LAZ Suspends Nicholas Chanda And Closes Down His Law Firm.

The Law Association of Zambia has again suspended lawyer Nicholas Chanda from practice with immediate effect.

LAZ has further ordered that Mr Chanda’s law firm, Messrs Nicholas Chanda & Associates, be closed with immediate effect.

Another lawyer who has been suspended is Brian Singine whose firm, York Partners, has also been ordered to close.

This is in a letter written to the Chief Justice, the deputy and all other senior court officials.

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  1. Leon

    Zambian news

  2. PWII

    One of these lawyers will be republican president in the next 10 years……………..

  3. Afrozed

    How is this reporting please? No reasons or details given, what do you take us for?

  4. Jimmy shaba

    Why are they suspended?

  5. dance

    Iwe chi Chris phiri go to school and stop giving naked news!!

  6. Chinyamapolo

    don’t be supplies this is Zambia reports or i say pf reports because they can never say anything bad against pf no matter what i think this is a campaign site for pf and please people don’t take serious with thse Gazette reporters here they confuse u they can’t unite us they just bringing confusion by accusing one part everyday they are not ashamed of themselves

    • Amai

      You are criticizing Zambia reports…look at how you’re doing it. Proof read stuff before posting for the world to read. Also, not everything is political my friend.

  7. Eujam

    Childish report,Carrys no meat or any sort of substance.

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