Latest Police Statement On Security Around The Country

Fifty (50) people have been apprehended by a joint patrol team of Defence and Security officers in Matero for idle and disorderly conduct.

Meanwhile, three more people have died in Lusaka following mob attacks on suspicion of being part of the gang terrorising residents through gassing.

And two more people have died in other parts of the country, one in Kabwe and another in Chiengi, on mere suspicions of being criminals.

Police Public Relations officer Esther Mwaata Katongo has stated in a statement today that the “unruly” groupings who armed themselves with offensive weapons were moving in communities on the pretext of patrolling but end up harassing innocent people, of which some have died in an instant mob justice.

She has however observed a positive reduction of mob justice incidences within Lusaka, although there were still some concerns.

“We continue appealing to members of the public to always restrain themselves from taking part in instant mob justice.  Compared to yesterday, we have observed a positive reduction of mob justice incidences within Lusaka although we still have some concerns. We therefore, call upon all stakeholders in the fight against crime to continue preaching peace and discourage instant mob justice,” Katongo stated.

She added that even in instances where there is overwhelming evidence that someone committed or was about to commit an offence, it remains unlawful for people to take the law into their own hands.

Katongo revealed that two men who were lynched by mob yesterday in different incidents have died.

“Three people were lynched by mobs in separate incidents in Matero’s Katambalala area, Zingalume and Hill side area and were only rescued by the joint patrol team of officers. However, one male adult among those rescued aged between 40 and 45 years who was attacked in Hill side area only identified as Emmanuel later died in Matero Level 1 Hospital around 02:00 hours. The body has been taken to UTH mortuary awaiting identification and postmortem. One suspect has been arrested and investigations have continued,” she stated.

“Another male person aged between 30 and 35 years was murdered by a mob yesterday around 21:20 hours in Chikondano area on suspicion of chemical spraying. The body is in UTH mortuary.”

Katongo stated that police in Lusaka have picked a body of an unidentified man suspected to have been murdered and burnt by a mob on suspicion of being one of people spraying chemicals.

She stated that the incident is alleged to have happened  between 04:30 hours and 05:00 hours at Mponda village, 10 kilometers from Kasisi School. Katongo stated that the remains of the victim are in UTH mortuary.

She further stated that cases of chemical spraying were received from different places in Lusaka.

“Four reports of chemical spraying were received from Matero with a total of 16 victims. These cases were recorded from George compound, Salima road in Kasamba area and Chunga Dumpsite area. Emmasdale Police recorded three reports of chemical spraying with seven victims. These reports were received from Chazanga and Chipata overspill,” Katongo stated.

She has, however, stated that most of the reports received by many other police stations involving chemical spraying could not be verified as in some instances, people raised alarm due to fear.

Yesterday in Katende area, a mob descended on a mental patient of Kanakantapa area whom they suspected of being among people gassing homes with toxic chemicals.

He was rescued by a member of the neighbourhood watch who was also assaulted on accusations that he was protecting a criminal.

Police officers  rushed to the scene to rescue the victims and later, relatives of the victim produced documentation to prove that he was a mental patient.

In Kabwe, Central Province, an unidentified man aged about 37 years has been murdered by a mob and the body was picked from Katondo Primary School premises with a burnt face and fingers. This happened  around 23:50 hours.

Police in Kabwe received seven reports of gassing in Pollen, High Ridge, and Ngungu areas  in which victims were referred to health facilities for medical attention while Mumbwa district recorded eight reports which are still unverified.

In Mabumba area of Luapula Province,  a mental patient was assaulted along Samfya road by  a mob on mere suspicion and was only rescued by police officers. He survived with injuries.

In Chiengi District near the border, an unidentified male person aged between 50 and 60 years was yesterday around 21:00 hours murdered by a mob .

Officers who went to pick the body were blocked by youths who obstructed the road and police fired tear gas canisters to disperse them.

“And in continued investigations with a view of bringing criminals behind the killing of suspects in chemical spraying and malicious damage to property, police in Matero have so far arrested two suspects in a report of malicious damage in which a motor vehicle Toyota Land cruiser was damaged by a mob in Lusaka 11th February, 2020 on suspicion that occupants were among people spraying chemicals while in instant mob justice related deaths, one suspect is in custody,” Katongo stated.

Meanwhile, Eastern Province also had some reports of chemical spraying and victims were issued with medical report forms and police are still waiting for the signed reports from the victims.

Police have also intensified investigations in reports of malicious administering of poison with intent to harm (chemical spraying) and the charge attracts 14 years imprisonment upon conviction.

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  1. Emmanuel mj

    God help us

  2. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya

    Cage them

    • kembo ni edgar lungu

      wembwa we GBM you are the one killing people with imbwa nobe lungu we know you idiot, so do u think we’ll vote for u?
      position is so sweet you dnt want to leave,u wll see if u wl vote weka cikala coo.

  3. Rocky

    Days are numbered… very soon the master minder of this bad hidden agenda will be known….

  4. Frank Chombela

    The former defence minister says he has information which he has been keeping for five years.

  5. Davies

    Zambia,open your spiritural eyes nd see what is on de ground

  6. precious

    let GBM tell us what he knows and it should provide evidence to support his statement coz this is something serious.

  7. Curtis

    I’m of the opinion that since tests of the chemical was conducted, MOH should ban the retailig and manufacturing of the chemical as well as embarking on distributing chemicals that counterants the effects of these chemicals.

  8. pepe

    what can gbm say other than say its upnd so that they dent its name in 2021 its true what bowman lusambo said they can’t leave the sweet they are feeling now but be carefull you politicians you can do anything but u can’t do against lords will. the prophesy is being fullfilled people wil be hungry 4 power,money and all luxuary things

  9. bk

    State of emergency is needed or curfew to arrest these criminals. People are dying and you are looking at. Authority wakeup !!!

  10. LN

    We earnestly beg gas sprayers to be sympathetic with the innocent people being killed by mobs on suspicion that they are also gas sprayers. The state might not have pronounced curfew yet in any part of the county, but honestly why should a person responsible for the safety keep on loitering at night even as late as midnight or 2am?

  11. bluss

    People are taking the law into their own hands because they have seen that the men in uniform are doing nothing about these attacks. The criminals has attracted me and in the process one is killed, you can say that is wrong ? I have taken the law into my own hands ? No.

  12. Truth man

    The current crop of police officers are the ones to blame. I have observed that in Zambia it is very rare nowadays to find a police officer on patrol whether at night or even during the day to maintain law and order. What you see mostly are the traffic police who are very zealous to pounce on motorists for very petty offences. The IG should reorganize the Police and put those traffic police officers to patrol the streets and let RATSA do the traffic checks for unregistered motor vehicles etc. It is shameful to see the Police failling to perform really. And there are so many police officers guarding private premises for payment. I think those private firms must organise with private security firms to guard their premises. I think this shortage of enough police officers can be solved by taking a proper analytical approach to priorities of prevention of crime as against the investigative facet when resources are scarce.I strongly believe that prevention is better than cure after all the Police mission statement says – ‘They shall apply pro active methods of policing in order to control cirme in Zambia ‘ Now , what are they doing to fulfil their mission statement?


    Zambia must take these terrorist activities very,very seriously. Apparently the occurrences can be put to a full stop.We have got supper-skilled men and women in uniform in the diverse arms of security in this country.Why are we failing to extract information from the bits and pieces of ideas they collect from those whom the police have arrested as suspects? A little spark lights up the whole forest.Youths have been mobilised, indoctrinated and brainwashed to create terror and havoc in this land of tranquility.Something must be done.

  14. Chibusu mulangwa...

    Inga bicita SPRAY, elo babwela ati lekeni twikate abale sansa awe ebaleipaya ababene tulebafwaye ukwipaya .Ati mob? Lekeni mwebantu batwingishamofye pakwipaya abanensu fwebene nabatufulunganyafye kuli ififine balecita spray

  15. Ks

    Please Ba Police Give Us Proper Information We Want To Knw Who Behind These.

  16. Police and me

    Finally the killings will bring war in this country. The defense minister is still sleeping. He will wake up when it’s too late.

  17. True Bemba

    Curfew Or No Curfew-where Is The Police,the Army,Zns,Zaf & The Other Security Wings?Inga Namufilwa,tell Us So We Finish These Gassers By Cutting Their Hands When We Catch Them-mod Justice Is The Only Answer Here Bcoz The Police Have Failed Us For A Very Long Time,these Things Are Happening & The Police Is Jst Watching,why Having A Sleeping Police When Innocent Citizens Are Being Killed & You Are Watching?Resign For Now.

  18. Reasoning

    There’s a rather strange and confusing situation here. The Police are busy arresting those perceived to be involved in riotous behavior but are very slow to arrest the perpetrators of this gassing. These gassers even when they are apprehended and handed over to the police, there’s very little or no information on what they’ve confessed to or what their fate is or will be. Maybe those being arrested are all a case of mistaken identity. Because of lack of information and lack of action by the Police people are becoming apprehensive and taking the law into their own hands. Is this a case of starting something and then putting the blame on someone else for political survival, gone wrong? Just wondering.

  19. muZo

    let ba GBM tell the police he knows who ritualist. the president said he will give 2,5000 to anyone with information. Mr GBM has the information

  20. Magical minds

    I can make sure who ever touched the innocent soul go mad everyone who said evil about her or him they can all go mad instantly, because this people are just killing people without evidence…

  21. Enalo

    If freedom of movement is abused. Then state of emergence comes in. Those caught at night be searched throughfully well.

  22. Johnzy Alex jnr

    We can fight this if all the stakeholders we clamp our hands together.its a sad development to Zambia at large.

  23. likish

    our worry is if the mob cought gass spray suspect and handover them to police men, u are taking them where,coz there are not apearing to court,cells is three days, what we know, but why delay these criminal in cell, thats why mob take law in there hands.



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