Gassing Spreads To Southern Province

One person suspected to be behind the terror gassing attacks has been burnt to death in Mazabuka’s kabobola area. The body has been deposited in Mazabuka General Hospital mortuary. Police are on the ground trying to control the crowd.

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  1. Rey RΓΈsky

    Thanks for the job that the crowd worked so far…😷😷😷😷
    We are now tired of these people we are evening failing to have a night as we usually spend the nights in previously πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™…
    Just continue doing the job guys πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ™Œ

  2. mwanatumpako

    Job well done 😊 mazambuka people continue with the same spirit

  3. Frank Chombela

    There’s nothing to thank the mob for. Zambia can easily go the way of other failed states. It’s not pleasant to live in a failed state. Are u ready to see your mothers, sisters, wives , daughters, aunts, cousins raped? That’s wht happens whn a state fails.

    • Flapjas

      He failed state will be better coz only the strong will o’t 2 survive and have there own way of making there life better than to favour fools like that one. These people must but kill without mercy and I wish police would permit these people whenever they are cought be killed immediately without hesitation.

  4. Djc

    Mmmmm too bad

  5. Djc

    But pa photo nshilemonapo umuntu uo baleocha

  6. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    I’m the happiest person to hear this story. They should go back to someone who send them and surrender there job muzasila manje manje so here we are waiting for them to come.

  7. Big T

    Congratulations guys let’s finish each other if possible including the police officers, coz whoz thy knows the truth that’s why they are sleeping over the same issue.

  8. Goo key

    Very good doing this job we are tired of them

  9. cm

    Kulabocafye pakuti baleke ifyabupuba.


    stay away from southern ba people

  11. Terry

    Keep burning them who do they think they r , finish them

  12. Mercy

    is this the end of world God help us

  13. bk

    Men in uniform and the Government take this situation very very serious this is how genocide begins. I’m worried. GOD HELP US

  14. Chris

    Well done n we love it go deeper guyz

  15. The schools

    Continue burning them pliz they can finish us

  16. Phillip chilobe

    To bad mwe

  17. Pephias mwaba

    People of Zambia just youse your knees and your mouth to pray to God, this is the end of the world

  18. This is what happens when a country is ruled and governed by idiots,who jst think of them selves,busy enriching there self desires,,,one day imwe ba pompwe u shall reap wht u sow..stop politizing anything,,u hav failed,,am saying so because each time u here of this uncaultured political CARDER Blaming the opponent whilest we hav got so called investigative wings who are mandated to investigate and brind culprits to book,,but our country everyone is a judge....why????????..to the Men and women in uniform this for u,,take action Now before we start having groups like BOKO HARAM EMERGING IN OUR SOCIETY..##myopinionyou are

    MEN AND GALLANT WOMEN IN UNIFORM U HAV LET US DOWN,,CZ U ARE COWARDS ,remember Democracy is all about people power by the people and for the people,,not for one selfish idiot

  19. MAN OF GOD

    People of zambia God is not the failliar he will win the battle let us all pray God will answer and expose the enemis in jesus name.

  20. Banda

    Visit Monze, Chibuyu Police Station Was Burnt Yesterday.

  21. Hupula mutale

    Job well done

  22. Peter Bwalya

    God is watching

  23. Nchimunya

    people, we should pray for our beloved country

  24. Kaninyela

    You now see why tribe inclined voting is wrong. I am not tonga but we know if the other guy was at plot 1 no schemes of this sort would have happened. He has zero cases. He got a merit at UNZA. He is a successful businessman with proper credentials. Seer 1 confirmed his mistake in “empowering” this dimwit. He won’t do it for them now. Vote wisely God loves you.

  25. collins panto

    let’s has vote for Wisely guys

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