UPND Asks To Meet President Lungu!

The opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) says it has accepted to meet President Edgar Lungu.

The UPND’s statement follows a Ministerial Statement in Parliament yesterday in which Home Affairs Minister, Mr. Steven Kampyongo announced that President Lungu was willing to meet UPND president Hakainde Hichilema over violence and other pressing problems in the country.

“…the UPND wishes to inform the government and the people of Zambia that the party and president Hichilema are ready and willing to meet President Lungu over matters of national interest. A lot of lives have been lost, property destroyed and people are living in fear and desperation. There is an urgent need to put an end to these problems,” UPND Spokesperson Charles Kakoma stated.

“As UPND, we have always believed that many of the problems the country is going through can be resolved through dialogue.”

He has since appealed to Mr. Kampyongo to facilitate for the meeting.

“We therefore wish to implore Hon. Kampyongo to quickly facilitate the proposed meeting between President Lungu and president Hichilema,” Mr. Kakoma said.

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  1. Charles

    I’ve praying for such a time and may it come to fruition for sake of Mother Zambia and her people.
    Way to go your Excellence President Dr. E.C Lungu

  2. Charles

    I’ve been praying for such a time and may it come to fruition for the sake of Mother Zambia and her people.
    Way to go your Excellence Dr. E.C Lungu

  3. John Chinena

    Viva dialogue, vivah!!!

  4. jesica

    May God bless mother Zambia


    make it then

  6. Amai

    What does this mean in relation to the current heinous happenings in our country.

    • joseph chipanza2e

      Comment Indeed what does it mean to the current situation in zambia? Does it mean if the President meets HH this problem or these problems the country is facing will disappear? I smeel a fish here

      • Monk

        # Joseph, while you smell a fish, I smell a rat. How is the meeting between the two going to end terror attack? If surely ends after the meeting then ………………..

      • Meeky

        How is that meeting going to end the current situation in Zambia?….I suspect something between the two.

      • Charles Kalombo

        My brother, it’s that same fish you smell which should be fried.

    • They Know each other

      They know each other

  7. unlettered

    GOD can not be misled.”You will reap what you sow.”

  8. Angoni

    If Terror Attacks Can Be Stopped Through Dialogue, Then We Know This Is Political.

    “Following a Ministerial Statement in Parliament yesterday by Home Affairs Minister Steven Kampyongo in which he announced that President Edgar LUNGU was willing to meet UPND President Hakainde Hichilema over violence and other pressing problems in the country, the UPND wishes to inform the government and the people of Zambia that the party and President Hichilema are ready and willing to meet President Lungu over matters of national interest,” read in part, a communique by the UPND.

    But what is of great interest to me Bwana Editor, and I pray that you share this letter on your Facebook page, is that the UPND has acknowledged that, “A lot of lives have been lost, property destroyed and people are living in fear and desperation,” and that, “there is urgent need to put an end to these problems.”

    According to the UPND, through Charles Kakoma, its spokesperson, many of these issues do not require law enforcement agencies but a political dialogue to bring these problems to an end.

    “As UPND, we have always believed that many of the problems the country is going through can be resolved through dialogue. We therefore wish to implore Hon. Kampyongo to quickly facilitate the proposed meeting between President Lungu and President Hichilema,” stated the communique.

    It is very clear from this briefing that these terror attacks are politically motivated and the dialogue the UPND is proposing should be viewed as negotiating with perpetrators of terror attacks. Government, in my opinion, must bring perpetrators of these horrific attacks to book. We can only have one government at a time.

    Concerned Citizen, Avondale, Lusaka.

    • Chamu

      You do note that UPND are responding to an OFFER made by the PF Minister right? The heading of this article and your post seem to imply UPND are the initiators. That is incorrect. Infact, in most civilised countries, the President periodically meets with main opposition leaders to get their take on issues of national importance. Yes it is only one government at a time but it doesn’t mean that government can’t give an ear to the opposition over national matters. i would go so far as suggesting that such a meeting would benefit PF more. This gassing thing and the non serious way they have gone about addressing it has and continues to expose serious lack of leadership and competence in our high offices and our Police Service. I feel such a meeting would deprive the UPND a chance to just sit and watch the PF government expose their incompetence. But if it is going to happen in good faith then it is a good start. We all need to hold hands over matters of national importance.

  9. Frank Chombela

    Needless meeting. The UPND will not say anything new that the govt has not heard already. Can the UPND teach the police how to go about their work?

  10. Jah rules

    HEADLINE,,,””UPND ASKS TO MEET LUNGU”the first paragraph,,the opposition United party for National Development says it has accepted to meet lungu,,so asked who???

  11. Jah rules

    Who asked to meet who here??

  12. Curtis

    How I wish this dialogue came way back when there were calls to dialogue, but it seems the parties involved could not come to terms. We usually say on this forum that the earlier the better, nevertheless, we only wish all the best out of this dialogue.May the almighty be with us in this critical moment.

    • Martin

      that one it won’t work after thousands of people have Lost their lives Edgar stay away from HH

  13. Joe London

    Why do you think this meeting gona stop the happenings in the country, if so then pipo will conclude that one group is responsible for these happenings.

  14. Sparta

    i bet this agony

  15. Joe London

    Stop these unnecessary meeting, Let the police and other investigating wings conclude their findings. it appears one is afraid of the results that may point at him.We have heard one party has already started accusing itself,you can imaging out of the so many political parties. Stop IIT.

  16. Spiderman


  17. Joe London

    Why does the UPND this time don’t want the church, ba Edgar don’t meet them.The damage has already been done and what has changed and the pipo are watching the tricks.

  18. No fear

    Nosense.Headline is different from introduction.

  19. No fear

    Nosense.Headline is different from introduction because we don’t see Who asked to meet someone.

  20. Kopala

    Kkkkkkkkkkk we already know u are the one big man y u police can’t bring this culprit to book, u jx have to kill this mother f*ka how dare is he doing shit in our country is not even a president nd he will never be heartless creature

    • Tembojohn 24@yahoo.com

      True my guy. I’ve never seen anything good in this person. If am wrong, I pray that God shud forge me.

  21. Grac

    I Think Calling All Party Leaders Will Be Better Coz Every Leader Has Something To Say Over This Situation.

  22. kenny

    you can’t be a leader without the commoners or the followers.whom are you going to rule if all of us will be killed? we didn’t eat your money why you are troubling us in this way.kwamene bezokulila batate bathu kwezelibe navasoo!!.but either like it or not you will die the bible says

  23. Mr time

    God is God who doesn’t sleep, innocent souls are suffering wait time is coming

  24. Elliot michelo sesheke

    This is a very great and honourable decision

  25. Professor

    When things happen to be like this, what I know is that the president have a voice of command. Tell the soldiers and the police not to sleep in their houses. They should now work as if they’re at war to protect the lives of the people.Those meetings will do nothing.

  26. Nicholas Bob

    Kkkkkkkk ooooh this is worsting of time, dialogue over what?

  27. Musi

    Who initiated this meeting and why only 2 political parties to meet? There’s really something these 2 know concerning the insecurity the country is currently facing. We hope something tangible will come out of the meeting.

  28. The Cats Family

    So XX is part and parcel of this shit which is happening in our country. From my little understanding, either of the parties mentioned above, one is the master mind of the gassing and ritual killings. If after dialogue the gassing ends, then those who understands very well will conclude that XX was behind the gassing. Then, let God not allow him to sit where he very madly and badly wants to sit. He is no suitable to be a tnediserp.

  29. Kalukuluku

    So… It’s in the power of lungu and Hichilema,n not the police I guess!!!!!

  30. nmmm

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa I’m tired of giving advice daily……. Awe I must just live Zambia,,,,,,, ,
    Aaaa panyo pamu pela

  31. Isaec Zulu

    Indeed what does this mean.?? according to the challenges we are facing in Zambia😖😖😖are you telling me that when the two leaders meets and the issue will be solved💪💪💪

  32. Mwelwa Semo

    This country Nichani

  33. Shokolokombagoshe

    Zambia reports no wonder we know the tricks.
    Edgar stop the rot with your fellow pathetic failures.
    LAND CRUISER WITH POLICE IN Uniforms and 2 in civil clothes were hovering around HH’ s place trying to plant things. Stop it u fools. Don’t think all your people are happy trying to frame an Innocent soul. Leave HH out of this. U are behind the gassing through Ci Kaizer and his minions. Just accept that your evil thing has backfired stop planting things in innocent peoples yards. U have just lost it.
    We are alert and we are on the ground. What was that land cruiser doing that sped off .
    Y is Edgar quiet ?? A president people are being gassed and killed and ka li Zee he knows the plan. It won’t work just withdraw your evil plans. Where is the useless Religious minister to say something why is she quiet? Reason is she knows that it’s PF doing this . She calls herself Reverend my foot.
    Where are the soldiers u used when there was cholera outbreak? Leave HH out of this and just ACCEPT THAT YOUR EVIL PLAN HAS BACKFIRED. U have just lost popularity Zambians won’t buy into this. U think u shall be in power forever. Lesa tabepwa u are paying for your evil acts.
    TELL THOSE BASTARDS OF POLICE MEN U SENT JUST NOW TO HH to repent. We know all your tricks people are watching. Innocent people are being gassed and killed all in the name of remaining in power. Just one man is giving U sleepless nights. Zambians are jacked up now. Just repent and let people decide who they want. Tell ci Fat Albert if wants relevance let him be truthful not riding on fake insinuations. U are now even making it worse your diminished popularity your behaviour. We know the gassing was a way of thinking people will uprise against the opposition thru the use of Ci ugly KZ and the brother. Just stop it now.

  34. Shokolokombagoshe

    Ba Ester thinking Zambians will buy to your orchestrated fake tears together with your sly evil hubby u even go live to hoodwink people KUSEBANA STOP THE ROT YOU FOOLS.
    We were told from your inner circle that U want to plant something on opposition members and send fake police to search innocent souls and frame them.
    Amano nayamipwa ba kankuni mwe coz u know that 2021 people are ready to teach u a lesson and will revolt.
    Lesa alasebanya just leave when people still clapping.
    ZP full of cadre
    Zambia Army at your disposal and meno meno a lawyer for that matter failing to address the nation and just want to fix one person. Ine ndi mu Bemba nkonko and don’t support ubusushi ubupuba bwa tribalism atase ukokwine not kuli ifwe. We need a man who will make Zambia proud like Levy we are all one be it Tonga, Namwanga, Lozi, nor chewa we are one . So lekeni and mulekeni HH unwine mwe mbutuma shabantu imwe ba kankuni imwe.
    Let me warn u stop your tricks let people continue their freedom. You aren’t special. Iwe Ka Edgar u were so busy attacking South Africans about Xenophobia but it’s happening in Zambia mwaikala naba Zambian Ngoma Award Aka Ester ati go and cry to make it look real and it backfired coz people know ba swine imwe ba Shinka manyela. It’s HH 2021.
    Were u right now can say HALT the PLAN. U are being used iwe Ka Edgar u will be rotting in jail alone all these fools surrounding u will turn against u and will turn into state witnesses. Mark my words. Milking u to maim fellow Zambians. U are the murderer if u don’t know coz u can’t act. If FAT Albert can twice be Judas iscariot what more when u lose elections open your eyes. Stop this nonsense and leave HH alone. The hate u have towards HH hope bonse u tribalists in PF u God punishes u harshly. Innocent people dying sucks

  35. Sir Joe

    lne faint, is HH going to show kampyongo how to protect us poor Zambian or how to take ritual suspect to court until they are proven guilty the answer is big NO… even me l have started to smell fish here. pf u have failed us Zambian cause l can smell the current situation is polical ma rubbish


    Those of you who are asking what it means, especially if the violence comes to an end after the meeting…I think you lack understanding. This is Politics and Diplomacy at play!!! you think that if the meeting was to occur today they would talk about gassing? or electoral malpractice? or chilubi violence? you think each one of them would be begging the other to stop what they are orchestrating?
    unfortunately, that is what they want you to think, and you are right where they want you to be!! Get this, in a closed door meeting, they would just have a cup of tea/coffee together and laugh! In a public meeting, with media available, they would talk about national issues and the need to unit the country together, without referring to gassing or any violent incident. Remember Sata and Mwanawasa? Did any one of them blame the other for violence? or the economy and corruption? or the POA and its application?
    We are lagging behind because as our colleagues are learning and evolving everyday, we are busy insulting each other on facebook, politiking and playing blame game! this goes to top leadership as well, they spend so much time blaming and defending themselves regarding the current happenings in the country. Dialogue is important!! for the greater good, not for PF alone or UPND alone, but for all Zambians and those living in Zambia.

  37. Chendabusiku

    This is another exercise in futility, let the working president continue sorting out the challanges of this country together with the willing Zambians. The so called meeting only benefits HH as he will be seen to be important in solving a problem which he cant really solve because he is the catalyst to the problem.
    If at all any meeting is to be arranged all opposition parties MUST be in attendance not only Hichilema. Epo mpelele.



  39. Allan j Phiri

    Stop your meetings pipo are dying like chickens…we want to the one who is responsible for this so that we do our actions also

  40. Allan j Phiri

    Stop your meetings pipo are dying like chickens…we want to know the one who is responsible for this so that we do our actions also

  41. Dewee

    Let them what will benefit pipo

  42. Lennox

    We want peace in the country and not just meetings.

  43. Samba chama

    God is always with us all will be fine leaders will meet and talk therefore way forward for the seek of tomorrow Zambia is a peaceful nation thence those that know it takes a prayer and a good Christian to do this . thanks.

  44. George

    Let’s put Zambia 🇿🇲 in the hands of God

  45. Analyticus

    That’s the way to go.
    But the writers have put it as if Hichema who has asked President Lungu for dialogue.
    What’s that exclamation for? Educate me on this one please.

  46. Oho ponta

    The police are behind the happenings in the country, y z it that when we want to burn the couplet the cruiser a lives also.
    Wala their are together government z one bachikala fake you here u killed an innocent person instead of killing the couplet…

  47. Sata

    I didnt believe it was political but which side is it the UPND or PF???

  48. Gm

    There is no need to meet him just put this drama to understand end……

  49. samson lisomona

    thanks lord alumbwe wamakam

  50. Bunda Makope

    Yes finally😊

  51. lemmy hooks

    PF is behind all tribulations we are facing in Zambia.

  52. Leon

    What is first after gasers have been caught is it investigations or taking them to court

  53. Big B

    This is the only way, intresting.

  54. Temple

    Comment: out of all opposition parties, upnd is invited. What does that mean? After a political fight in chilubi. Its true ba lungu mwebantu wants to confess something. LET THEM MEET, BUT INCLUSIVE OF OTHERS. Bkos if pf was realy clean out of this, it was going to be christmas for pf, to arrest HH. NOMBA FYABAPENENA. N WAY ULOMBA ALAPEELWA. WHEN YR ENEMY,BLABLABLA..FEED HIM, THE BIBLE SAYS.

  55. Tembo jr

    I’m pretty sure that the meeting between two Leaders was to discuss various issues on how will they protect citizens from being gassed.
    Perhaps they would also tarcle on how they could have provide security wings and how they could investigate this issue of ritual killing and make sure that all those found wanting have to be brought to book.

    Just my thoughts guys.Always remember not to sleep during the night,protect yourselves by guarding your surrounding the whole night😂😂😂😂

  56. Abih

    Thats powerful

  57. paul chola

    That’s true ,two big minds is better than one

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