PRESS RELEASE: PF Believes In Debate, Tolerance And Mutual Respect For Opposing Views

Patriotic Front has noted the abrupt ending of what was a substantive debate regarding Bill 10. We followed keenly as our representatives in the name of Hon. Makebi Zulu and Hon. Tutwa Ngulube exceptionally debated the law against their UPND counterparts Hon. Jack Mwiimbu and Hon. Cornelius Mweetwa.

We wish to state that any form of intolerance in a democracy deserves the highest condemnation. We call on Zambians from all walks of life to instead take advantage of such educative forums to learn and share information.

PF believes in building a thriving democracy in which debate and the holding of divergent views must be celebrated and cherished by all.

We need to place on record that PF does not subscribe to any form of intolerance and intimidation irrespective of where it is coming from. We are a Party that believes in promoting a culture of debate, disagreeing on issues while retaining respect for those with whom we do not agree or hold contrary views.

We believe that our nation must reach a point where tolerance of divergent views becomes a common feature of our day to day co-existence especially on matters of national interest such as Bill 10 and the Republican Constitution.

Issued by:

Sunday Chanda
Media Director
Patriotic Front
Party Headquarters


  1. Chimza

    Sunday/Monday Chanda you think are so smart all the time to defend your party? This is a known fact that u brought on your cadres to disrupt the debate at the time your useless lawyer by the name of Tutwa to look as if it was the opposition cadres dispruted the debate. We all know that those are your cadres.

  2. Kolwe

    What can pf cadres debate. All the know is pushing one another and violence at bus stops.

  3. Jah rules

    Sunday,or Tuesday chanda whatever they call u,,stop thinking from yo pants,,,we are intelligent enough to know yo motives and we all saw wht happened so stop treating us as if we ar under fives,otherwise this beautiful peace loving country will b at war because of DUNDERHEARDS like you,we ar watching and mark my words u always reap whatever u sowed,,,am nt a politician am jst a concerned SON OF THE SOIL,of This beautiful mother Zambia,and I will definitely defend it with everything I got from people like u who jst after riches,,u r a selfish parent if at all u even got kids my bro,,,stand up for tha truth brothermaN,,,,

  4. Jah rules


  5. Seer1

    This is nonsense every day hearing this and that why talk too much an accusing each other .give room to the police .what I know the culprit 8s known. It is just a matter of time. The problem with Zambian we hate prophet ministry. We have been shown a political party behind the gassing but the same men of God are behind calling their fellow men Of God as false prophet. Then who is a true man of God.a certain prophet has given Zambia à direction or shown us this political behind and you have even started insulting this man of God. The man of God mentioned a political party which wears red is behind this .every this time knows that it is UPND. Even that boy who was arrested also mentioned that they are sent by some in the upnd. Then what else are we waiting for . just deal with those arrested they will mention the big fish the one sponsoring them

  6. Frank Chombela

    Well, it’s not looking good for us in Zambia. Even Sunday Chanda would agree with me on this one.

  7. Joe London

    After insulting Mr Chanda,what have u gained or achieved? Where has the insults taken u?I think you are just a troubled soul wondering like a demon which only benefits Satan the devil who opposes every good thing that is happening on our soil.

    • Leon

      Joe London even devils worship their god and are you sure you don’t worship your god righteous or not but at least you are a disciple of some thing

  8. Lion the king

    Ba Seer1 please let me tell you what is happening in this country although you’re busy point out UPND for what is going on.
    1. Three weeks ago Seer1 warned your people in the government to return what they got from him and he further mentioned that if they fail to return they will die one by one.This above tells us that those who failed to return so called ‘things’ were asked to something to repay him and that’s gassing innocent zambians just to serve their lives.
    2.Secondly, this is also politically motivated they want Zambians to stop thinking about economic challenges they have at hand so that they should pay attention to the gassing attacts to avoid citizens or the public to go on street to protest. Nowonder those who have been arrested they’re afraid to mention the source of gassing..I think you got it put it in your head..Don’t blame UPND!

  9. Abena kafue

    PF has just fails to govern and the only way they think they can cling to power is gassing then confusion in the country andthe declaration of state of emergency and no elections.

  10. The miner

    Shame on you Sunday ,Monday, Tuesday Wednesday chanda for playing double standards with your friend tutwa Friday ngulube.

  11. Mr prof

    Zambia I hate you with this rullership. How smart is a purchase CD which shows the goodless of insider. You rull to good and you say you are generally Democratic, but why don’t you understand people’s crisis and you follow what you want from people. What government is this without consideration to the citizen, look we know that Zambia money are to the citizen but we should at least undeunderstand them look I wanted to start my own personal business but look you go to the council high charges more taxes now what about the people who can’t afford that so what I have seen this government only people with a lot of money can do business look we finished school with good result but being selected for sponsorship only corruption. Chekelako eyi bombs ba PF

  12. Mwenya

    Words contrary to Actions… Who are you kidding but yourselves…. Do you even believe what you are saying?

  13. l.c

    Pf don’t think that you’re dealing with substandard human beings, ok! We are not children of a lesser god. Stop treating us like fools.

  14. Penda

    This pf was told to declare hunger as a national disaster but they failed now the are giving us B10 please we need food

  15. Jemi

    Being anormal human! If u finish youth whom is going to rule the country bauzeni anthu anu those who gassing innocent people.Just kill all those alandila tundalama twanu or kusiya che takudyera ciani 2021 HH YOU DISQUALIFIED

  16. Makebi

    Nonsense this Sundy Chanda. Please dont soil themes of Makebi Zulu and Tutwa Ngulube by commenting on their sensible arguments while you Sunday are a nincompoop PF baggage and garbage.

  17. Sparta

    a monday polo yanu

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