Mob Kills Former PS On Suspicions Of Gassing.

Former Town Clerk, Mr. Timothy Haakuyu, has been murdered along with two of his colleagues in Gwembe by a mob who accused them of being part of the people behind the terror gassing attacks.

This happened at Munyumbwe, 32km from Gwembe.

Mr. Haakuyu also served as PS in the Ministry of Labour and Social Security under President Rupiah Banda.

His fate was shared on Facebook by his neighbour and ZRA employee, Nkweto Tembwe. Mr. Hakuyu used to live in the Civic Centre area.

This comes after President Edgar Lungu’s appeal to members of the public to stop taking the law in their own hands and allow law enforcers to take charge.

And in a related incident, Evelyn Hone College has had a gassing incident this afternoon.

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    God take care of this country we are entirely in you hands .We have to look up to the hills where our help comes from psalms 121:1-2

  2. G.N

    Can Chris Zumani say something on the gassing please?

  3. Nchimunya


    People, we can fast and pray even as individuals for this beautiful country. I am talking of those who believe in the almighty God.

  4. Chanda


    • Citizen


    • Banja

      You are foolish. This is your PF hoping idiots like you blame HH and hopefully stay in power. GBM says he knows who is behind it. Why doesn’t he tell the nation than allow innocent people being killed.

  5. BMC

    Let’s allow the invisible hand to take control of this country

    • Mumbwa

      Suspected UNDP used pepper sprays in 2016. Few were caught with imflemable substances at the height of fires. But for the poor judges they would have entered. So UPND is potential suspect! A security wing worthy it’s salts could start its investigations from here.

  6. www.dansama@gmail.com

    i doubt if thoz kiling thea felow frends ar true citizens of ths country,coz at no tym dd zambia pas thru hostile moments lyk ths.

  7. mulobezi

    i doubt if thoz kiling thea felow frends ar true citizens of ths country,coz at no tym dd zambia pas thru hostile moments lyk ths.

  8. Mr Bizzo

    Gassing has been a challenge to people of zambia but the government is doing nonthing i dont were zambia is going now

  9. Frank

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  10. Martin Musonda

    The Government must stop citizens to patrol during night and allow the security wings to patrol, innocent people will be killed and crimals will be hiding in the name of patrol, both party cadets for both ruling and opposition must stop patrolling

  11. Kk11

    yes guz lets unit and finish them when they cought.

    • Banja.

      Who are you to “finish them”. The country has laws and it’s only idiots like you who think you have the right to take the law into your hands. Stupid idiot.

  12. zedoc

    In addition to the above story, Lusaka Times reports that: “Former Local government Permanent Secretary Timothy Hakuyu has died. Mr Hakuyu died in the early hours today, Thursday 20th February 2020 after a mob intercepted him, searched his car and found him with offensive weapons. According to sources the former PS was stopped by the mob who insisted on searching his vehicle. It is alleged that during the search, Mr. Hakuyu who was in the company of two others was found with Axes, Syringes, and masks, which infuriated the mob to attack.”

  13. Jayz

    Chanda, you are really foolish and you think like a maggot.


    But I don’t understand this(One of the senior citizen Ba Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba said he knows the master minders of gassing schem,why is the police quiet,they would have summoned him so that this problem come an end,but nothing is happening!what will the people think? people are dying on a daily basis and yet ba GBM knows the one behind it!I remember the His Excellence President Edgar Chagwa Lungu promised a huge sums of money to anyone who can review/have the names of the gassing schem culprits!Come on,the issue bad,yet others are relaxing comfortably.😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    • Richard

      Iwe! that is not sum of huge money, that is little money.

  15. peter phiri

    The death of our former Ps of local Goverment, late Timothy hakuyu and 2 other colleage is a regretable experience which has come at a time when the nation is grappling with issues of gassing and ritual killings.The call to invite scotlandyard police to investigate the issues behind the veil of ritual killings and gassing by an opposition leader, is a presumptious and an undermining political undertone, meant to mask and sway away the peoples attention from the crux of the matter.It is crystal clear that people sponsoring terror are not non entities but disgruntled fellows leaving in the afternoon of their political career,with no regard to the value and dignity of human life.For instance Scotlandyard will not tell us why ritual killers are changing into cats.The emerging facts are quickly pointing to political sponsored terror aimed at saturating the political atmosphere with so much acrimony and cause a brake down of rule of law.We urge the police to act proffessional like you have done in the past.

  16. Kasonkama reuben

    No matter how much you feel be calm and let the law take its course unlike taking the law in our own hands. Any way rip

  17. Kasonkama reuben

    I suggest the government to empower the zns and zaf to arrest the situation wich is detrimentle b4 many lives are lost.

    • Richard

      if this bustards keep coming to our beautiful house’s, we will take law into our own very hand.

  18. me

    Chanda think. You think HH can have all that money to be sponsoring all those kids who are gassing? Ask yourself y CB police bosses are running away from commenting on this….this started on the CB remember???

  19. Kelly

    Mr GBM should speak like a big person ,if he knows the culprit why cant he speak out the name what is he fearing ?!!!!.

  20. Mea

    Please mr GBM if you love us speak what you are claiming what are you fearing?

  21. Chitalu Happy

    Ba GBM not fyakusabaila innocent people’re dying each$every day plz report the culprite.

  22. Mercy chiwaala

    Don’t point a finger at innocent pipo,God will expose pipo behind this

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