PRESS RELEASE: Stop Killing Fellow Citizen In The Name Of Mob Justice

22nd February, 2020.

As Rainbow party, we are urgently calling on the citizens to immediately stop taking the law in their own hands and stop the act of mob justice that has claimed many lives. The people you have killed and injured are someone’s relatives.

As a party, we don’t accept the reasoning that the police are not doing enough and that it then, justifies one to kill others whom one is not even sure of being involved in the criminals happening.

We have even gone to the extent of dragging people from the hospitals and police stations to kill them in cold blood, without sympathy. Those killing people without proper evidence are not different from the criminals of chemical gassing. Why should you the people who want safety become killers? Don’t join the group of criminals indirectly by shedding blood. That blood you are shedding will haunt you one day. STOP IT NOW!

As a party, we are deeply saddened to see innocent people being killed like animals. Its so unfortunate, Zambians are rushing to kill fellow Zambians without clear evidence. Even when these people have pleaded with you, you have gone ahead to kill them.

As Rainbow party under the able leadership of cde Wynter Kabimba, we humbly appeal to all peace loving Zambians to immediately stop this mob justice but take all suspects to the police who have the mandate to investigate and take them to court.

Lastly, as a party, we are challenging all the security wings to become proactive and quickly bring this situation to an end. Let the police quicken investigations, prosecution and later inform the general public about criminals behind this.

Quick response from the security wings will stop the mob justice and prevent more lives from being lost.

As Rainbow party, we believe the police have the capacity especially when they apply professionalism in their work. The only thing you should do is to up the game and save lives.

Issued By:

Humphrey Kabwe.
Deputy National Spokesperson.
Rainbow party.

Copyright © 2020 ZR.


  1. Ichinyo ukufita

    Is rainbow party still existing

  2. nashi

    Am surprised also,rainbow part? What about ADEDO?

  3. nashi

    If I catch him spraying my house,I will not take him to police, but kill him ruthlessly, then bury him and shut my mouth .for I ve
    Served my children’s life and others.in short he who is spraying doesn’t deserve life let him come and do the fuckin spraying he will spray his ass and his mother’s pussy.Bus driver tasola umuntu umo pa road aletina ukwipaya imyeo iingi mubus kanshi cawama ukwipaya umo ukucila abengi.naine efyo ndekonka kumwipaya ukucila atwipaye ifwe panganda 10.for your own information I don’t sleep in side if I see you spraying my house from 22hrs_04hrs you are gone!! No mosquitoes at my place. Those who spray house they come during day time.with me it’d killing cabe

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