Police Officer Appears In Court For Taking Part In Gassing Riots, Damaging Police Property

A police officer of Lusaka and 20 others from from Kanyama and Makeni Villa areas on Friday  appeared in the Lusaka Magistrate’s Court for riotous behaviour resulting from reports of people gassing houses.

This is in a case where Cephas Mulalayi, a 25-year-old police officer of Kabanana township, and two others, are facing one count of riotous behaviour and causing damage to buildings.

It is alleged that on February 13 this year in Lusaka, Mr. Mulalayi, Rogers Mwape and Harrison Mwalusaka unlawfully damaged a house and a Zambia Police Land Cruiser registration number ZP2116, the property of Zambia Police Service.

Others accused of rioting are Joseph Phiri, 30, a businessman, Peter Kindalo, 25, a bus driver, Martin Ngulube, a pastor aged 25, Alex Phiri, 22, a bus conductor, Simon Mumba, 28, a truck driver and Clinton Ngube, 20.

The rest are Clement Lwabila, 25, unknown profession, Saidi Phiri, 39 year female, Michael Bailack, unknown age, Mark Kapalu, 28,of Makeni, Lovemore Siajitinta, of Makeni, Lameck Tembo , 28, Chrispine Chikunka, Shaderick Mulonga, 25, of Makeni Village, Bruce Mwelwa, 25, Benson Mwansa, 20, Point Mwanza, 24 of Makeni Villa, among others.

Magistrate Mwale allocated the case involving the police officer and other accused to himself. He allocated other accused to various courts where they appeared and took their pleas.

However, the accused who appeared before magistrate Mwale could not take their plea because magistrate instructed that all of them be indicted on one charge sheet since they were facing the similar offences.

When the accused tried to apply for bail, magistrate Mwale advised them to make the applications today when he will read the charges to them.

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  1. Davies

    Job wel done police officers where are u zambia army join ur colleagues nd fight for yo citizens

  2. Gangsta.Grabs


  3. SD


  4. Panganani Webster

    Cephas well done my prayer will rescue you… continue with the same spirit….POLICE

  5. Panganani Webster

    God will help you Mr Cephas well done my prayer will rescue you… continue with the same spirit….POLICE


    is this not evident enough that gvt is the major master mind of this gassing which we are facing, the police are involved in this cases reported by police spokes person reported this mattter yet the commander in chief said he has no evidence how come?guys be mindful that whatever is done in secret God will review them in public its just the matter of time, we know that power is so sweet to give it so cheap but what you are doing is inhuman causing deaths to innocent souls. and ba sumaili madam you are just quiet instead of advise ur boss to stop what he is doing ,you were strong woman of GOD before u joined politics now you are a goat in a sheep”s coat, your responsibily is to preside on prayer and fasting on 18th october nt guiding ur drunkerd boss over evil acts bcos what you want is to get rich .pls open your eyes if i were you better to resign than to be in such evil company.

  7. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    Too bad for that!!!! When a Government employee by the name Cephas Mulalayi is involved in gassing people, can we say that these demonic activities are done by an Opposition Political Party? The answer is NO but you Zambia Reports you are busy dragging HH into these gassing issues but you have heard yourself that one of Government employee, a police officer for that matter is involved in gassing people. Shame on that Police officer!!!! Shame on you Zambia Reports when it comes to writing your “OPINION” articles!!!! Thanks!!!

  8. adviser

    Winnipeg Nyirongo _ It is such half-baked conclusions that are dangerous: so because Cephas Mulalayi is a Police Officer, you implicate the State? Do you know who he was really working for, assuming a guilty verdict?

  9. JR

    They didnt say caphacy was gassing people read bofore u comment idiot

  10. Tapiwanashe Magama

    Well done

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