Gassing Suspect Committed To The High Court

The Chingola Magistrate Court has committed to the High Court a 37 year old man who was allegedly found with some chemicals suspected to be used on the gassing of homes.

This is in a matter Evans Mulenga is charged with the offence of being in possession of articles for terrorism contrary to the Laws of Zambia.

When the matter came up before Chingola Resident Magistrate Peggy Banda, Mulenga was charged on two counts of being in possession of articles for terrorism and chemicals without lawful authority contrary to the laws of Zambia.

Particulars of the offence are that on 15th January, 2020, Mulenga while acting with other persons unknown had in possession of two bottles containing a combination of chemicals suspected to be used in gassing of homes.

When the matter came up, Magistrate Banda indicated that the charges are only triable in the High Court.

Magistrate Banda has since adjourned the matter to 6th March, 2020 for mention and waiting for instructions from the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

The suspect is still in police custody.

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  1. GBM

    Hung him, his the one

    • Edgar Chagwa Lungu

      Iwe GBM you’ve no sense why did you leave UPND, uzamuziba yes this year hh is wining elections because i’ve failed to rule the nation.

  2. Zax

    make sure you persecution

  3. peter phiri

    The commital of the terror suspect to the High court has not happened by surprise to many of us.Terror suspects world wide faces the same fate, if they are caught. whether boko haram in nigeria,isis in syria or al shabab in somalia they are all instruments of terror and enemies of peace.Crime in any form does not pay.We Urge our youths not to fall prey to politicians with bloody money, who are hell bent to entice them to join some orgarnisations in secrecy.A genuine recruitment drive is done openly through a public media in accordance with laid down rules not in caves God forbid.Any form of recruitment has contractual obligations to both parties.The blood of innocent victims of terror, will continue haunt all terrorist until justice is duly served, they did not perish in vain.

  4. Frank Chombela

    I fear that this prosecution will be bungled. Watch this space.



  6. Chokani Andrew

    Late the law work

  7. kasi

    pliz dnt wait 4 to long 2 judge him else,he might cum out afra.

  8. Navutika compound- chipata (GX)

    Mmmmm police man is a big lier. so, plz give us ths suspected person timulangize that others it can take an example!……
    Edgah lungu our presedent, why he can’t even 3 second to interview people in zambia about what is happening?………………
    becouse of this, edgah lungu is againest of this people who have ritual chamicals and ni wamene acitisa.

  9. (Gx)


  10. Kaonga bhuti

    Yes, we should let the law to work

  11. Kaonga bhuti

    He has to face the consequences

  12. Sparta

    jxt kill him or else he will turn into a cat…call me if u ar afraid of killing the bagger( 0974539746)

  13. predator

    now they wil say the chemical was for hospital coz this pf member was a driver at hospital also a IPS

  14. Makope

    😐sentence him in prison till death we have had enough of this drama

  15. lundazi

    burn him

  16. Hendrix

    I think they just have to do what is right according to the law….!!!!

  17. Bongo chidiga

    Fake government how can you be corrupted kill him forget why pf

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