PRESS RELEASE: It’s Not What You Thought, It Is Terrorism.

14th February, 2020.

This morning in Parliament, I expressed grave concern on the ongoing “Gassing Terror Attacks” on innocent Zambian citizens in Bwana Mkubwa Constituency and across the country in their homes, schools, offices by terrorist elements.

Terrorism is defined as “Life-threatening actions perpetrated by politically motivated self-appointed sub-stategroups.” (Oxford Concise Dictionary of Politics).

The aftermath of some Gassing incidents in Lusaka have seen riots, damage of public property, killings and chanting of political slogans. The Veep had earlier acknowledged that the “gassing” attacks are “Acts Of Terrorism.”

“Gassing” or Chemical Spray Attacks on people, sadly with loss of lives, is very well organised with a systematic pattern. It is meant to cause Fear and Panic in citizens (TERROR), ultimately inciting them to rise up against Government.

I asked Her Honour the Vice President why Government has not invoked Article 31 of the Constitution of Zambia [Declaration Relating to Threatened Emergency] which of course requires Parliamentary ratification.

Issued by:

Hon Dr Jonas Chanda, MP.
Bwana Mkubwa Constituency


  1. Joe London

    Sure the government must invoke this arrival in order to safeguard our precious lives.I remember in the UNIP times though young at that time, KK at times used to use that piece of legislation to arrest the bad situation.

  2. Iwe

    Political hired 2 cause riots 2 put fear in pipo outside the world not 2 come 2 zambia. In 1991, pipo where cheated that zambia wil b paradise and we never lack but pipo voted MMD In2 govt 2 sold mines and cut jobs pipo died lik fries spray with doom insectide. The devil u know is better than the one u don’t know. If u tribal lines u never seed develop 2 u but a clan ruly zambia is important. Let police do their job pf and upnd stop undermine them and leave it 2 handle suspects. We want truth who hired them and what reason? Innocent are pipo bin killed funds happy and God save us

  3. uko

    the problem with you is that everything bad dat happens u put the blame on upnd nowonder u wil neva find solutions look at nigeria,kenya,congo etc. these terror group just comeup on their on, blame them and fight them period!

  4. Patriotic zambian citizen

    A state of emergency must be declared in order to effectively deal with these terrorists .

  5. Kuwayawayafye

    Ba paya farmer just deal with this gassing head on don’t point fingers let the police do there Job



  7. Zulu joseph

    I agree it’s better state of emergency

  8. Francis

    yes let the police do their job.

  9. Edwardo

    These people who are terrorising our country by means of gassing are stupid cowards. Why can’t they come out in the open so that we know them. There is serious need to identify the enemy so that we know how best to respond. At the moment, we are speculating as to who could be behind this terror. Meanwhile people are dying out of this confusion. Politicians are pointing fingers at each other and yet people are no longer finding politics interesting due to the insecurity concerns which is taking place in the country. No one can take political mileage out of this situation , zambians want solutions, I call upon parlamentalians regardless of their political affiliation to work together before many lives are lost .

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