Speaker Of The Russian Senate Jets In

Russia’s third most powerful person and Putin’s closest ally Valentina Ivanovna Matviyenko has arrived in Zambia to have discussions on Russia Zambia relationships.

Matviyenko is a Russian politician who was Governor of Saint Petersburg from 2003 to 2011. She is Chairman of the Federation Council (Senate) since 2011. She is the highest-ranking female politician in Russia.

Whilst in Zambia, Matviyenko will meet the country’s top leadership including the First President of Zambia Dr. Kenneth Kaunda.

She will also visit Livingstone to explore Zambia’s tourism potential.

Matviyenko has been accompanied by other high ranking Russian officials.

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  1. The Cats Family

    The USA is just watching. George W.Bush came and went back. China is coming, coming and coming. Russia and China are good friends. Russia wants to start a NUCLEAR PLANT in Zambia. One day Zambia will be a battle field for the above mentioned countries, if not, then we will be receiving sanctions from the US and USAID will be given no moral. Then Zambia will be on the list of countries that are banned to go to America. #MyOpinion..

    • Nyengo

      Russian speak coming vry welcome and vry soon u see president trump bcoz we hav deposit 4 oil and gold. Her visit is to see areas 2 investmt mainly Gold and Oil main focus. I hope our kwacha wil b 1 to 1 a dollar same 2005 dollar 5 to 1 wil never any bcoz our mining industry is choked no politics wil change it 4 bin an economic no and same sex law is 2 cheap dollar. In 2021, let us vote 4 industrial policy 2 increase export and reduce import 2 control dollar demand. MMD Used same idealogy of more jobs mean a better economy and a party u know its work better than the one u don’t know. Russia and china our true friends and america a great country right abuser 4 holding aid 4 leader against its policies

  2. H1

    & I quote:She is Chairman of the federation of Council (Senate) since 2011. Ba Zambia Report mulipitileko ku sukulu mwebo? Is she a man?

  3. Curtis

    Well noted H1, it should have been better to read, ” She has been chairperson for the federation council (Senate) since 2011.

  4. Angoni

    KKKKKKK yaba day made

  5. Anthony Pumulo

    What is the reason for visiting Zambia because for what I know we visit PLACES for a reason not just that we are visiting actually may I say they are not welcome. How much is that will cost us for everything we experienced, look China was our partner but why didn’t China forgive us for the prices of owning them money. Zambia let us open our eyes and usex experience through our mistake

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