OPINION: Mr. Hichilema Must Not Downplay Terrorism, He Must, Instead, Provide Leadership As A Govt In Waiting

The leader of the biggest opposition political party in Zambia, Mr. Hakainde Hichilema, unlike other opposition political leaders, does not suggest alternative solutions whenever the country is faced with challenges and in rare cases when he does, it’s often vague and unverifiable.

When the nation was discussing the high cost of mealie meal, the opposition leader told farmers in Eastern Province that he would increase the maize floor price to K150 per 50kg bag because farming is their source of livelihood. When mobbed by his followers over the mealie meal price crisis, later in Chongwe, he told the nation through his hired TV station that he would bring down the price of a 25kg mealie meal to K50.

What he failed to explain to the nation was the economic formula that his government would use to bring down the cost of mealie meal to K50 while at the same time handsomely selling maize at K150 per 50kg bag. It’s clear that his pronouncements are not workable, if anything, they don’t have to be, they should just win him votes.

In his politics, the moral purpose of what is the good of all is non-existent. It’s like the necessity to preserve the interests and security of the state no longer takes precedence over all other considerations. And this is a very disturbing but real occurrence that has driven us into neck high waters without any sign of a rescue crew.

It’s neither force and violence nor cruelty and deceit that we must be worried about because these can be justified as a lesser evil when they are used according to the good consequences that promote the general good of the nation. It’s the behaviours we are witnessing in politics of hatred and utmost disregard for what could be the very fabric of our moral fibre that ought to concern us.

“We have a domestic terrorism problem but we must also address; high unemployment, a fiscal crisis, an economic recession, a hunger situation, the Coronavirus threat and a rising crime rate. Our faith and prayer must be accompanied by conscientious and pragmatic leadership,” Mr. Hichilema posted on his Facebook page while Lusaka was putting to rest the former Town Clerk at Memorial Park who was killed by an instant mob justice as a result of domestic terrorism.

Does Mr. Hichilema know that over 50 innocent lives have been lost as a result of this” simple domestic terrorism”? Could it be that he is insensitive to the 50 lives because he needs way more than 50 votes to wrestle power from President Edgar Lungu?

Leadership is about putting oneself in the place of those one is providing leadership to and offering both short term and long term solutions. It’s about, even in the midst of one’s failure to provide immediate reprieve, being able to give direction. Zambians want the opposition to behave as a government in waiting.

On Thusday, May the 20th of 2010, the late Michael Chilufya Sata, then in opposition, was availed with an opportunity to cripple the Zambian economy when he visited the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) head office after word went round that ZRA workers were on strike.

Upon seeing Sata, around 11:00hrs, the workers abandoned whatever they were doing and gathered around him. It was, indeed, an opportune time to cripple government but, instead, Sata pleaded with them reminding them that it was not President Rupiah Banda and his Cabinet they were punishing but themselves and the rest of the country that depended on their daily collections.

Being in opposition does not mean fanning chaos but working as a government in waiting. It is, therefore, immature on the part of the leader of the biggest opposition political party in the country, Mr. Hakainde Hichilema, to assume that one can only form government if the current government fails.

Today, the late Sata would have been addressing the enemy warning him of dire consequences for causing Zambians to be seen to be doing the unthinkable acts of taking lives of innocent victims.

When one innocent Zambian is attacked, every Zambian must feel attacked irrespective of one’s political affiliation. This, again, is another reason we must seriously pay attention to the calls for an alternative governance system that must create a Zambia with a people sharing a common development agenda.

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  1. Meema

    You are joker, the day you will try to be objective will be the beginning of solving the challenges we face.

  2. Leon

    HH is really a solution to all Zambian problems if he should be perceived to sort out our national problems when we have an able President

    • Gigs

      Leon HH is not a solution on Zambian soil land this man has done note harm in Zambia. He has made more Zambian miners suffered in the sale of mines during the sale of zccm instead of investing miner money made people s money to go to trust where it makes no interest. Secondly he proposed to bring his satunia Regina he is making a lot of money on miners contributions. But when one retires his so called satunia regina is failing to pay a pension contribution. Then how could some with five senses thing that HH is or could be a better president Zambians please open your eyes HH is not a presidential material. Believe me not Zambians will be more poor and poorer that you will understand his stupid economics miners are going through when he was at the forefront with late mwanawasa sailing nchanga to kcm open your eyes Zambians you are following upnd like a blindman leading the way. I could see very shortly you are falling into a ditch a head of you if you make a mistake to give home a vote with the influence of see i

    • BHP


  3. kedrick siame

    That’s what we call politics there’s no case over that remember the slogan more money in your pockets where’s money. He can promise people that he will reduce the price of akabunga and maize price k150/ 50kg is there any problem don’t blame him.

  4. Brics

    Political whistle blowers, you never suggest solutions yourself but denting one’s image for your master’s gain is what you can best.

  5. lundazi

    boma ni boma

  6. Angoni

    To expect anything different from HH is like expecting water from a stone. HH cannot change, just do not vote for him if you don’t like his behavior policies of lies. He has no interest in the lives of the people apart from himself. whether Zambians die or not he doesn’t care.

  7. Mostjaychaambwa

    HH nakwenakwe weather mukambe or nt bt ise ni 👋👋👋👋 kwasila tah

  8. Mwana wa kunda

    Mmmm pa zed aweee

  9. Kapesha nevers

    I can not decide

    • Daniel Banda

      People need to understand the principles of Satanism of which such coldbloodness is one. If a person is bondend to a Satanic God father they cannot obey a heavenly God without being killed. Another notable feature in their realm is that idolatry is that they are able to influence their followers literally from very little or nothing at all in terms of community management skills experience. Usually their spooked followers have a tendency to matyredom or suicidal violent behaviour like we have seen byelections in recent times. They are difficult to convince to alter their positions. The only one who can help to save us from this vindictive attitude is their Godfather by elimination or when our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ comes back to judge them and throw them in Hell.

  10. Mr prof

    We are happy with you Mr HH we are waiting for you no matter how people opposed by people without vission

  11. adam eve

    Whenever we listen to news its all about politics. you have to lie to get votes is it. If you 50 kg of maize at k150 and grind roller meal and sale 25kg at K50 multiply by 2 you get K100. WHERE will the other K50 come from for continuity of maize production. how much will fertilizer sale.
    Under UNIP, my grandfather received free fertilizers and even today we expect free things. Let us change the way we think and act. otherwise we shall be changing governments and not changing our welfare.

  12. Babayaro

    Angoni,which care do you want from HH? And who should care about us Zambians at the moment,is it not ECL? Look,he has ignored us completely that is the reason why we are dying like flies!!!

  13. HH

    Keep on supporting

    • Zakeo

      Stupid, unschooled fools! Instead of reading into and scrutinising party manifestos and holding the politicians to account you foolishly trumpet HH or ECL. I read somewhere that ecl had no dream for Zambia. Really? Sata had a dream and it died with him! There’s more to politics than singing songs of praise for party leaders. Wankers!!

  14. Chansa chansa

    Mwilabepa abantu, hh tapakabe efyo akachita,

  15. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    Ba Zambia Reports, when writing articles for Mr. HH you have to use the words such as “should” or “can” or “may” not “must” because he is not the Republican President. The word”must” can be used for President Edgar Lungu because he is the one who is in charge of Government. Mind you, Zambia Reports, HH is a Prominent Businessman in Zambia and he can manage control the Zambian economy. The problem with you Zambia Reports is that you are always negative whenever you are writing articles about HH. Thanks!

  16. Sparta

    Painting a bad image to someone who is not a republican president …God bless u mother fuckers

  17. Ba Gaza

    Zambia forward nt machule Ba pf both their bridges n road r already damage the bridges sleep away wen the rain is raining n the roads n getting damaged less than a year then u fools who r supporting pf u still want to vote for them think abt it

    • Brian

      What govt in waiting? For how long are they going to wait? If anything, the bad happening in the country is as a result of their over stay in the opposition.

  18. SD


  19. Rocky

    I like this sentiment and I cort ” It was, indeed, an opportune time to cripple government but, instead, Sata pleaded with them reminding them that it was not President Rupiah Banda and his Cabinet they were punishing but themselves and the rest of the country that depended on their daily collections.” It will take years and years in Zambia to have an opposition leader like the late Sata who really performed his duty as an opposition leader for checks and balances. The late Mwanawasa confessed to Sata by telling him frankly speaking that ” you man you really made my job difficult… you also helped me to switch on my job”.

    Our opposition leaders are just waiting our president to fail so that they take advantage…

  20. No fear

    You reporters,you are the one bring confusion in our country.Can these rubbish informations build Zambia.Please, try to choose what to report.We want to hear the developmental informations not these, these are for campaigning period.

  21. There's no way lungu can get advice from any of these oppositionawaa used to listen to what the opposition was saying and later meet his cabinattee

    There’s no way Edgar lungu can get advice from any of the opposition party Mwanawasa used to listen to what the opposition party were saying and meet his carbinattee he chooses some valid point and then implement them but lungu has on his way of understanding the opposition I can remember what ftj chiluba said during his term in office akakapuna tekakusumanapofye awe kwikalisha no wonder he also wanted third term coming back to lungu him started destroying the power of the police,army remember the changes in police officers ,changes in army officers the motive behind this was to ensure police not to-do their job

  22. man united

    What is subsidy?

  23. Ba Zambia

    I Am A Proud UPND Supporter.

  24. ba people

    chris piri and ba pf u are just useles tell us what was the purpose of those powers pf got from seer1? seer1 warned u wil c what wil happen after 20 days what are we seeing gassing and ritual killings pf just go c what you hav brought on mother zambia u forced yourselfs in 2016 c nw useles

    • Respected

      Stop confusion zambians ba people. Pf forever 😃😃😃😃

  25. Joe London

    Who told you that HH is the solution to Zambia’s problems? Why are cheating yourself? With the inexperience he has,he can’t do a thing.Icikwanka bacimwena kumampalanya.like we hear from his farm labourers.

  26. Kay Lee

    Its stupid imwe ba Zambia Report to think that HH must do somethng about this.Do we pay tax to HH or ECL? Its not his duty to do anything for now apart from watching those who want to frame him.Just before the onset of the rainseason HH warned the govt of the hunger crisis pending and what did Pf said? Imwe ba kawalala answer me.They told him that he was not in the right position to tell the nation that we have a famine infact they told him that he was causing unnecessary alarm in the country and there was no hunger. when this came to pass he started giving out mealie meal relief they blocked him saying dont come to our constituence the Pf honorables saying its campaign strategy WOW! One oppposition Mp visited a certain clinic to help with stuff and money but it was recieved upon Pf directives.So leave HH alone he is doing what he can do and HH is not the Government Now.Tell Chagwa to End our Misery not HH.2021 will be the right time when he becomes President.May the God of Abraham protect Hakainde .

  27. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle masters

    In my life i deslike pr fools

    • Mapesho

      You may dislike them but the truth is that they are in power and chances are high that they will be in power beyond 2021. By elections held so far points to that.CHIKUBABE!

      • Coobwani

        With this seer 1,gassing and ritual killing issues ba mdala? Mmmmmmmm kaya

  28. Ice mo j

    Remember that we are in revelation dàys only if we can work together, because I can not see the reason of blaming president. And why is it that them they are not bringing in the solutions to what is happening but busy talking that he has failed, ( God is able) and He is watching over you….

  29. Dj lowe

    Revelation days but why gassing own citizens. It is pf’s abnormal appetite to continue staying in power. The damage to the economy has made pf guilty and are afraid of relinguishing power, so the reason for all the dirty schemes we are seeing in day light. Solution is, pf should stop it accept competition and respect ivs citizens.

  30. Chamu

    You fail to demand that Lungu who is the current president, paid by tax payers and is the commander in chief personally address the nation on these matters and yet you want to hold HH accountable for not voicing out more!!! Have you no shame with your double standards?!!! If HH speaks more – you say he should not politicise everything – if he is restrained you say he should speak out more? Your personal hatred and pettiness is clear for all to see!! Have some shame!! I sympathise with your bosses – they are finding it hard to come out of this one heh? Kashe – mukaliye!!

  31. PWII

    Congratulations writer, you meet the minimum to be called a Zambian, a country of fo.olish and s.tupid citizenry

  32. mushala

    Whether like it or nyoti HH in plot 1.

  33. Joseph

    It hh 2021 we don’t care about pf

  34. Njoshi

    Give credit to HH. He is just no match. Hate him or like him. That’s what we call presidential material.

    He is the elephant in the PF room. They know they have Hugh quality challenger. They don’t sleep. So they concoct all the lies under the sun toward him. But who can say No when God says yes?
    They tried Satanism, seer 1 their spiritual father exposed them to be the ones.

    They try terrorism, their Nigerian prophet Isaac Amaata says the mastermind is connected to state House. What else can you do? Just surrender. Give up. God is fighting for HH. Zambia is a christian nation. Don’t fight God.

  35. Angry One

    Don’t Vote anyone People of Zambia Kano uyo Ulelala ubushiku Who does not fill pain about this retual Killers attacker. Ulelala no mu sprayer euka Voter. They kill people like broilers chicken, Tule voter voter fye abantu balepwa, we must better no president in 2021, because we don’t know who formed this spraying attackers in Zambia its fist time in the world imagine.

  36. Brizy

    Mmmmmmmmmmm is happening here

  37. Prosper mudenda

    I know this man and his bitterness coz I once worked at his farm!! He has got no heart for people!!! Even if you say that every Tonga is for HH it’s a lie those that are supporting him dearly are the ones benefiting from him and it’s true he is a triblist he’s the one making people to hate us know him better……. Peace loving tonga🚶🚶 ✌ ✌ ✌ ✌ ✌ ✌

  38. treason

    Hh IS not the president. Ask Mr lungu

  39. Mutz

    HH is not mature in politics now is using gassing innocent people and using seer 1


    I here to rock the brain for all those bringing confusions in zambia🔒and I have dump the keys in Atlantic ocean.


    Ndeloleshafye🉐🈵🉑🉑🉑🉑bambi balechula!

  42. Pembwe

    No PARTY has stayed opposition forever. Ba Chris Phiri abash Tribalism

  43. Piriton Mbewe

    Dirty politics!



  45. Richard Masanta

    I am talking to the Zambia Reports. My concern is that when you are writing articles you always write negatively on UPND. You have to tell us the truth. Is Zambia Reports belongs to PF, because you always write positively on PF.

  46. Sanka sanka

    A upnd mp bought beddings 4 a need clinic, but pfs refused to get them. Nw you’re talking such nosense so that you find faults in him. Rabbish

  47. Elias chanda jr


  48. Joe

    HH for life 👋

  49. Magical minds

    Kkkkkkk ati hh is solution, bushe ba Zambia mulifipuba nangu shani

  50. bob

    work up u people HH is only man can do better

  51. Fungwe

    I didnt know, Zambia reports can be this useless. Please tell us something sensible than decampaigning HH, he’s far much better than your boss.
    This is stupidity in the highest order. Check yourselves.

  52. Kapesha Nevers

    The person behind all terrorism actions going on in Zambia is know not Mr HH. the media should never hide anything for the people, instead you just target the point not ubu ubufi bweka bweka. HH is Innocent. Who is Spax and who is Kampyongo.. Mr GBM also knows who is behind these scenes. If it was HH G. B. M Woul have disclosed this secret. Which means all terrorism actions against innocent people are coming from ONE OR THREE Pf Ministers. And I think the president has just been masked in this issue.

  53. Brighton kudanaji

    I think HH every that he has promised the nation l hope he going to fulfill

  54. Morden Mushala Chiwa

    Amnesia *bless my hustle*
    …Dollar nayikwela times(x) ngafyachilapa kwesu yalakwe crime…

    *Gassing freestyle*
    …Preacher man say careful, ulu lubuli lwa mumupashi…
    Iseni kuchurch(ela) bonse Mukati.

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