Mob Kills Suspect In Northern Province As Civil Disobedience Spreads

A mob has killed an unidentified man in Northern Province in Nseluka area, who they later dressed in a combat police uniform which was found in the victim’s motor vehicle.

Police Public Relations officer Esther Mwaata Katongo has disclosed in a statement that investigations have been instituted to establish the source of the police combat uniform.

“This was after members of the public suspected the deceased who was in the area in the company of his colleagues to be behind chemical spraying in the area.  Upon interrogations, the friend to the victim ran away. The mob searched the victim’s motor vehicle and found a pair of police combat uniform which they dressed him after killing him and later set the victim’s motor vehicle on fire.
Investigations have been instituted to establish the source of the police combat uniform,” she said.

And Police have bemoaned the blocking of public roads by some members of the public who claim to be searching motor vehicles on suspicion that they are carrying chemical substances being used in suspected chemical spraying cases currently being experienced in some parts of the currently.

Katongo has stressed in a statement that the blocking of roads is a pure act of criminality. She said some criminals would want to take advantage of the prevailing situation to attack unsuspecting members of the public and steal from them.

“Between Manyinga and Mufumbwe of North Western Province, a mob blocked the road using logs and stones and stopped motor vehicles among them, a Power Tools Bus and demanded that they conduct a search on the bus. Upon searching the bus they found a first aid kit which contained pain killers, bandages, methylated spirit, gloves and a small axe as per road traffic regulations but the mob became suspicious after seeing an axe. A similar situation was experienced in Kafue yesterday between 18:00 hours and 20:00 hours and also around 06:00 hours where a mob blocked the road between Kafue Gorge turn off and Shamikobo area, stopping and searching motor vehicles and caused damage to five (05) motor vehicles. Police have arrested eight people for riotous behaviour who are currently detained in police custody,” she said.

Katongo has, however, warned “all those who have adopted this tendency or those contemplating the same that as police we will not take this criminality lightly. We urge members of the public to desist from this criminal act and avoid involving themselves in duties which are not within their mandate.”

Meanwhile, Katongo said investigations have been launched in a report of gassing which was reported at Arthur Wina School in a Grade 9 class which  happened today between 12:00 hours and 12:30 hours.

She has further disclosed that 27 people were arrested in the early hours of today by a joint operation team in Mtendere Compound for conduct likely to cause breach of peace.

“22 various offensive weapons were recovered from them. After screening, those linked to the offensive weapons are likely to be charged with possession of offensive weapons. All those who would want to conduct patrols in their communities should do so in liaison with police in their respective areas. All those that will be found moving round communities on pretext of conducting patrols without police blessings will be dealt with accordingly,” she said.

Katongo said Police today received a report of riotous behaviour in Chongwe, which was sparked after word went round that police had detained some suspects behind chemical spraying in the area.

She said the rioters then went to the police station in the area demanding the release of the said suspects with a view of killing them.

Katongo said the mob later went to the streets where they staged riots.

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  1. Lazi

    For me, I get worried when the sun sets because our society is becoming increasingly dangerous, it is no longer safe for our families.

    Very few Zambians have guns or are able to protect themselves in case of an eventuality. The police should encourage creation of neighbourhood watch groups to protect themselves.

    Clearly the police are trying but they are being overwhelmed, so why not allowed us to protect ourselves?

  2. Magical minds

    This what we call ichinfulunganya will not even know who is who because even innocent people are being killed

  3. Savior

    Maybe the uzakambila kusogoro are also involved how come their uniforms are featuring on the battlefields??????????

  4. Peac maker

    God help us

  5. Siloam

    Government should sent the ZNS security country wide to protect us in our communities please like here in Chipata

  6. Enalo

    State of emergency be instated to control this situation.

  7. Moshen

    Like in same parts or in our area there are no police patrols.but when the mob catch a suspect the police come in and just pick that person.but it has too long now waiting for victim to take them to court for trail . that’s the only way of knowing who is behind.


    Killing is not a solution, why the same way you kill someone that’s the same way you shall be killed. Judge not so that you are not judged. Let all the Zambian have this in mind.if we want to end this, let us question whosoever we suspect.

  9. Tikambepo

    Ma uniforms yama Bwana how did they end up in civilians hands?hmmmm ,nanga aya nima double standard yama bwana ba visote va black not ba RTSA who have ATMS on the roads can’t never.

  10. Apostle

    It’s time to be on our knees asking God’s sufficient protection, Zambia is narrowly becoming south Africa where people don’t mind about life, they can shoot, set someone on fire and all sorts of inhuman…..
    Let’s pray Zambia


    The police should concern themselves to bringing the culprits to book.

  12. Analyticus

    1.why are these criminals dying with NO if indeed they are sponsored by opposition?
    2. who is giving these criminals police uniforms?
    3. where are these criminals getting these chemicals?
    4. Lastly, why all these ritual killings towards elections? Food for thought.

    • Big T

      GBM and his government knows the truth let them speak, if you won’t stop God will punish you all.

  13. Dick

    From burning markets and other infrastructures, cutting down Zesco poles and now gassing.police you know who is behind this evil but you fear them.

    • Umuntu Mutwe

      Dick you are Collect my friend they know who is behind this Issue and they are even involved that’s why they are busy shooting People during riots.

  14. Fungwe

    So, the only sensitive crime here is riotious behaviour and not the gassing.
    People will always riot if you don’t take action on sensitive matters.

  15. Benson

    Combat police uniform belongs to the government. And is a special order by them.


    As for me what People are doing is good coz they have seen that Zambia police is failing to control the situation at all.

  17. Chibusu mulangwa...

    The only thingz state of emergency it can help the nantion better than all this you are calling,

  18. William SHILIYA

    Shame shame to all evil doer’s God is watching remember he see’s everyone ,but why is it that killing, gassing is on the increase from province to province but not bringing any one to the court of law concerning gassing and killing of innocent lives, please act as quickly as possible before we finish killing each other.

    • kenneth muliro

      just allow every citizen to buy gun so that we protect ourself

  19. Machine gun kelly

    Zambians open your eyes they is someone who is behind all these and even that uniform am not sure it’s from police nivopangisa cabe with an intension to make bad names about the ruling part and i know what am saying

  20. LN

    Where is the army the President said would be mobilized to help the police force are arrest the criminal gassings in the nation? Why is the government not imposing curfew in all parts of the country to control this gassing activity conducted by these idiotic criminals? I feel the government is taking too long to come up with the tangible solution control this dangerous situation. Innocent citizens are desperately looking forested to the end of this gassing problems. Any delay to solve the problem will see more and more mob killing of even innocency people.

  21. Tom

    The action too late by police arrest_
    gassing killers

  22. Chinyamapolo

    we are in trouble what is going on kansi

  23. Professor

    Whenever there is an attack, people call out for help from the police. But the police will just say(‘we’re coming). From there it will take the whole day without seeing any police. On the other hand, when they hear that a criminal is killed somewhere, within one minute, they land in the area.This is a reason why people are becoming against the police and the government. Let this continue and don’t forget that politicians will start campaigning soon. Tukamimona.

  24. Razor

    Where did he get a police uniform. This simply means police are involved. No wonder they are failing to catch themselves.

  25. julius kamau

    for me being succesful i want see the gassing cases to be in court not where by u keep the victim for 1month in cellz,by the way a victim can spead how many days in cells, coz we know in cell it mean 1step in and other step out .

  26. Big T

    The government is sleeping, as they are asleep thy knws everything. Let’s just Change them.

  27. Brian

    Too bad

  28. Getrude

    I can’t understand why the police are still investigating the case of gas spraying yet they’re keeping suspects those they cought in chingola…. why?

  29. Musukuma Julius

    U know as police uniforms founding to these mob’s as when you introduce peace keeping in country as for police and other defence you have to be careful as you are secureling the country cause you may found yourself killed, because as i’m speeking here we are afraid you people with combart cause we are thinking that you are the one doing this, so please becareful and i’m asking to the government to be confront the public what is going on don’t hide us cause you have to know this things and this innocent people the mob’s killing are the same people who will vote

  30. cops chocha mitanda

    Primary investigation is too find the people that committed that hernious crime of killing a soul without the due process of law. Secondly is the source of the uniform. And not uniform supplied by a disgruntled officer. Why did you not nib the flower in the bud?

  31. Junior

    Kikikikiki Funny Country Zed,that Retual Killer Who Waz Shot Dead In Chingola By The Police In The 9t And The Bottlez Were Found In Hz Bad,they Were Taken To The Lab 4 Check Up And The IG Of Police Said The Resultx Were Out Bt Din’t Mention What That Chemical Is These Idiotx Ar Using.We Are Having Slipless Nightx Sure.

  32. Chibz

    There is no way you can come and tell us that you don’t know were that combat police uniform came from madam katanga, who owns the police uniform?! I need a serious answer from you madam!!! We don’t want jokes here

  33. PWII

    First paragraph is not correct, and only a f.ool would believe it. They kill the man and later dress him in a combat………..please dont take us for a ride

  34. Pardon

    God help us

  35. l.c

    You Katanga and your so called Edgar, you’re going to pay dearly for evils you’re doing in this county. As long as we are still on earth, pf will one day be out of power don’t forget this! You think we don’t know that it is the government that is using witchcraft to kill people ? When you fail, you fail stop killing us! And if people don’t want you , leave them alone ! If you still want to be in power use the right means not Innocent people’s blood .One day, you will pay !

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