Lusaka Province Minister Assures Lusaka Residents

Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo says the security situation in Lusaka amidst the chemical spraying is under control.

Hon. Lusambo has assured Lusaka residents that their school going children are safe, but has however urged schools to put up security measures.

The Kabushi PF Member of Parliament said this on Monday during the Patriotic Front (PF) Interactive Forum.

Hon. Lusambo said Lusaka residents should not worry about anything as his office was on top of things.

“Lusaka is not under threat. The President is on top of things in addressing the issue and that is why he beefed up security by releasing the Zambia Army to work with the Zambia Police,” Hon. Lusambo said.

He further said there was no State of Emergency in the country following reports that soldiers in Lusaka were beating up people.

Hon. Lusambo, however, warned that all those who will be found to be involved in the chemical spraying will be dealt with.

“The time to dance for these perpetrators is coming and the President will not look at the individual but he will look at the crime at hand. Even media houses who will be found siding with these criminals will be dealt with as well and be treated like criminals. Never be used to do propaganda for state enemies,” he said.

Meanwhile, Hon. Lusambo has assured parents in Lusaka that the safety of their school going children was guaranteed.

“We had a meeting with the head teachers together with their deputies and the DEBS in Lusaka where I assured them that the Government of His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu is on top of things in dealing with this matter,” Hon. Lusambo said.

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  1. Angoni

    Sometimes we want to hear our President to speak and assure all Zambians that there safety is guaranteed unlike hearing from you most of the time. The country voted for the President and not the MP and the Minister. Please deliver the message to the President some time we feel the country is on auto-pilot because of the silence from him. We need the VOICE and the PICTURE of our COMMANDER IN-CHIEF ESPECIALLY IN-TIMES LIKE THESE WHEN ZAMBIANS NEED ASSURANCE AND HOPE.

  2. Davies

    What assurance when gassing is going on around the country nd the Presedent have maintained his quietness shame.

  3. Mwaba matole jr

    The president is silent no press briefing whatsoever he doesn’t seem to care nor affected by whats going on, kwena ngakapita nishi akanyelele kakapele ifumo.

  4. wizo

    how can the presido care when he knows deep about gassing

  5. Africa

    PF government why are u sleeping on this dangerous issue? Don’t just offer the amy soldies in town even here in villages we are in trouble, we are not sleeping the whole night

  6. kascol

    I conquer with u Africa,it’s clear indication that rural pipo matter only during elections!

  7. The next DC mafinga peter rock

    Our government is there to help and offer security you people should stop killing innocent souls yet no evidence is provided to proof . any suspect should be taken to police . don’t take the law into your hands. Today my people in muyombe mafinga district they have killed two suspected innocent people. Its not good Zambia is a Christian national let’s meditate to the word of God and wait for the lord to fight for our lovely country Zambia

  8. NBA

    jst cal US Military n dah CHINESE military 2 cum n sought dis out

  9. Benson Sitwale

    The president is busy.he is currently considering how Zambians will react to pf thuggs in 2021

  10. Abih

    Why does president think about this conditions please people,in rural areas are not protected help them pf gvt

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