Mpezeni Won’t Change His Mind On Bare Breasts At The N’cwala Ceremony

PARAMOUNT Chief Mpezeni of the Ngoni people says exposing of bare breasts by women at the N’cwala ceremony remain banned.

Answering a question from journalists during a Press Briefing at his palace over the issue of exposing bare breasts which was banned last year, Mpezeni said his stance still stands.

“We should not go deep into certain things, that’s why in the past there was wife inheritance, for example if I die my elder brother would inherit my wife to keep my children but now those things are not there,” he said.

Paramount Chief Mpezeni said even the Ngonis should move with the current times.

“Why can’t I change, you want to continue seeing your mothers breasts, you saw it when you where being breast fed now you still want to see it?” he asked.

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  1. Nkandu Joseph Mwila

    I support de decision bcoz,such ceremonies nabapongoshi balabako.

  2. Daves

    A woman is highly respected expossing bare breasts of our mothers it’s an abomination please! Palamount mpezen don’t tol


    I like our traditional and May the Lord bless our paramount.

  4. Kapesha nevers

    I love the ceremony…. And I highly appreciate hid loyal highness for his best cultural leadership

  5. Dove

    Yes very wise dicision.

  6. Fungwe

    Now this Mpenzeni, i think he should just uplift it. If you follow the history carefully. You will discover that people never used to dress up, back in the day. It was all nudity absolutely. What abomination can the breasts cause that was not caused by the nudity back in the day?

  7. Sparta

    a tradition is a tradition dont make our culture be eroded by the western culture…lets preseve our culture & stick to whatever it states!!!

    • Mwaba matole

      Some traditions were fit for that time we are not saying to do away with all our traditions, only those that are unfit would you be comfortable having people see your mother’s bare breasts Sparta?

  8. ubwamba na bukula

    Is that breast of a woman or a dog

  9. ubwamba na bukula

    The one with fake breast is he or she

  10. ubwamba na bukula

    Iwe chikala ulebika amabele yabufi but ninshi ulichaume uyo chikala na ena nakolwa alemona ati ulimwanakashi teti amonefye inkanda yapalufumo kwati ni kamalasha nangu grave digger

  11. smart

    iliko bad

  12. Mulambia moton in solwezi municipal council

    Great move ok

  13. Angoni

    Yebo baba, yebo Nhosi

  14. Fredrick sikanyika

    The world is near to end

    • Yakumbuyo Banda

      Anyway they are exposing tuma tropical. I don’t think they can do that naya ntutu.

  15. Sir chile

    Let it continue it’s traditional you found it it was they before you sir

  16. Abih

    Thats a good decision chief Mpezeni that is a respective and good morals for our culture

  17. Jackson Miti

    These people are not ngonese this people are bembas they are doing chimbuya so don’t mind them

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