Police Station In Monze Vandalised.

A mob of angry residents has vandalized a Police Station in Chibuyu area in Monze, Southern Province, after reports emerged that a suspected gasser was arrested and taken to the Police Station.

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  1. monze

    thats what we shall be doing since these cops dont want to protect us if the cops are workin y do gassing issues continue? the cops hav also shot dead one civilian so its war they want

  2. monze

    its even for sale plot for sale k4 if interested come 4 viewing although the structure has been burnt u need to start afresh

  3. Phillip c

    Dat is gud ma twapya


    good since they dont want to take them to court

  5. Sparta

    Great Job Guys …Let Continue Do So Not Until They Bring The Suspect To Book


    make it an entertainment hall instead of police station

  7. King Judah's

    That’s Good u are doing well guys.

  8. likish

    but why,these gassers/ritual killer are not appearing to court,why why, mob continue doing your job as well and even some?there involved .

  9. Iwe

    FBI,CIA OR SCOTLAND YARD Can find the suspect when police hav faild. Zambian police are abused by political leader when are in opposition 4 bin ruling party cadres. Calls 4 the international investigates 2 find funds of gass is lik callin a prophect frm other country 4 not believing on the 1 prophect hav bcoz u lack faith in what u hav.

  10. Given

    Thx guys nice job, god bless you !!.
    We will still killing those people who are gassing untill the end of this bad behaviour in zambia!……………………

  11. Dizmo

    You have done good mwandi calo yaleshupa nomba shani ba police aba zaf they are catching these ritual killers, people are doing the same and they are killing the same ritual killers ninshi you want them to break out of prison and continue killing all our children mwandi ninshi calo chabipa

  12. panto

    yeah this how will do in Zambia my friend situseka wapwa&%$@&#

  13. joe kapumba

    Iliko yonse

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