17 Year Old Commits Suicide In Nakonde

A 17 year old boy in Nakonde has committed suicide by hanging himself using a chitenge material.

The deceased is alleged to have taken his life in his grandmother’s bedroom on reasons yet to be known.

Muchinga Province Police Commissioner Joel Njase has identified the deceased as Lameck Simwawa of Musutu Village.

He has stated that the boy was found hanging by his grandmother who has been identified as Maria Namukanga.

“The grandmother has submitted that she left the boy in good health and was in shock to find him hanging,” Njase said.

He said police are still trying to establish the motive behind the suicide stating that the body had a broken neck, protruding tongue while eyes had popped out.

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  1. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya

    Too bad


    too bad


    Too bad for our boy.

  4. Magical minds

    The world has been cruel, people can kill him and hang him postmortem has to be done on this boy,RIP

  5. Patience

    Too bad

  6. Bryson

    Too bad may his soul rest in internal peace though we might not what caused to suicide his life

  7. Jms

    I’m worried our CID, this wing is very poor, we waiting for results.

  8. Apostle

    Something fish here investigation has to be done thoroughly
    R I P younger man

  9. Oliver Johns

    Too bad RIP young man

  10. Momo

    Too bad,may his soul rest in pieace

  11. Abraham

    Too bad

  12. mpundu

    It’s to bad.

  13. Simon

    Too bad

  14. Ba zed

    Truth won’t come out our police is very slippery.Too bad younger man

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    Too bad

  17. haggai sinkamba

    May his soul rest in peace

  18. Robert

    Too bad

  19. Joezman

    Wht ws the root cause???? RIP boy

  20. my God remember you


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  22. Charles Chilembo

    Very bad may his soul rest in peace

  23. Ymmg

    The Bible outlines everything happenning today.. R.i.p youngmam

  24. Rhinos

    Yes its true it can happen that way

  25. Prince major

    Too bad dear

  26. Hupula mutale

    To bad, RIP

  27. Kennedy doxmilliany


  28. Not true

    Sad development rip my boy

  29. Abiud Mwanza

    Too bad and may his soul rest in peace.

  30. Anthony Chamasonde

    Sad news… Zambia is full of sad news nowadays…

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