Government To Construct A Temporal Bridge On The Lundazi/Chipata Road Within 14 Days

Infrastructure Development Minister Vincent Mwale said Government is determined to have the Lundazi/Chipata road connected following the washing away of the Lundazi Bridge on Thursday.

“We want to ensure that in the next 10 to 14 days we make this road
passable by putting up a temporal bridge and after that the Road Development Agency which is already working on a contract with the contractor, will work on the entire Lundazi/Chipata road,” Hon Mwale said.

Eastern Province Minister Makebi Zulu said the province had been affected by climate change as it had received above normal rainfall. The two ministers where speaking Saturday morning when they toured the washed away Lundazi bridge.

They were accompanied by Lundazi MP Lawrence Nyirenda, DMMU
Coordinator Chanda Kabwe and many other government officials.

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    a sub standard road & weak bridge at exaggerated great cost to the Zambian Tax payer.

    • Edith the Editor

      Imwe ba ZR it’s a temporary bridge not a temporal bridge. Temporal is worldly seen against spiritual

  2. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    Okay, very sad development! Now how are Mwanangwa, Juldan, Chibeka, Jonda and Kapena Buses reach Lundazi Boma since the road has been washed away????? Is the Government too sure that they will construct a temporal Bridge within 14 days??? Good bye!!!

    • Chin ying Sungu

      In China that bridge would be constructed in 2 hours

  3. Uluse

    Palibe Fund(pf). They know if they go for something permanent the project will stall.


    Thanx ECL and Hon Lawrence nyirenda for quick decition to constract a temperal bridge within two weaks

  5. Dundumwezi for chagwa

    Today I have seen that Zambia has got people who can not think well,because every time something happens they condemn the government, but today I want to tell you something,whatever you can build on this earth can not stand with the nature of God,water is something you can not control,here in Zambia we talk of ka small bridge, ask your friends were houses are blown off because of the nature God wants it to be,just plan and do it again don’t blame anyone, your ideas are weak and weaked,because you think earthly government can control God government and it’s plans,tell me,who can control water on this earth,can government control the waters or you yourselves can you control what God controls, just keep quite and see what little things things this earthly government will do,this entire world no one can control the nature of water from God,unless you are mad and you think you can control,help the government with your plans,rooks

  6. Seanmac

    Dear Editor,

    It’s a TEMPORARY bridge not a temporal one !!!

  7. Ziwa Mnyane

    Sibweni Nibeka Waka

  8. Political analyst

    Toll Gates Will Help Us Maintain Our Roads – PF is that how you spend money for poor Zambian!!! Instead of permanent structure shame on you


    Lawrence our mp !
    Even if mad pipo are talking a lot over the collapse bridge, don’t resen to them they are just waiting time bcoz this is not time for campaigning but time to deliver people’s expectation.

  10. PWII

    14 days……thats the same time China spent building a 1000 bed capacity state of the art coronavirus hospital

  11. Iwe

    Govt worker take part in politics risk his job. Once u known that u are supporting opposition party u wil fire bcoz u failed 2 understnd word b royal 2 the govt of the day not main opposition party of the day. The upnd the day the party wil win and form govt more pipo wil lose jobs pipo from wil pf strong hold but all these complaint of south,west and north-west is fake statement 2 maintain upnd strong holds. Upnd cadres arrestd today and jailed 2 defend it wil b victims and political observer so call we demand 4 jobs leave pure suffers that is politics


    The problem is that they build Mature bridge so I they could not spent so much money and get the rest

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