Zesco Manager Testifies in Chimese Corruption Case

A Zesco manager has testified in the Lusaka Magistrates’ Court that former Zambia Air Force Commander Lieutenant General Eric Chimese applied to the power utility for  connection of electricity  to nine flats in Ibex Hill which he said were his.

Zesco manager corporate services Kennedy Mwansa Chisanga testified before magistrate Nsunge Chanda that after conducting a search on the Zesco customer management system, he discovered 21 accounts for electricity supply linked to Lt Gen Chimese.
This is in a matter where Lt Gen Chimese and Chita Lodge director James Chungu are charged with abuse of authority of office and money laundering relating to properties in Ibex Hill and Lilayi area in Lusaka.

The witness testified that according to the actual physical application form to Zesco, Lt Gen Chimese applied to have power connected to plot no. 1/9/38b/488 on Twim Palm street in Ibex Hill where the nine flats are situated.

According to Chisanga, Lt Gen Chimese allegedly indicated  on the application form for the supply of power that he is the owner of the nine flats.

The witness said on the type of works to be done, Lt Gen Chimese indicated on the form that it was a new connection.

Chisanga said according to the documents obtained from the ZESCO system after the Drug Enforcement Commission ( DEC ) requested for information relating to the connection of power to plot no. 1/9/38b /488, the nine properties were on the same plot and the forms were made by Lt Gen Chimese who stated that he is the owner of the properties  and he needed new power connection to them.

The witness said Lt Gen Chimese further provided a copy of his NRC identification number 179587/32/1 which also showed his face and other technical details such as the title deed and sketch of where the flats were situated, which was on Twin Palm road in Ibex Hill to enable ZESCO access the place.

One of the defence lawyers Kelvin Bwalya objected to Chisanga’s line of testimony, saying there is no proof to show that  the form was filled by Lt Gen Chimese under his handwriting.

He said he hinted to State prosecutor Gameliel Zimba to guide his witness but he ignored to do so.

But Zimba, in his response, said the procedure required that the owner of the properties was the one to fill in the form, a fact which was explained to every customer.

Zimba added that the witness was only explaining the competence of the documents and if the defence had any information contrary, they should bring it to the fore.

He urged the court to dismiss the objection by the defence and allow the witness to flow.

At this point, Bwalya withdrew the objection on grounds that when the defence take stand to cross examine Chisanga, the State should not rise to object on the issue.

Meanwhile, in his evidence-in-chief earlier,  Chisanga  recalled how  DEC  wrote to Zesco managing director sometime in February last year requesting for information.

Chisanga said he was assigned to attend to DEC’s request and was given  three names for Eric Mwaba Chimese, Sharon Gray and Leonard Mutema so that he could retrieve the accounts for electricity supply for the three names.

He said he logged into the Zesco  system using his username  and password and searched for the three names he was given.

Chisanga said he picked 28 account points  and 21 points out of the 28 were linked to Eric Mwaba Chimese’s name,  six were under Gray (who is  Lt Gen Chimese’s wife) while the other was under a Mr Mutema.

He said he produced an excel file with all the 28 accounts  on February  21, 2019 which shows names, NRCs,  account numbers  and addresses, among other details and availed it to DEC.

Chisanga explained that the first account under Chimese showed  NRC no 179587/32/ 1  account no. 4339606 meter 4223705320 and service point 3399264 and work request no.

He said the second to 21 flats were all under the same name of Lt Gen Chimese, same NRC,  street  name and place which is Salama park.

Chisanga said after the above findings were  submitted,  DEC further requested for quotations under which the 21 premises were connected and four quotations which were raised under Lt Gen Chimese which he printed and handed to the DEC.

Trial continues on March 19, 2020.


  1. Bambala

    It is amazing how our judicial system operates. How can this clear ZESCO evidence which was given in Feb 2019 only start to surface in this case now in Feb 2020. I know of a court case involving many former parastatal company employees,( General Pharmaceuticals Ltd of Kabwe, where the workers lost all their 20 years terminal benefits due to a boched and corrupt privatisation process, which resulted into a liquidation) a court case which lasted over 20 years in the High Court. This makes citizens lose confidence in the judiciary. Sometimes adjournments are given where litigants are made to wait for more than six months for the next hearing. It is very frustrating. When a citizen complains about this, the same judges surmon him to their court and sentence him for contempt. What warped justice is this? Our ancient traditional courts in our chiefdoms performed better.

  2. K

    Person justice is quick but real normal justice is vry vry slow 2 conclude. Mob justice is uneducated and no wisdom .

  3. Ba zed

    We intrust u guys ukulonda Zambia imwe mwatampa ukulondolola

  4. Bashi Chite

    What about the 48 houses without an owner. Who applied for ZESCO power to be connected to these houses?


    leave him deal with the 48 houses not those which have the owner

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