Keith Mweemba Apologises For Walking Out On Magistrate

Lusaka Lawyer Keith Mweemba has apologised to Lusaka magistrate Felix Kaoma for walking out of his court before he could be granted permission to leave.

When this happened on January 29, 2020, magistrate Kaoma banned Mweemba from appearing before his court and ordered the lawyer’s client, NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili, to find another lawyer in the matter where he is charged with defamation of the President and he is appearing before his court.

Mweemba tendered the apology before magistrate Kaoma on Monday and said what happened resulted from miscommunication.

He said it has never been his intention in the practice of law to disrespect or argue with the court in any way and that the breakdown in communication was deeply regretted and he apologised to the court.

“We shall always respect the courts,” Mweemba said.

Magistrate Kaoma accepted Mweemba’s apology and allowed him to continue representing Mr. Kambwili in the defamation case before his court.

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  1. Edward


  2. BTK

    Mweemba cn u be serious,ar u scared of corrupt judges



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  5. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Fine chaumfwika

  6. Angoni

    Like client like lawyer.

  7. Abena kafue

    That’s being mature and respectful bwana.

  8. Davies

    I like that


    Why do our lawyers have a tenancy of walking-out of court rooms whilst representing their clients?……..In 2016 Upnd leader had several lawyers who were processing the petition at constitution court,and only Martha mushipe remained representing her client.Most lawyers are after money not letting the law to take it’s course.


    That’s it mweemba and U have exhibited maturity

  11. Amai

    The villagers lawlessness. The enlightened abandoning us. Where do we run to? Good you respect your institution. Thank you.

  12. Citizen

    True lawyers not gassers who can’t apologize

  13. Not true

    Is there that

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    Yes he surely knows what he is doing!!

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    Mweemba the best lawyer so far

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