UPND Provincial Chairmen Vow To Be In Remand With Their Party President

UPND provincial chairmen say they are ready to be taken to Calvary with party leader Hakainde Hichilema.

They were speaking to journalists at the opposition partyโ€™s secretariat in Lusaka on Thursday afternoon last week.

Only the chairmen for Muchinga, Lusaka and Western provinces were absent at the media briefing but those who spoke did so collectively.

The chairmen present were Elisha Matambo (Copperbelt), Albert Chifita (Central), Paul Thole (Eastern), Billy Makwembo (Southern), Roy Mwansa (Luapula), Nathan Ilunga (Northern) and Colonel Glandson Katambi (North-Western).

They emphasised that the UPND membership could not accept a repeat of what transpired in 2017, arraigning Hichilema with “a trumped-up” treason case.

“If this [gassing] issue is a plan to take out Hakainde from the ballot paper, it will never happen. Nobody will allow that nonsense!” Matambo vowed.

“HH is popular among all the citizens; do you think he will sink so low and start harming the same voters he wants to rule? So, we are telling Sunday Chanda, GBM and all the PF people who are jumping like headless chickens to shut up.”

They wondered why whatever misfortune that happened in the country was linked to Hichilema.
“Every nonsense happening in the country is Hakainde! What type of hatred is this? Right now the most popular presidential candidate who people are set to vote for is president Hakainde Hichilema. You get it right!” Matambo said.

“If they take him to the Calvary, we are going with him to Calvary. We refuse to behave like the way Peter behaved, denying the Lord Jesus three times. Weโ€™ll never do that. Weโ€™ll start together and go all the way,” stressed Matambo.

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  1. Gangsta.Grabs


  2. Albert

    My brother, the issue of Peter and our Lord was planned before the foundation of the World. There is something Christians are supposed to learn from Peter’s denial of Jesus Christ.
    So please do not equations Peter’s denial to President HH and you.
    They are deferent, besides remember Jesus is the only begotten Son of the Living God.

    • Enos Kalulu

      Albert please check your text before posting it. Alternatively use vernacular if your English is not so good.

    • Joseph

      This statement is surprising and can easily attract suspicion as to who is behind the type of security situation currently obtaining in the country.The coincidence of having a meeting with all Provincial Chairpersons in one place can equally trigger and attract more suspicion as to its motive.Non of the Security agents have hinted that HH HAS A PENDING TICKET to go and reside at Mukobeko Remand Prison.Where then are these Chairmen getting this from?

      • Jay1

        Point exactly…..๐Ÿค”its like they are scared of something….the investigations are still going on….n now u call a meeting of such intensity….promising to die for HH ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚

    • Asher

      Go back to school

  3. Mostjaychaambwa

    Its a known issue tah 2021 ni ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿ‘‹ me๐Ÿšถ๐Ÿšถ+ ๐Ÿˆ ๐Ÿˆ we are ready fr ๐Ÿ๐Ÿญ๐Ÿญ๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€August come

  4. nshilimubemba

    Why are you accusing HH, no one can arrest an innocent person, however the law follows those who break it.
    Remember all the people who have lost their beloved ones they are still crying and the blood of the dead is crying to God, vindicate us who ever is involved in this will be judged accordingly.

  5. Timothy

    Just wait for the right

  6. Y

    The current government you have painted black color on your own , leave HH alone , you know the sourse of chemicals but you’re doing nothing , the boss himself is quite failing to address the nation .

  7. Joe London

    Do not equate the power of God to that of every darkness. The denial of Jesus was foretold in the bible. And by the way who have mentioned HH?Akanwa ka milandu kalaitendeka.Why the the fear and what do you know.The law will follow the culprits who are involved .Is HH involved?pipo don’t know and only those involved will be arrested. Period.

  8. Savior

    You ka Joe toilet seem to be the ka mouth piece of this corrupt quacks aiyi?wait and see……2011 same people like you deserted their houses for fear of being beaten but no one did that.

  9. Ed

    Let them not even think of blaming hh for the gassing whilst the state police knows the chemicals being used but still they haven’t informed us, even the effect of the same chemical being administered

  10. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    I’m wondering why these pf fools are accusing hh on every evil happening. Come next year i don’t want to see this usless government called pf to be in power again NO. They are just there not to build our country but destroying and always bring confusions. Anyway, the writer was ok



  12. Not true

    Even peter said the exactly the way you are saying but when time came he was the first man to say no to thi man you don’t know what you are saying

  13. Seer 1

    Gassing is gasser who’s who done date blood!

  14. Leon

    Written or not written I this it’s written all over the country that pf kuya beebele and if they try to rig ECZ will.not fear pf but ECZ will respect the will of the people



  16. Angoni

    When i say HH is a god of the UPND you can see it from the statement above there. Already the followers liken themselves to the Peter and HH to Jesus which is incorrect/wrong, Brethren lets pray for these blind followers that they put Zambia first than an individual. I do not care whether PF wins or not BUT to support an individual like HH as if he is God its unfortunate.

  17. Pilate

    BT ba politician very funny ,yaba! u pipo ar sick of hatred fo each other,in respect of de bible don’t involve Jesus in yo political hatred fo each other,its bad manners

  18. saimbwende

    I totally agree with Angoni above, it is unholy and a great sin for these UPND supporters to equate HH to Jesus Christ. Jesus is the son of the Almighty GOD Jehovah, HH is just a human being like me, perhaps better than him in terms of spiritual standing.Can i say that Chishimba Kambwili was 100% correct to say UPND supporters and TONGAS in particular would rather vote for HH than Jesus in an election. It is now clear that these people are worshipping HH, regarding him as Messiah. They think that with HH in the state house there will be food for everyone, jobs for everyone, people will stop dying and there will be no poverty, Zambia will be a paradise. You are building a castle in the air you guys in UPND. For me like Angoni has said PF is worth my vote next year.

    • Kelvin Kabwe Nonde

      Let’s not talk about tribes, then Kambwili was wrong to say that, but now he appears to have realized that the statement was quite offensive, especially when you make a tribal comment, yes it is unholy to compare a politician to christ it is blasphemy.

  19. Mixx Dee

    Leave HH alone why accusing hh of every bad situation going in the country, not all days are Sunday’s the days to regret are on the way, My vote for hh chapwa…..

  20. Pat

    HH -2021

  21. Life's Funny


  22. nshilimubemba

    You cannot kill people and have peace why are these people so afraid even fearing their own shadows.
    They are now scared to their bone there is no peace to the wicked let us wait and see what will happen meanwhile continue arresting murderers.
    Now the game has started time to cheer and clap clap.
    Killing 43 innocent people will leave a deep scar on you, those who have lost their relatives will not forget your evil.

  23. Bernard Musonda

    Did i hear u well by saying hh is popular i live in zambia now for ten years who is hh

  24. Jozzy bie

    People Ni UPND chabe even God knows

  25. Chendabusiku

    These are the people messing up the Zambian Democracy, who told them that HH is involved? Investigations are going on. “Akanwa kamilandu…” you can subject this country to this rubbish and hope to get away with it-Never. The illusion that Hichilema is so popular as to get away with anything or atrocities must be put to rest. Our deep rooted God given peace will not be destroyed by Satanists who are blood thirst and there to cause confusion. It is
    inconceivable that these weird Saul’s with questionable birth can bring this satanic act to a peace living people.

  26. Fucked up

    Those people who are saying that the writer compared HH to Jesus Christ ๐Ÿ™ I can’t phrase.he said he will not going to do like what Peter did to deny Jesus not comparing him to Jesus nooo!!!!

  27. Citizen

    sadist will be put to shame as many people are catching their pants down on public that’s why none is hating the opposition just like it was on City market,bill10,fire tenders,you can fool people but not too much

  28. Sparta

    Go back to xul mother fuckers…nd learning more…coz to me it looks like u hv nt even seeing a person known as a teacher before… use a dic when words ar out of limit 4 ur tiny brain

  29. Nicolas Az

    I hate hateful words. Read more vแบญn chuyแปƒn Malaysia giรก rแบป

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