

    Unheard?…why unheard? Why has the govt decided to close their ears?

  9. DD

    With time will come to know de truth Abt dis killings, bcoz nothing z hidden under the sun.

  10. Concerned Citizen

    Let’s work up Zambians, soon we had and still have an issue with our gorvenment and seer 1, then there comes an issue of gassing in homes which started in Chingola, Solwezi, Kalumbila district, Luanshya and the head of state was quiet on the issue not until the issue has reached Lusaka of which Kanganja at first refuted, and today we are being told to pray and some have even started to point HH to be the the one involved, suspecs were caught with the very chemical but no culprits identified up to now, a man of God tried to talk about the issue, he ended up being locked up. The chemical being used identified but information hidden to the general public. Zambia has become a failed state to be true.

  11. Fungwe

    Well spoken our mother ms Lungu. But if i can just correct you on that point you said “Zambia is a Christian nation”. I think for now lets us wait, we can’t simply qualify it that way.
    We’ve heard a lot of stories (do as i say) that are not christ related among our leaders and the general public.
    We need to recheck our nation before calling it that.
    Thank you.

  12. Troscuy

    eeh y z dis gassing ensure not ending wats happenin to dis country ma leaders they ain’t even concern they totally knw something

  13. citeni

    Do not use insults

  14. pamu

    No videos

  15. Razor

    Even her she knows the inept security wings cannot do anything so just prayer.


    Thanx mama lungu praying for peace in our country.Security on its own can’t totally fight
    any challenge but through prayers as our mother zambia has decided to do.May our lord bless the plot 1 family and the whole country AMEN.

  17. Dbb

    We need God yes but God is punishing us for the things we do in secret
    Zambia Zambia a land of peace but to day war,policemen are killing people mistakenly ritual people are also doing there things,remember when Saul failed to rule the Israelite God choose David soon things will turn up,

  18. Tom

    Im just passing by ,wakumwamba ndiye aziba come 2021

  19. King Kong

    Ms Lungu,since when so she’s single ka?

  20. Low lives💘

    Faith and prayers without work results to NOTHING
    when we have economic concerns we go for prayer,every little thing,PRAYER.
    the last time I checked the those people in the government get their sits not because they are playful but because they have great qualification for them.
    We need them to use those qualifications whilst they are praying

  21. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Its you ba pf fools

  22. Dr Fonicks

    This gassing issue has Lacunas. Why do I say so ? Suspects caught are supposed to be thoroughly interrogated by the police. They are trained in different ways of getting information from suspects. What is tricky is that, we haven’t been told proper confessions from suspects as to who the masterminds of the issue are. Is there something that the police is trying to sweep under the carpet ? When issues concerning the so called seer one surfaced, most PF leaders spoke about it. The same leaders have remained mute. There seem to be something fishy about this saga. Does this mean that all the suspects in police custody can’t reveal the origins of this gassing ? This is just a personal perspective.

  23. K3N.D MULL3R

    we can pray but if their is no protection people must be suffer and killed for no reason

  24. K3N.D MULL3R

    in community people they protect themselves without police instead of police why PF ARE WE SAFE

  25. Enalo

    The best of my opinion is, going back to time of washishita limiting time of movement. Evil elements are abusing freedom of movement.

  26. Concerned citizen

    I think these people who are gassing homes are just spiritually mental disturbed from the source not to review anything, bcoz they prefer dying to telling the truth no matter how severe the beating maybe.i think this has contributed to why the police are also finding it hard to get to the bottom of this evil behavior.so please blaming won’t solve anything but praying Will solve everything.

  27. Political analyst

    Mmmmmmmmmm Ms Lungu since when and at the same time she is still a first lady not even former please you need to edit your post

  28. Think Zedians Think

    What is a Christian nation? The Ivory coast has the world’s biggest cathedral is it a Christian nation? The Vatican has a Christian church leader is it a Christian nation? Zambia was decreed a Christian nation by thieves and fornicators. Can it be a Christian nation?

  29. Kay Lee

    Bane let me tell you how governments of this world work.They are the BEAST with 7heads and 10 horns in the Bible.They get their Power from Prophets and Ng’angas who get the Power from the Red Dragon with 7heads and 10horns and these are DEMONS and ofcourse the DEVIL himself so they are crafty,intelligent,crooked,deceitiful, powerful and Oppressive.Worse still these people are the ruling class> What I want to tell you is that a school girl in grade 11 at a named school here in zambia was ritual killed and one suspect was picked in connection to the actually muder act SO wen taken to the police he repeatedly told them that 4 big bosses sent them and were like four or five of them including a woman helping but suprisingly the police started to beat him saying this guy is mad he is putting his crimes in ama bosses instead akambe vake.The info leaked by Gods grace names where Known and inte morning the whole town went to riot,break and loot for about 4hours of heavy looting and soldiers and SECURITY was TIGHT!

  30. Professor

    I think the one to survive during night gassing is the one to keep on praying from 23hrs to 04hrs. Keep watch and pray, you will hear them making noise out side. Before that, get phone numbers from your neighbors to call when enemies come.

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