Ministerial Statement To Parliament By The Home Affairs Minister

Minister of Home Affairs Stephen Kampyongo this afternoon delivered a ministerial statement to parliament where he said over 370 households on the Copperbelt Province had reportedly been gassed, affecting over 1,900 people.

The Minister said this happened between January 22, 2020 and February 14, 2020, adding that it was regrettable that such occurrences had continued in selected parts of the country.

He told Parliament that on the Copperbelt, one person who responded to a distress call from a neighbour died from suspected gassing whilst the rest received medical attention and have since been discharged from various hospitals and health centres.

“In North Western Province, 30 houses were suspected to have been gassed with poisonous chemical substances and 162 victims were affected. 16 suspects have since been arrested, charged and are yet to appear in the courts of law. Mr Speaker, Lusaka and Northern Provinces have also recorded some incidences of suspected gassing similar to those on the Copperbelt. However, much of the information in circulation, especially on Social media, is not factual and cannot be backed by medical evidence. These false alarms have created insecurity leading to riots and instant mob justice. In Chazanga and Matero Townships between 15th February and 16th February, 2020, 11 cases of suspected gassing have been confirmed while five have been found to be false alarms in which four people have been killed. A private vehicle was also damaged in the process. One person has since been arrested for the murder of an innocent citizen suspected of being a ritual killer. 50 people were arrested for idle and disorderly conduct. These people were found with offensive weapons and have been moving around communities under the pretext of patrolling but ending up harassing innocent people. Further Mr. Speaker, on 17th February, 2020, a report was received by the Zambia Police Service of suspected gassing that occurred at Aurthur Wina school in Lusaka district. A couple of children were taken to Chilenje Hospital for screening and observation, the results at the hospital revealed that most of the children, except one who had signs of asthma, were found to be okay,” Mr. Kampyongo said.

He said as a result of the riots, police infrastructure was destroyed.

“Some of the properties damaged include Ndeke and Luangwa Police Posts in Kitwe, Pwalu on Mumbwa road and Kanyama West Police Post. A Toyota Land Cruiser belonging to Chilenje Police Station was also damaged. In North Western Province, Kakaindu Police Post was also damaged. Mr. Speaker, another interesting report was received from MTN Headquarters where there was a report of attempted gassing. But investigations revealed that some people wanted to burn the building with a view to destroying financial records over a fraud case. Three suspects, among them a security guard and two MTN employees, were arrested and appearing before the courts of law,” Mr. Kampyongo said.

He said to address widespread terror and fear that has engulfed the country, the government has undertaken a number of measures aimed at restoring security and public order in the country, among them the deployment of soldiers in some residential areas of Lusaka.

“More officers have been deployed in the affected areas to ensure that the acts of disorderliness do not continue. Foot and motorised operations by the Security and Defense forces have also been enhanced to ensure that the perpetrators are made to face the law,” he said.

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  1. gift hamweene kauta

    Interesting work by authority

    • Chanda

      You missed some places where gassers are to be specific and realistic the whole country has been gassed talk of Chipata Petauke and Nyimba as well we’re not safe.
      Worse more a life of an innocent pupil from Arthur Wina you didn’t want to mention it.
      Anyway I can’t blame you because you haven’t been gassed yet. Reason properly and gather real full information before people who are in grievances. Mr Kampyongo please you have disappointed me with that shallow statement as a Home affairs Minister very much saddened.

  2. likish

    sir have you methoned chingola,and the number you are giving out is not true especially north western, sir advise the police in charge to give you proper information coz people endup blamning you sir,meheba B school and meheba A boarding school you have not menthioned sir, thanks for giving us short information.

  3. Shokolokombangoshe

    Halt your evil plan iwe ka pushi iwe ka Kampyongo that Landcruiser in the night at HH’s place with 2 cops and 2 in civil what was it doing there. We are watching your moves. People know no matter what u want to plant or say no one will believe u. Ilyashi for city market and fake Zambian ngoma Award Mbuya crying. Halt your devilish plan ba pungwa imwe. Y is HH making u kulwala shiki it’s Zambians we are ready u just making him MORE MORE POPULAR AND DONT TRY AND DO A STUPID THING . We all
    Know that u are responsible for everything ba swine imwe

  4. Joe London

    Why are pipo concerned about HH,may be you know something that can implicate him,and why him out of all opposition leader.

  5. Joe London

    Mind you the pipo who have been arrested by the police are talking. Who knows maybe a lot of pipo have been mentioned, and why worry if you have not done anything. Cool it down.

    • Shokolokombagoshe

      They have mentioned Edgar and his minions period and chapter closed. U want to hear more go to your fellow useless IG stupid people

  6. Hatamba


  7. Kapolya

    I wonder why no one has appeared in court yet and why the master minder is not arrested yet? And why the police are hiding information on the tests details of the chemical used and no public address has been made for first aid? Looking at PF leadership records, when the police have no answers to a crime just know that someone in government is evolved. This is a stupid political game anyone can calculate.

  8. Nyambe Sitali

    Please sir, do all your best, you are our protector. we are proud of you sir

  9. Kopala

    I conquer with u kapolya,positive mind u hav.

  10. Charles Chilembo

    Mr Kapyongo sir just talk to all country bcoz even chama district now these ritual killers are found them so if u not underlin them some pipo now are very angry.policw now hv no power in our area but out some soldier’s.

  11. ZS


    • Boko

      This our leadership are very very stupid y there doing this in the country we are not even free to move and sleeping this is not they have to about God not the money

  12. Mafia basoke

    Comment U evil dowers what hav u dne to mother zambia o lord help us and remove fake leaders as all leadership cames 4rm u.mind u the rulling party we watching u

    • Me

      U also you are the 1who is doing this fuck up fuck your mother with your leadership very stupid and u

  13. Prince

    All Zambia, bwafya, liking something ba gvt

  14. Mr ZeD

    gassing z all over the cuntry, n 1 sad tin z.. politicians are taking it as joks not knowing that their cuntry men are angry. ba kapyongo u new this even b4 it got to this extent, n u were reluctant coz u new yo games, up2 date u still supporting the gassers by hiding the trueth… where are the men u’ve arested? what a u waiting for instady of totchering them? that they tell us who z bind this? why didn’t u entervane the matter just when it emanated? all yo games are plane ba pf n this won’t end like this… remember the incent blood has bn shade 4 no cause, n u a buzy saying bufi!, ok watch ba wishi..

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