BREAKING NEWS: Gassing Knows No Boundaries As The Kamfinsa Female Section Becomes The Latest Target

In what appears to be a security breach, female inmates at Kamfinsa Correctional Service have become the latest victims of being gassed.

Close sources at Kamfinsa have disclosed that the female inmates were gassed last night and rushed to the hospital this morning.

However, circumstances in which the incident happened remains unclear as officers are trying by all means to keep the incident secret.

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  1. Ba zed

    This is unacceptsble,authorities can u do something pliz we beg u,our children ar very young.


    this is alarming ,this should be an inside job ! no wonder citizens are saying that it is state managed affair meaning the minister of home affairs should have a hand.Please your excellence fire kampoyongo before it is too late.l beg you do it before it is too late.

    • Geoffrey

      This are last days people,but zambians please GOD is in contro and he is watching what is happening today morning galatians5;16_24

      • P.M

        @Godfrey…Do you really believe that the nonsense happenings in Zambia under Lungu could spell the last days? Dont over rate zambia…un God’s eyes zambia does not exist and whatever consequences happen in zambia will never have any impact on God’s plans for the greater universe.

  3. wonder

    How did the gasser/s get through the gate? If this is true, those accusing the opposition should stop. I wonder, if truly the opposition is involved in this foolish gassing attacks, it means our government is divided. It means some government officials are not loyal to our government of the day.

  4. Hatamba

    Mmmmmmmmmm this is bad we! We are not in our country.(Ba kanfinsa sure,we respect you when it come to the issue of nosense! )Plz plz plz! For how long are we going to cry as a nation.

  5. Savior

    State managed gimmick.

  6. Citizens

    Please don’t waste your words….our authorities are too reluctant

  7. Tikambepo

    Kampyongo knows very well about what this is all about,fellow Zambian citizens!let us open our eyes and ears all else we will lose more lives,for sure,how could a prison be gassed the area which is well protected???????more questions than answers.

  8. see five

    Gvmnt stop playing with human blood i end here

  9. Fox14

    If they are not able to protect themselves how would they protect the citizens….

  10. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    I’m also wondering why this gvmnt is doing so

  11. Not true

    Very soon we are going to hear that they have gassed chimbokaila or mukobeko state prison

  12. SOS

    We heard on news that the master minders were arrested and investigations were being conducted,but my question to Mr Joe London is,,,,,,,,how long does it take to investigate an agent issue such as this one of gassing which requires an agent solution so that people can start over again doing their business normally as usual….bushe ,cilesenda umwaka umo,shibili, shitatu nalimo ikumi elyo bakalande ifikatumpuka muma investigations ayo balechita or should people continue talking the law into their own hands?
    Many questions than answers.Please Mr president if you are not involved in this,why don’t you shake up things like Xi mping does in China…………….please show us some leadership if not absolute leadership.

    • GUDSON


  13. makaveli

    Stop this nonsence…


    Calyafya kuntungulushi shacalo, they know something about gassing.

  15. Seer1


  16. Dick

    Not all gvt workers are royal to the gvt of the day.

  17. The Cats Family

    If were President of Zambia, I would fire all the officers who were on duty when the incident happen. And I would further suspend all the officers who were off duty coz gassing in such an area where there is security it means officers are behind this. This is same as stealing a TV from the Zambia Police Inquiries office.. No security in security facilities.. Paradox..

  18. Kapesha nevers

    Zambia 🇿🇲 is known as a born out christian nation.
    What has been happening to it since the beginning of 2020 seems to be terrible and unacceptable. Zambia has been shaded with black dark clouds, and it is like a satanic nation.
    Those in authority knows who is behind all these scenes. Peace and clear controlling of this nation has been betrayed. The only thing that matters to them is being more successful than serving the innocent lives of people.

    What has been done in darkness will be shown off in day light.
    Better you people change your mind
    All suspects will be burnt

  19. H2k

    Next time we gonna hear that the state house has been gassed

  20. Gabby

    PF is behind all this evilness.

  21. Panganani Webster

    Am ran out of words,God help us all ,otherwise we are going out of Christianity.Have Mercy to us……………I pray for gassers to change thert minds in Jesus mighty name amen.

  22. Savior

    It is taking too long to bring to light who is behind the gassing coz all apprehended suspects are pointing at govt officials(ruling party).
    If the opposition was involved we could have already been told whose behind this.Efilya batokota balepunda ati mwalitwiba ifwe.

  23. conside citizen

    jst tel us hw dey enter at dah gate.coz dat z dah fearlest prison n dah biggest

  24. I'm he

    Fellow Zambians,let’s run for our own lives. Don’t wait for the government to rescue us. We don’t know who is against us so don’t trust anyone. As we go for this battle, let’s ask GOD ALMIGHTY to send us angels who will go ahead of us. Only GOD can save us now, not the government. When you catch a person gassing, don’t take him or her to the police but burn to death. This is a war between these people and us.

  25. 2k

    Something somewhere is wrong please,God help us otherwise we ae in the doom days

  26. Concerned

    There is too much KAMPYONGONISATION in our security wings no wonder nothing is being fruitful. If this is true then our officers at Kamfinsa are sleeping on duty.

  27. SMK

    Comment: Either government in rule or opposition parties can not tell the truth on this terrorist issue. Why cant you just resolve, than just killing us innocently. You are all behind the scenerio.

  28. Farmer

    Very soon it’ll be State house

  29. Humphrey Gondwe h

    Where were the guards? It’s unthinkable! Internal involvement is suspected without doubt. The top brass should re-examine their strategy.

  30. Chendabusiku

    It has been common knowledge that our troubles began long after the birth of some political parties. It ha become clear that after the democratic process has failed to usher some individuals into plot 1 the result is the current spate of satanic acts. No one will be arrested without evidence. What is alarming is the fact some named political leader quickly pointed fingers at the ruling party. This is a very serious accusation not befitting worthwhile political leader. Our great nation will surely pull through this. Mushala rose and failed the satanist will fail too. We just need to pray hard for the integrity of our great nation.

  31. lottizee hunbled

    Comment it ‘s only takes a thief to catch a thief because they have something in common, but very difficult becoz the ones involved they act like kamilions they change colours to suite evronment people we eat nd talk with nd trust during the night turn in to gasers very dissapointing, GOD HELP US.

  32. Collins k kashimbaya

    I need a training course.

  33. Sparta

    Pf Mother Fuckers Ar Behind This Stuff

  34. young mo

    it can never reach state house oooh …this is bulshit manaa zambia takuli gvt apa ..Atumone fyachitika

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