Findlay Asks The High Court Not To Dismiss His Defamation Case Against Kambwili.

Valden Findlay, a well-known Lusaka businessman, has asked the High Court not to dismiss a case where he sued NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili for defamation because he still desires to prosecute the matter before court.

Mr. Kambwili, the former Information Minister, had made an application before the court that the matter where he is sued for defamation by Mr. Findlay should be dismissed because the complainant did not comply with orders for directions.

This is in a matter where Mr. Findlay has sued Mr. Kambwili for accusing him of being a drug dealer and using the presidential jet to traffic drugs.

Mr. Findlay is also seeking damages for libel and slander and obtained an order of injunction to restrain Mr. Kambwili by himself, servants or agents from uttering any defamatory remarks concerning him.

The claimant has stated that his reputation and character as a renowned businessman were damaged by Mr. Kambwili’s accusations against him.

In December last year, Lusaka High Court judge Elita Mwikisa restrained Mr. Kambwili from further defaming Findlay through the drug dealing accusations, saying that if freedom of speech was left unrestricted, it may have serious consequences on the liberties of the individual in a democratic dispensation.

And this year, Mr. Kambwili made an application before the court to have the matter dismissed because Mr. Findlay failed to comply with orders for directions.

In response, Mr. Findlay, through his lawyer Elijah Kaluba, said his unfortunate non-compliance of the orders for directions was not meant to disobey the court in any way as he was still extremely desirous of prosecuting the matter.

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  1. mwanatumpako

    Some cases are waste of time

  2. Ichinyo ukufita

    Kambwili tapali ichobe this Findlay is working with the state bwafya saana

  3. No matter what

    this issue looks like a wasting of time but interesting .

  4. Time waist

    This kambwili likes courts . He has nothing to offer now just time delaying. So many case against kambwili .these are the last kicks of imbwili . stop ba kambwili accusing people unless you were together when trafficking those drugs in a presidential jet. Finlay ba kambwili akamikolopa.

  5. Curtis

    Comment time, you say CK likes courts, but who’s suing the other party? CK is a respondent .

  6. Mushili

    The man is Carder,and the right was to just report and find him with drugs

  7. Analyticus

    political hegemony

  8. Kalobwe chibwe

    Has me kambwili got evidence to prove his allegations against mr Findley

  9. Angoni

    The biggest enemy Kabwili has is his mouth, Am very sure that Kabwili does not have any evidence about this man he is accusing or defaming because if had we would have seen it already therefore, this case will be against Kabwili.

  10. Joe London

    Ba Kambwili koseni,mwamona ukulandisha ifyo kwaba.You politicians you like competing for Headlines on the newspapers,and on prime TV main news.So these are the results, going kuma court lyonse,nomba nendalama shakwila Ku Lunch or Breakfast Ku UK shalapwa.

  11. Muzungu

    Ati imbwili napatapali. Ukaluka ka kiti nga uleangala.

  12. Shokolokombagoshe

    LANDCRUISER IN THE NIGHT WITH 2 policemen and 2 in civil at our 2021 God chosen president with no witchcraft involved ka meno meno what was it doing there. We are on the ground why go to opposition leader in the night. Answer the question. HALT your failed evil plan of gassing people won’t work Twalica nomba imwe ba kankuni stop it now . Just losing your diminished popularity now people are ready to teach u pathetic failures a lesson u will never forget. Ba mafi imwe namashinsha pa minsula shenu. We have your own people in State house who are for us Zambians who know your plans orchestrated by ci KZ and Ka Edgar. Feel sorry for Edgar how u shall be left alone ask Mulenga Sata how people who were clapping for him upon the demise of his father where are they ? Don’t be used on innocent helpless Zambians killing them like chickens. Ci Findlay are the same people who shall be witnesses Mark my words. Stop gassing innocent souls we beg . Those people I are sending in the night the cops and Intelligence men to go plant things we warning u Edgar and your minions Zambians now are on fire stop it.

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