30 Arrested For Allegedly Impounding A Bus In Mufumbwe

Police in Mufumbwe have arrested 30 people that allegedly held captive a Power Tools Bus destined for Zambezi on allegations that there were chemicals on the Bus.

North Western Province Police Commissioner Hudson Namachila stated that the group is allegedly extorting money from passangers after a bus is stopped

He said the illegal activities had been well planned by a group of youths who have allegedly been mounting illegal roadblocks.

Namachila stated the group had blocked a road using logs and stones as they went on to impound a bus and beat up the driver as well as the co-driver.

He said the incident that happened between Mufumbwe and Manyinga saw police being overpowered but later called for reinforcement.

Namachila indicated that the suspects were allegedly targeting big busses with a view to extort the driver, co-driver and passangers.

He said police is on high alert to bring down the criminal behaviours in the province further warning that all those found wanting will be dealt with sternly.

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  1. Djc

    Mmmm i don’t know were ar we going now

  2. Bamb

    This is mere lawlessness which can easily be nipped in the bud by our law enforcers. This has definitely been brought about by the failure by our law enforcement agents to curtail those thugs in all our urban bus stations and markets who extort money from bus drivers and marketeers under the very noses of these law enforcers. These rural thugs are just following in these foot steps.
    How can a country be governed like this, where some citizens are above the law?

  3. Idiocy Detector

    If lawlessness starts from the top, who can bring it to halt? Does not the fish start rotting from the head?

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