Eight Women Arrested In Ndola

Police in Ndola have arrested eight people all females for allegedly proposing violence on 21st February, 2020 in Masala Township.

Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo said the incident happened when two Health Councillors for USAID Discover Health were on duty in Masala area where they followed their client who had stopped taking HIV drugs.

Ms. Katongo said the two saw a group of people which started accusing them to be behind chemical spraying in the area and their client was also among them and in support of the mob.

She said the two health councillors were harassed and some shouted that they be killed.

“Police were informed and rushed to the scene and found the two Health Councillors at Masala clinic surrounded by a mob of women,” Ms. Katongo added.

She said Police managed to rescue the victims and  apprehended the suspects who have been identified as Miriam Bwembya, 32, Doreen Lumbeta, 23, Miriam Kasongo, 23, Virginia Chilufya, 29, Christine Soko, 60, Martha Chenda, 25,  Emelda Chilufya, 30 and Alice Mbasela, 21, all of Masala township in Ndola.

Ms. Katongo said the suspects have been charged with Proposing Violence and will appear in court on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Defence Officers on Patrol in Ndola have arrested two male persons in Chipulukusu area along Minsundu road who were found with suspected chemical substances.

Ms. Katongo said the suspects claimed the chemical was left by a passenger sometime back.

She said the two have been detained in police custody and investigations have been instituted.

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  1. Chipata dweller

    This is all because of tooth tooth, what a useless fool

  2. Kapesha nevers

    We are now living is a state where everyone is a suspect.

  3. Mwelwa

    So sad. The nation needs to be brought to law and order. These councillors were lucky to escape death. Others in similar circumstance may not be. Please the state should calm down people. Arresting individuals threatening violence is good but let us end misinformation that cause our people to take unlawful action. There is a vacuum of information and citizens are not sure who to trust and this is sad!

  4. Allan kasiyano

    wer z patriotism n loyalt in our mother zambia?

  5. Jj

    Why not use contact phone # to communicate with those on ART. She didn’t want to be exposed that atopinga, that is why she was on the side of the mob. Halfbaked counsellors bleached the code of ethics.

  6. zax

    even a 60year, woman what a shame on you. what we you teach that one with 21years

  7. 2020

    i cant understand why men and women in uniform have failed to work extra hard and end this issue of gassing, the problem is that big fish are involved this country has got alot of security wings there just doing nothing this is war come on start workin

  8. Kennedy Kalonga

    How are we to manage health workers and the NHC to deliver healthy services to under 5 UCI because we carry vacci boxes

  9. Matanda Grants

    The biggest problem is with the gervenmnt

  10. gift hamweene kauta

    Ba namayo😂

  11. I think everyone is a suspect


  12. Kenny

    These people were luck it could have been something else. Thanks to law enforcement officers who came on time. But can public be sensitised on such issues as people too alert and leaving fear.

  13. Amai

    Thank you police for quick action. If I ever find myself in such a situation, I would want you to act in same manner. The counselors did nothing wrong. ART must not be compromised. Ignorance must not win in our country.

  14. Ng'ambi Misheck

    Please government help people of muyombe and nthendele from gasing of houses

  15. Joseph Mulenga

    Polices where you in Zambia to let people killed each others like animals please workup

  16. Mwaba Matole Jr

    Police have arrested suspects….tell us something we don’t know

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