Lewis Mosho’s Law Firm Gives Kamanga 24-Hour Ultimatum

Lusaka lawyer Lewis Mosho’s law firm Lewis Nathan Advocates has given Football Association of Zambia president Andrew Kamanga a 24-hour ultimatum in which to respond to allegations of theft involving K24,552.00 and US$38,000 or they will proceed to privately prosecute him for criminal acts.

The letter dated February 19, 2020 informed Mr. Kamanga that the lawyers were acting for Elijah Chileshe, and their interest in the matter should therefore be noted.

According to the letter, Mr. Chileshe had informed the lawyers that after Mr. Kamanga’s election as FAZ president in 2016, he allegedly lied to FAZ by making it pay K24,552.00 to Savoy Hotel which he and his minions incurred.

Mr. Chileshe said this bill was not supposed to be paid by the Association but Mr. Kamanga himself and his minions.

It is also alleged that Mr. Kamanga, on 6th May, 2017, directed that money be paid from FAZ account in the sum of US$38,000 to Enfin Solutions Limited, a company in which he has an interest, without following established procedures and without any supporting documentation.

The letter, which is also copied to Gilbert Phiri of PNP Advocates, further informed Mr. Kamanga that they have strict instructions to privately prosecute him in the event that he maintains his innocence and decide to remain silent within 24 hours of receipt of the letter.

In another letter, Mr. Mosho who is acting for Mumbo Lombe, a football enthusiastic, has given the Sports Council of Zambia (SCZ) a 48-hour ultimatum to suspend FAZ or the ailing office bearers for breaching the law or at the minimum direct FAZ to reverse the decision of the alleged Ethics Committee stopping candidates from participating in the March 28, 2020 election.

The lawyers stated further that the SCZ direction should allow anyone to participate and direct FAZ to put the Ethics Code as well as the Disciplinary Code and subject the members of the Ethics Committee to undergo the integrity test in compliance with the FAZ constitution, the law and FIFA statutes.

“Should the SCZ fail to comply with the demands within 48 hours, he (Lombe) will remain without choice but to immediately invoke judicial interventions and legal redress from the courts,” the letter further read.

The lawyers stated that this will be done in order to compel SCZ to perform its statutory obligations as required, among other demands.

The lawyers want the SCZ to exercise its statutory obligations on FAZ which their client feels has clearly breached the law.

“Our client states that the recent happenings at FAZ clearly shows that FAZ has seriously committed breach of its own constitution, regulations as well as FIFA statutes and the Sports Council of Zambia Act, chapter 142 of the laws of Zambia,” the letter read in part.

Lombe further stated in the letter that the breach is serious and requires interventions by the FAZ regulator, SCZ, in order to bring sanity and orderliness in the sport.

“This intervention is therefore, in the public interest,” he said.

Some of the breaches outlined in the letter include the constitution of the Ethics Committee which is said to be illegal as its members did not undergo the integrity checks as required by the FAZ constitution.

This letter has been copied to the Attorney General – Ministry of Justice, Sports Minister, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Sports, Secretary General SCZ, Secretary General FAZ, FIFA Secretary General and PNP Advocates.

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  1. mwanatumpako

    Paipa pano


      Kamanga is adecent administrator …but Galu ena ni kabwalala.

  2. John Chinena

    I can forsee Zambian football participation on international level being banned by FIFA… Why were all these allegations concealed all along only to re surface after one guy found on the “wrong” side of the law has been not allowed to contest FAZ elections???

  3. L Nyambi

    Ummm kwena ati 24 hrs mwebantu?It’s better 4 fifa 2 ban us frm playing it’s like kufilila munsenga nomba

  4. Wakwashinyangala

    Ba lawyer naboniba politian no place for kalu this is the political game

  5. kkkkkk

    Zambia being an animal farm is an understatement! Just because PF want to reward Kalusha for having campaigned for them in 2016 even though he’s not only failed the ethics test but served all his terms as president of FAZ already, they want to hound Kamanga out using witchcraft Mosho like they did to Dr Fred M’membe?


    One kalu

    • coach Buselic

      Kwena abakaamba ba Kalu bali gwinya $80,000. Bushe buufi?

  7. Sparta

    Kuya Bebele

  8. cephas c

    who doesn’t know mosho and what’s he can do

    • Dossier

      ….M’membe was seen red cos of this stupid mosho or mojo

  9. Joe London

    Great Kalu,Bwalya mwaume.Mwamona nomba ba FAZ ba ethics whatever yenu mwabusha na ifyalele.There are pipo who knows and your dealings and what you do,the pipo you chucked out of the system and are the same pipo with information and they have now going to the lawyers.Filiukotuleya.

  10. Joe London

    Kalu is fighting this battle on his own because he knows his rights has been trampled on.He has read the FAZ statues as well as the FIFA one and he knows what it means to be cleared of any allegations and it’s the reason he is challenging them.This is football politics .So lekeni tusambilileko kufyalacitika.

  11. Ken Sex Legendary

    Being found guilty and serving a full sentence or reduced sentence is different from being cleared of allegations. One who is cleared of any allegations is thus not guilty and doesn’t serve any form of punishment… I thought someone served some kind of punishment because of their “dirty” hands and hence they are banned from an ethics point of view, pantu kuti balenga umusalu uku sasa!!!

  12. Mwalule

    Kalu thinks he is bigger than Zambian football. He thinks without him football can’t be their. He is playing football politics. He doesn’t Care even if Zambia is banned from active football. All he wants is to be president. Foolish thinking. Selfish thinking. Ba minister were are you people are fighting and you are there chanting. You don’t love the game,us football is life. Think twice or else you will be banned because of one person

  13. Razor

    All this being done by the thief kalusha who wants to strong arm his way back into Faz using this PF lawyer and PF stooges. I hope zambia is banned from all football activities because of such thieves.

  14. Aaron

    abakulu bakulu

  15. Chibuta Chanda

    Those who live in grass houses should not throw stones & what goes round comes around

  16. Sichi

    Kalu served as VP to Teddy Mulonga for 4yrs and became president for 8yrs that gave him 12yrs at the helm. Rest mwana Kalu you are now retired like me . RIP Kalu

  17. Musi

    Honey is sweeter than sugar, once you test it you will want more of it for your self only. No sharing.

  18. Wakwashinyangala

    If pf want kalusha take him to the state house and give the possition, then when you go to convention let pf members vote for kulu ,mwilatwibila amano pa tepakuwinina let others save that position.

  19. Fenor

    Kalu had his time at FAZ and its time for him to pursue other avenues. It’s like Kalu can’t survive outside football administration bcoz of allowances, kickbacks, per diem which are mostly exaggerated and outright corruption. Kalu left a ton of financial scandals at FAZ through jerseys, replica jerseys, player selections, TV rights etc and bcoz he has no any other income, he has to come back and loot FAZ’s coffers once again. Kalu is not a clean person to lead FAZ, yes we appreciate what he did for Zambia for many years as a player, coach, technical advisor, vice president and FAZ president but it’s time for him to move on and pursue other interests like standing as an MP for Mufulira where he grew up and played soccer. Ba Kalu Ala mwalibomba bakalamba kabiyeni nomba muma politics just like you campaigned for PF in 2016.

  20. Dorica

    Kalu got $80,000 as gratification from some Arab chaps. He admitted the charge and was duly sentenced by FIFA. So Kalu is a convicted corrupt person who has no creditability. Those who support him are the same pf cadres who insist there’s no corruption in Zambia. Wake up Zambians, we are under siege from pf thieves who just don’t care about this country, be economically and now football.

  21. Benjamin

    I think bakalamba ba Kalu mwalibomba kale kuli bola, now it is time for u to do what Mr George Were the President of Liberia did. Just go into politics Zambians will vote for u. We love u for good things u did in terms of football. Stand as an MP on Copperbelt towns people will vote for u.

  22. Truth man

    What people don’t know is that the nscz cannot interfere in the running of affairs at FAZ or else FIFA shall burn us from international football participation. Kalusha wants to politisise his failure of passing the integrity test.He knows very well what the procedure is, instead of appealing to FIFA he is trying to raise unnecessary storms to cause the Government to act so that FIFA burns us. This guy is so power hungry that he even forgets about procedures.

  23. kay

    Can’t wait for fifa to to take action on faz kwati fyaya sana

  24. Angoni

    This is where we as PF have failed to help Country, we do not need more confusion when there already con fusion in the country, Please ba FAZ PATRON we need serious help here this is too much. Stop this no sense FOOTBALL IS THE ONLY SPORT THAT UNITE THE WHOLE COUNTRY.

  25. Impartial Citizen

    It’s never to too late to do the right thing, we need men of integrity to ensure the Zambians are represented in the most transparent way as possible to archive positively. If this dies a silent death then truely we are living in an animal farm.

  26. Bwalya

    Kalu I respect you so much,and I believe you will do it, kalusha let’s go,ukutitikishiwa twakana.

  27. Lewis

    False allegations. Where were you when Kananga used his hard earned money to ferry the nation team?

  28. Lewis

    False allegations. Where were you when Kamanga used his hard earned money to ferry the nation team?

  29. break Point

    Will the lawyers take the case ?? FIFA??

  30. Danny

    Two wrongs doesn’t make a right let FAZ revisits the whole process for justice to prevail. No one should be denied the right of appeal. If Kalusha does not qualify why has he been allowed to serve at both FIFA and CAF? Let vote speak and there will be no noise thereafter. The Bible say those who use the sword will die by the sword

  31. petrus chipuluka

    zambians forget easyilly apa pene we have forgotten about ama dilu ya chi kulusha and blatter za sila pamene apa he wants to come dribble some more NO NO pliz

  32. Mox

    Real men don’t block others from contesting. What does this Deadwood want at FAZ? These are Elections and they should be free and fail. In the process of disadvantaging others unfairly, he has opened a pandora box. If u live in a glass house don’t throw stones. Dull Kamanga!

  33. Joe London

    Listen you pipo, ba Kalu appealed to FIFA and it’s reason why Fifa cleared him of any wrong doing. So even at FAZ he is doing the same thing.Even pipo at FAZ do not know why they are not allowing him to stand.Ngababepusha,all they are saying is its not me,or me I was just given announce the successful candidates. Or anything

  34. Joe London

    You are also involving the PF in the issues of Kalu,now are you telling us that Kananga is UPND supporter?Shade more light on this one and it may the reason Kananga is showing a lot of arrogance towards the minister o sports. Others are saying he at onetime attended the opposition executive meeting. Tell us we want to know as football lovers.

  35. Joe London

    The Minister of sports, Honourable Mulenga has done well to remain mute on this issues because any advice or word from him will be interfearance in the affairs at FAZ according to Kananga.Let us if they will not engage the minister at any level.

  36. Keizb

    It pains tax payers to find out that someone is stealing their money like me.
    If you don’t pay tax it will not hurt u.

    Who cares if Zambia will be banned from Fifa? Tax payers needs there money to make money.

  37. Dove

    What is at FAZ in order for it to be the epicenter for wrangles can’t it just for once demonstrate transparency unity for the sake of the sport that is not a personal institution bring in neutral people to take over not old crooks.

  38. moze

    kanshi ba Kananga mwalilyamo but mulching abanenu ,nganinebo kulebombafye Na company yandi NWEC elo utumalaiti akamutengo ati shani compared to ZESCO ,mu lumwana mu township nashimya main balalila

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