Police Pick Up More Suspects

Police have arrested nine more suspects in connection with the ongoing investigation of chemical spraying across Zambia.

Zambia Police Service Spokeswoman Mrs. Esther Katongo explains that this brings the total number of suspects connected to chemical spraying to 25.

Meanwhile, there was a gassing incident at Libala’s Lusakasa Primary School which occurred between 08:00 hours and 09:00 hours today.

“It is alleged that a grade eight (08) class was gassed by unknown persons and that one teacher and a pupil were taken to a medical facility for examination. It was also reported that after the pupils were told to knock off by School Authorities, some concerned parents after receiving the report of alleged gassing at the school took their children to the medical facility in Chilenje for examination bringing the number of those examined at the Hospital to nine (09) as at 13 00 hours. We are still waiting for a report on findings from medical personnel” Mrs. Katongo said.

And in another development, the Zambia Police Service says a male adult of Nchelenge District in Luapula Province identified as John Mwango aged 40 of Chilongoshi Village in Chief Kambwali died after he was struck by lightning earlier today around 06:00 hours.

Police Spokeswoman Mrs. Esther Katongo confirmed saying the body of the victim is at St Paul’s Mission Hospital mortuary awaiting burial.

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    Bravo police continue arresting them. They promised armaggidon now we have gassing. Is this just the beginning and the fulfillment of HH’s promise of the final war. Lets pray for our country these guys have been organizing these evil activities for a long time.

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    @Gangsta.Grabs I thought you went for training for the final war promised by your president HH othewise we are seeing the fruits of the promise by your president.

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    Thy don’t arrest them instead thy pretend like thy do arrest and then release them … I don’t know wht wrong with the police service…innocent pipo re dying..

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    This will not stop because you are arresting the deaf and dumb people who never said nothing since you started the arrests just free those morons and stop wasting our time listening to your lies!!! You know something if you choose to keep it to your selves.. Time will come when you will chew your own teeth…..

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    ECl u and yo police squad you are very stupid &foolish

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