UPND Should Be Ashamed For Accusing The PF Of Being Tribal – Inonge.

Republican Vice-President Inonge Wina has said the UPND cannot accuse the PF of being tribal because it is the opposition party that has shown such traits going by how they openly declared in 2006 that no other tribe takes over the party’s leadership after the death of its founder Anderson Mazoka.

Madam Wina said in Parliament last Friday that Zambians must unite, regardless of tribe, and resolve the unending tribal talk which politicians were perpetuating to advance their political agendas.

She said this in response to UPND Kabompo member of parliament Ambrose Lufuma’s question about what  government was doing to stop tribalism as the Tonga tribe was being demonised to an extent where the leadership is openly making tribal sentiments against this ethnic group.

However, Madam Wina said she did not expect a question of that nature from a seasoned political leader because if politicians were sincere, they cannot say what Mr. Lufuma said because the UPND itself in 2006 said “in our faces” that no person from any other province or tribe can be leader of the UPND except a Tonga.

“Mr Speaker, it is very unfortunate that we as leaders are failing to address this issue squarely.  We were not a nation in 1963, 1962 but all these ethnic groups have come together; we never fought tribal wars even under colonial rule. Why should it happen now? It is because of the politics of this country that are used by politicians to galvanise their tribe to follow them to make the necessary mass for a political party to survive. Mr. Speaker look at the composition of the political party called Patriotic Front. It is comprised of all tribes and even UPND is comprised of all tribes but it does not mean that the Tongas should take offence when something is mentioned around the name. Whether you are Tonga, Lozi or a Bemba, let us resolve this issue of tribe because wherever something is said about an individual, they will take it out of context and claim that the whole tribe has been condemned when in fact not,” Madam Wina said.

She said any statements that were made negatively against the Tonga people had been condemned by the majority of Zambians.

“And I will also condemn any utterances that subscribe to the ethnic affinity of any person or any leader.  So let us try to build this country through One Zambia One Nation,” Madam Wina said.

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  1. Chisha's

    Yes madam!!! One Zambia One Nation, that’s our spirit.

  2. saimbwende

    Honestly speaking i must say over 90% of Tongas are carry tribalism in their DNA. We have seen them showcasing their tribalism in schools and offices. am not saying all tongas are tribal but most of them are. When you look at how HH ascended to UPND throne it had tribal overtones like my grandma Wina has alluded to. Tongas have even gone beyond this tribalism. They regard HH as their saviour (messiah) and so it is taboo for a tonga not to give HH a vote. They are solidly united behind ” A TONGA FOR PRESIDENCY” agenda in order to promote tonga ethnicity. This is what makes HH and his UPND unattractive to non Tongas. A political party must not project tribe as its main agenda. Look at PF it has so far accommodated two presidents from different regions unlike UPND. The founder of UPND (Mazoka) was tonga and his successor is Tonga and appears not ready to surrender the party to a non tonga before ” A TONGA FOR PRESIDENCY” agenda is realised. Am luvale by tribe and a tribal cousin to tongas but i cant make a mistake to cast my vote on HH and UPND because they dont mean well for Zambians especially non tongas. Should we make a mistake to vote for them Zambia will be more than ever divided on tribal lines, so vote them at your own peril.

    • Albert

      Bro. Saimbwende, you have spoken well and the truth. I totally agree with you. Very up to the point.
      Nitumezi Sha.

    • BleBle 04

      Ulicipuba,tawishibe ico ulelanda.E imwe mulecita perpetuate tribalism in the country

    • Anthony pumulo

      Fellow Zambia why so questionable on the on the prices of what has passe. And I don’t think if you can even forgive primetime because Forbes I may sa v we fight for yourself minus forgeting that we are one let us not let what has passed consume our mind because any mistake has got solution. And may I ask you madam VP from your childhood have you not ever made a mistake. And is not that if our for fatherland made a mistake then too affect

    • Anthony pumulo

      Fellow Zambia why so questionable the prices of what has passe. And I don’t think if you can even forgive primetime because Forbes I may sa v we fight for yourself minus forgeting that we are one let us not let what has passed consume our mind because any mistake has got solution. And may I ask you madam VP from your childhood have you not ever made a mistake. And is not that if our for fatherland made a mistake then too affect

    • Mutungalembe

      Yes my friend u are right what u have said even Honorable madam VP most of tonga’s to much tribalism if tonga’s are not tribalism HH he should surrender on his position and u should select a reader who is not a tonga people they can say UPND is a non tribalism part thanks for everyone

  3. Rocky

    I don’t understand why tribalism talk from nowhere has become an issue when in actual sense should not be intertained. I propose a stiff punishment to who ever be caught uttering tribalism speech regardless of his status in the society. Otherwise I am worried in 30 years from today our nation will be sub divided.

  4. Seer 1

    Just give the people development

  5. pwembele

    bamuchembele just keep quiet is it not ur party members dat are championing tribalism what the hell are you talking about?

  6. Chamu

    Statements like the one made by Saimbwende above must make the PF proud. This is what they want to see and hear – Tongas completely ostracised and demonised. So there is no tribalism in other tribes? Lets just focus on Tonga tribal tendancies. Never mind that the entire government and senior civil service is composed 95% of people from only two regions!! Never mind that people being forcibly retired on national interest are only Tonga, Lozis and North westerners. Never mind that the only people speaking insultingly and provocatively about other tribes are only PF leaders. Think about it – have you ever heard HH speaking ill about another tribe? Now ask yourself the same question about Lungu and senior PF officials. Who then is driving this tribal agenda and who would stand to benefit from it? Mama Wina says ” any statements that were made negatively against the Tonga people had been condemned by the majority of Zambians.” but did you hear her or ECL directly condemn Nkandu Luo or the other two chaps? Why then do you exercise double standards and keep referring to HH’s inability to have directly condemned the (admittedly wrong) “Tonga president” remarks made so many years ago by someone else? You cannot be the aggressor and yet keep on insulting the one who has chosen not to react to your aggression. God hates injustice and sooner than later he will act against it.

    • BleBle

      If we had many people who reason like you,this country would have been somewhere else.I hope the PF have gotten something from from this….

  7. Rocky

    Today, whether a President fires anyone who sounds tribal or orders to delete the word tribalism from all dictionaries in Zambia, as long as we keep a governance system we did not create to address our diverse ethnic groups, tribalism in politics will continue because our political parties are not defined on values such as Liberal Democrats, Conservatives, Christian Democrats, etc.

    This information is even in the report of the Commission of Enquiry on Political Violence. The solution to restore “One Zambia One Nation” lies in devising a new governance system which will prioritize development over political hegemony.

    According to the report, Zambia is effectively divided into two, the Northern Block and the Southern Block. For sustainable political peace to exist, our governance system must be one that recognises that the Southern Block equally wishes to see a President from its Block. Burying our heads in the sand while reciting the “One Zambia One Nation” motto won’t help at all. It’s just a “bandage” over a cancerous sore.

    We need to do more and talk less. 

  8. Curtis

    Absolutely wonderful comment Chamu, It is a plain lie that Tongue are tribal MADAM kabompo MP. May I pose this question, who is not tribal after all? We here people saying “UMUTONGA takatekepo ichalo”, Mr C Mweetwa is a Tonga but has demonstreted love of all tribes in his district.

  9. Truth man

    Yes , the vice president is right. Only that in Zambia people forget easily. When Mazoka passed away his vice president Mr Sakwiba Sikota was rejected on tribal grounds bythe parties’ majority tongas and brought in an unheard of Hakainde to take over the presidency of UPND. This is what caused the Republican President Mr Edgar C. Lungu, Mrs. Inonge Wina, Mr. Given Lubinda , Mr. Chisanga and a lot others to ditch UPND and join the PF. What the people who remained thought was that the party would still remain strong but alas, they had made not only a historical mistake which shall remain to haunt UPND forever.That pronouncement by the Tongas shall remain a historical fact. The only way to correct it is to change face by holding a convention and choose a non Tonga to lead the UPND or else these brothers and sisters of mine are in for an uphill battle to correct that stigma attached to ‘their ‘ party. And the mistake the UPND made should also be a lesson by other Parties to learn from. No tribe in Zambia is bigger or more important than other tribes. 73 tribes is not a joke and anyone who cheats himself to lead this country on a tribal ticket is just making a big fool of himself.

  10. Paul chali

    We belive and say our nation carry somthng in nature this thing showd that zambia he is sleeping under the law,like our motto us zambia we cannot separate what has been put in motions,everyone must have this in his head one zambia one nation?

    • Monk

      Well said; to both Saibwende and Truth man. There is saying that goes “you reap what you sow”. That’s what’s happenning to UPND, they are now reaping what they sowed. Now that it is not working for them, cannot turn around and accuse their friends.Finish what you started! The only solution is when upnd will be bold and courageous enough to accept their mistakes and make corrections. Failure to which, this tribal talk is here to stay as long as Hh remains in the political arena.

  11. dance

    I wonder y pipo say one Zambia one nation, since time in memorial have we ever had any President from southern, western or northwestern province? Mostly it is only northen, luapula and eastern!! If some one from southern, western and Northwestern contest as a president the other part of the country says he/she is a tribalist…tarnishing the tribes of the above mentioned provinces is pride of the easterners as a way of them remaining in office!! This time now it is one Zambia two regions!!! Period.

    • Fonko Fonko

      Iwe Dance, which province did Mwanawasa come from? Which President came from western , northwestern and southern contested and was denied on based on where they came from? Let’s be factual. As far as facts remain, it’s only Hh who has been denied Presidency by Zambians on the basis that he was appointed on tribal lines. The fact is that he was appointed as leader based on his tribe not merit, hence carries with him a tribal agenda.

  12. Razor

    Both the parties are tribal. In UPND stronghold only a Tonga can win whilst in PF stronghold only a bemba or easterner can win.

  13. Magical minds

    Chikubabe season I loved Tonga’s but now awe mwandi fyalitumpa,say what you want fyalitumpa

  14. Savior

    Ba Ok indeed razor could be right,but it’s not the tongas who started it or neither the bembas nor the westerners NO! It was started by the easterners the wako ni wakos.

  15. Curtis

    Comment dance, I’ll mfontine ilya pwililika. Mona isukulu lisuma. Just to enlight you did you know that you were going to be Born? Mona kwata amano! Did you know what tribe you are going to be. Could you please screw your brain other wise you will remain in a deranged state. Salapujka mine uli umwaila owe!.

  16. Emmanuel Buumba

    Everything are very true

  17. Jimmy shaba

    Peace ,love and unity is what we need.

  18. Joe London

    It is true,but no all Tongas,it is the UPND which is a tribal party.If u who are denying like hh and his friends, ask Mr Jackson Sejani and the pipo that left the UPND like ba Inonge Wins,Sakwiba Sikota,Bob Sichinga,and the last man to leave UPND ba Patrick Chisanga.For this UPND have cursed itself.

  19. Curtis

    May I equally take the opportunity of this so musicians who preach hatrade for the sake of money. Could you please stop to avoid dividing our nation.I don’t call you musicIan’s . For God’s sake, I will only mention 4 talented artists apart from the legends like CHISHALA, pichen kazembe etc. The most outstanding and most outstanding and most talented is no other than Kampamba (exile /Israel) and Kamilion not forgetting Damn Kaya.

  20. SOS

    Curtis you’re right,aba bambi nokuwayawaya kwawamapo.No wonder they are always in reverse starting from wen the yakumbuyo was sung the legend Danny Kaya.

  21. Kuwayawafye

    Ba PF u are talking of things which were talked by a UPND member in 2006 wen some of us where just 7 yrs old sure so because some some one say that over 14yrs ago from UPND and u as the Ruling party are busy championing it sure..(tribalisms)instead of u condemning it u are every day why were are we going as a country?please unit us being the Ruling party

  22. Dick

    That’s this true madam Veep,history is important in politics to protect the nation.truly that pronouncement came real when voting pattern. Southern province from that time is for the upnd.

  23. Fungwe

    This is propaganda. I think sometimes its a problem to have old women as vice presidents. How do you end tribalism when you are always preaching it?
    Just deliver development rather than addressing matters that don’t even matter.

  24. Jomwa

    Let us be at peace with the Almighty God, we are the same and one in the eyes of God

  25. Uluse

    Finished politicians born before computers. The virus of hatred has been stuck in her heart for 14yrs now, even prayers can’t work. You have told zambians that areas that didnot vote for pf will not see development, exactly what is on the ground. Dont hide in tribalism for your failure. Give Zambians the peace and respect they deserve. After going in an alliance with pf, sakwiba’s ULP has died a tribal death because the north east preferred their own. Pray genuinely and know that you are one in the eyes of God, unless you are not a believer.

  26. Kapita kabambi

    Chisawu Nzambi

  27. Jop Chereni

    I am reading ur comments Zambians, very candid and explicit.Unlikey we, ur neighbours under ED, extremely tribal to the core.
    Remain united under ur good mantra… One ZAMBIA One NATION.

  28. Sibweni

    Tonga shame on them. God must 4give me but i hav 2 to talk 2 change them but it is hard.

  29. Sibweni

    Tonga shame on them. God must 4give me but i hav 2 to talk 2 change them but it is hard. Tribalism is hard 2 fight when tonga’s are openly using it hold on party leadership against a tribal cousin who are lozi’s. Yes, veep wina old but get wisdom not insulting u not make zambians vote 4 upnd yo clan no. MMD And PF never acted lik a family tree on who 2 bcom a president after the death of president levy and micheal. Civic Education follow current affairs not hate 4 madam veep u remember her advise but 2 vote 4 a lozi than a tonga. It wil take 100 year 4 lozi of our generation 2 see tonga abuse and lozi are bin use 4 power or land wil never b give 2 them until jesus came 2 save lozi. Western province youths must 2 from south sudan and leaders are bcoz of who 2 lead. I see tonga bcom a president in western province but we thank GOD Showing lozi a path 2 developmt is vote 4 patriotic front and its leader 4 west 2 see clinic,road,electricity etc

    • No fear

      Lozis will not vote for serpent in 2021.Why don’t you deliver right now.ritual killers.

  30. Jj

    2021 HH epela! The visionless an ?non tribal have lamentably failed the Zambians. 2021 is for quality and visionary leaders whether tribal or not. Tribal talks only mushroom towards an election to bar thse that can move the country forward.. This time you will not manage

  31. Angoni

    Just say UPND is tribal and you will see how many tongas will write nasty things about you then you will conclude and know who is tribal. Otherwise vote for UPND and see us who are non tongas being mimed by these tribalist. i cant vote for them no mate what.

  32. Koswe

    Zambian politician s have no manifesto, especially the pf, they win through tribal talk, when shall these politician s grow?

  33. Mukosa Liteta

    Madam VP, if UPND made a mistake in the past, it should not be your response to a very simple question.
    What has PF done to bring to book OF members who have committed a crime by uttering tribalism in their comments?
    The Tongas never utter the word tribal. Why is PF obsessed with the Tonga?
    Because HH threatens them. In the meantime, they can not stand toe to toe with him on ideas and good governance.
    All they can say is Tonga Tonga. It now sounds stupid that the party in power can only say Tonga, instead of spending time addressing bread and butter challenges affecting the citizens.

  34. Soya

    #mukosa liteta… WALASA MWANA! 2021 Pf Kuloonga.

  35. Chinyamapolo

    i never seen a good report on the upnd side on this site why is that this site belongs to the patriotic fool or what

  36. Fucked up

    Zambia reports it’s for pf, people be fooled once and for all not to be fooled each and every time, I can’t see any sense in someone talking about something happened in 2006, what a shame, you talk on repairing the economy you have destroyed,who are you to destroy our country when you find it was a peaceful country.pf members God will punish you for persecuting a lot of people, Zambia was a Christian nation from the time it was declared a Christian nation upto 2015, since ecl came into power things as changed no freedom,no democracy, blood shedding all over, you can can hide in the eyes of the blind 😈😈 people but you are nothing in the eyes of God,God’s power will show itself soon.God bless you all.

  37. No fear

    These pf official do they think,If they think how they used to compaign for Chilubi by-elections.They used to say that no Tonga will be the President and he will not be voted by the people of Chilubi.Is this not tribalism.Mukwae Inonge be like mother,that position you are holding it is just for pressure.Look at your People Barotse.There is no development there.You are failing to address the issue of gassing and chose “talk talk”. This is bad.Look at your youths are all Guards in town in the presence of working Government.Remember these Guards were supposed to be in Army and in Army you only recruit the members of your house.Nosense Government.

  38. Dorika.com

    A very old woman that cannot think of paving way for future leaders, she doesn’t realise that the longer she stays there the more she forces young girls to go into early marriage. Thinking is by remote, that is why only events of 2006 are resurfacing. No wonder the country is failing to move forward.

  39. Chibz

    Seer 1 said, not until the people who are ruling Zambia step down gassing issue will not end, what does that mean!!?. Bane insansa kuchinjana let the tonga person also rule Zambia, why are you so selfish you people chiwamina galu kuluma mbuzi ka, if your surname is MUMBA no one will change it, so in this case UPND…

  40. Sparta

    madam vp start by punishing lusambo and luo…and focus on ur manifesto dont drag tongas to insult u…u ar too old to issue those tribal remarks

  41. Angoni

    @chibz again poor reasoning of UPND cadre tribalizing and linking UPND to seer 1 and gassing to UPND poor timing bachibz anyway time will tell.

  42. l.c

    Inonge wina , it is you and your government who should be ashamed. You behave like uncivilized people. Instead of solving the problem, you’re busy protecting your pf friends who are trying separate us .If a civil war was to break out, do you think there can peace in our country? You should learn to be serious with sensitive issues ! There is hunger, poverty , unemployment, poor economy ,ritual killings , corruption , and yet you stand shamelessly on issues that will not benefit us ! Shame on you !




    bokuku bo Inonge u are nothing


    bokuku bo Inonge u are nothing to the world

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