Two People Killed In Ndola On Suspicion Of Being Behind Gassing Of Households

Two people have been killed in Ndola in cases of mistaken identity relating to the alleged on going gassing of homes.

The two were murdered by an angry mob in Kabushi Constituency after they were mistaken for gassers.

Copperbelt Commissioner of Police Charity Katanga who confirmed the incident said the two were attacked and one was killed instantly.

Katanga said the other victim was rescued by police but later died at the hospital due to injuries he suffered.

She stated that Police had a tough time to quell the attack and needed reinforcement as they equally faced attacks from the mob who used sticks and stones.

Katanga has since urged the community to refrain from taking the law in their own hands but allow law enforcers to attend to the issues.

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  1. Concerned

    Have u seen now pipo wil nw be killing each other,polic u ar doin nun inocent pipo r losing there lifes tizafa ce

  2. Davies

    By such killing de targeted number wil be fulfilled stop killing each other

  3. pepe

    zambian coronavirus at work

  4. precious

    even the police are killing innocent souls all in the name of settling the rioters… it hurts mwandi

  5. Frank Chombela

    Whn people are displeased allow them to demonstrate their anger through peaceful marches. This is wht u get whn u don’t allow people to express their disappointment, anger and hurt. Look now, people no longer know how to march peaceful ly.

  6. Zax

    let’s fight for our country

  7. Abel Phiri

    Why are they killing innocent people because others are working with the ZP

  8. Chibusu mulangwa...

    Oooh, my GOD forgive them, why killing each other mayo ine twafwa WHAT ARE YOU WANTING ?MR AND VICE PRESENT DECLARE THE STATE OF EMERGENCY

  9. Mapalo kumwenda

    Why this things happening in Zambia please we should remain one Zambia one nation we are all one and united.
    Kumwenda in Ndola

  10. peace maker

    The problem is that those sons of beaches sent by other person politicians to gassing in our homes.

  11. Frank Nyambe

    These are the last day events. Jesus is coming ve…ry soon.

  12. Shawn

    The police has even stated killing innocent people

  13. Lil Koln

    People killing people, I think this is the end of Zambia.

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