PRESS RELEASE: Why Is Hakainde Hichilema Scared Over Coordinated Terror Activities?

25th February, 2020.

The panic mode in which the UPND leader, Hakainde Hichilema, is, speaks volumes about what he definitely knows about the terror attacks and must he have realised the law enforcement agencies (LEAs) have come to discover. Hichilema is scared of what he knows. He is gripped by fear.

Hichilema accused the State of being behind the terror activities and claimed that he was being targeted. Various stakeholders have challenged him to provide evidence about State involvement reminding him of the fact that he is committing the offence of sedition, inciting Zambians to rise up against the State.

Hichilema knows that his threats about armageddon and justifying violence as self defense is what has triggered what we are witnessing today. He is behind the political violence in the guise of armageddon which includes Mapatizya formula, sponsored gassing and orchestrated mob criminality.

Is it not shocking that after starting violence, Mr. Hichilema now wants to talk peace?

During his interview on Prime TV, he strangely equated Zambia to South Sudan. In his usual coded language, he now seeks peace by encouraging dialogue between the government and the perpetrators of violence, between Government and terrorists. But does this means he knows the terrorists and their demands?

Listening to his interview last night, it was evident that Mr. Hichilema spoke in a coded language about genocide and justifying how Al Shabaab started. He laboured to justify why gassing activities must lead to dialogue between Government and his party the UPND. Who on earth justifies the terror attacks by the Al Shabaab? Is this some admission?

Mr. Hichilema’s interview with Prime TV was a clear declaration of war against the people of Zambia until they agree to give him authority to participate in government through a process of dialogue. It is clear that Mr. Hichilema cannot wait for elections. He would rather have it his way or no other way!

We encourage the LEAs not to fall for Mr. Hichilema’s blackmail. He is definitely scared about something. Let him tell the Zambian people what it is that he knows. Whatever the case, even if he chooses not to talk, the LEAs will tell us sooner than later.

Issued by:

Andrew Lubusha
Provincial Chairman
Eastern Province
Patriotic Front

Copyright Β© 2020 ZR.



  1. Munzanga

    You politicians, please, don’t make us suffer to an extent of start killing us for the sake of satisfying your ambitions. Majority of us are poor who cannot afford to run away should civil war broke out. You all want money but we plead to get it in a peaceful and straight forward manner. 1 John 5:19.

    • Monk

      Time will tell. Let’s just be patient.

      • Zekolatu




    • Idiocy Detector

      Puppy Andy is barking and vomiting dirty stinking vomits. That is all idiots know, because they use amashinsha to think.

  2. Zinkis

    Stupid government why accusing innocent people while you are the one behind the gassing incident.Find other way how to campaign

  3. Joseph Zimba

    You politicians we are tired of your nagging over authority which is resulting in loss of our beloved ones and the law enforcement agencies should do things the right way

  4. mudodo

    Comment the guilty are afraid. so don’t be surprised.

  5. Chamu

    Can we please request our leaders (both Ruling and Opposition) to desist from making remarks that will incite further hate and division. This is uncalled for at a time such as this. What we are going through is tragic and is no matter to politic about. We are told the investigative agents are making progress so give them opportunity to work without bias, political pressure and irresponsible insinuations. Let us not let those who want to keep us divided and fighting amongst ourselves win.

  6. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Iwe mazyu/ chi idiot leave hh alone do you think we are happy with what pf is doing in this country? Getout

  7. Black

    Arrest HH and see if they will be peace in Zambia , you in power you are the ones doing this why every time when voting time is near that’s when these ritual killers start killing innocent people Please ba pf mukalibe kubweza nyanga za seer 1 bwezani πŸ‘ΊπŸ‘ΉπŸ‘Ήβ˜£οΈ

  8. Alangiz

    Seek reconciliation you blood thirsty vampire. You are the one guilty of ransacking the economy and now fearing to leave power. Give citizens peace they deceve. We are not interested in those counter attacks.

  9. P.M

    This Eastern province pf chairman is mad…very insane just like majority of pf. When, How, and Where didi HH show that he was scared? By telling Lungu to do something about gassing and mob killing? In fact you have so many scared people in pf who claim to know who is behind all this…GBM, Sunday Chanda, Lusambo just to mention a few. Please leave HH alone you bloody failures

  10. As it is

    Just go by what HH tells you, then peace will reign in your hearts you perpertual haters..

  11. PWII

    The problem with PF is that any f.ool can issue a statement……..this party has no systems and procedures. Also, they cant differentiate the partry and govt, thats why one f.ool after being appointed party mobilisation fimofimo, the first promise he made was to end loadshedding in 90 days. Cry my beloved country.

  12. Davies

    I agree with u pwii pf haz no order even councillor can issue a statement against HH the head of state is quiet shame!

  13. Dundumwezi for chagwa

    PF is already in power and come 2021it will still be in power,and it can not panic for power,someone is afraid somewhere and is trying to bring confusion so that he may get a vote to push him to plot 1,Zambian already knows what is behind and the plans of you,this time we shall not give you a vote,remain with your people and PF will remain with its people, careful we know you and your plans.

  14. Jah rules

    Who said HH is scared??,,u are the ones who are scared,because hh in went ahead proposing to government that they ingage services of high qualified people from FBI,CIA,OR METROPOLITAN,,but some fools started blaming,calling him all soughts of names,,then today this pf vuvuzela is accusing him of being scared,,,No …wake up Zambians..the same guys who collected things from seer 1 are behind this chaos,for they want to appease there god,,,,so you fools from pf stop being arrogant and accept that u hav failed us in many ways,,,and this issue each member being a party spokesman/spokeswoman is bad,,there channel’s and procedures how to go about sensitive issues such as this one.

  15. Aaweshuwa

    Continued masturbation of hatred it taking pf nowhere. No sane Zambian can waste time listening to msgs that do not build the nation. 2021 Pf kuloonga! Urgent need for visionary leaders Comment

  16. Zambian

    So this useless people,they can’t say anything without mentioning HH.we have so many problems in our country that you need to be handling than wasting your time talking about HH.anyway 2021 kuyaaa

    • Yakumbuyo Banda

      Desperation calls for desperation measures. Upnd knows it’s loosing come 2021( ichikwanka ba chimwena ku mapalanya) …..the recent elections tells it all.

  17. dance

    This is jst a shame to pf bcoz they already know that they have lost 2021 to the level that they cannot even rigg like what they did in 2016

  18. Sparta

    wat a poor manifesto u pf idots…nowonder some of u fail to propose love to girls …leave HH alone u mother fuckers

  19. Razor

    What happened ? Was this man lubosha feeling left out for him to issue a statement out of the blue. Maybe with trouble following him in the name of lameck mangani, George Zulu & panji kaunda he thought if he could say something against HH then he will be spared the humiliation.

  20. muchizy

    Pool family (pf)

  21. SD


  22. chinyamapolo

    this reporter is a big fool i never seen him report anything good about upnd this reporter is very bias and stupid is upnd only oposition part in Zambia why are u always against upnd u idiots

    • Respected

      The one who is accusing pf is fool and he should go to hell to join his relatives. Proud pf πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹


    the government knows everything concerning ritual killings,because they are not taking the gassers to court,instead they are killing innocent people who no nothing about this issue.

  24. wizo

    chris are you a campaign manager for pf or what? hh is not gvt but lungu is, y is lungu quiet? how did those gases came into zambia? the state knows something about this, where are the lab results? what are the long term effects of these chemicals? the state needs to review all these things to us, something is fishy here! what was the purpose of ministers connection to seer1? this is all pf’s thirsty for power

  25. Jj

    It is a sign that upnd has become very popular

  26. Mostjaychaambwa

    Imwe ba fikala weather u say ma rubbish pali HH our mindset z already set jst start packing nxt year kuya πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹

  27. Eustace k

    At this point to definitely say it’s this one or that one sounds very politically motivated.
    Let the police finish their investigation then inform us.Too many rumours flying around.
    Right now,what we want is ACCUSATION + EVIDENCE then we will know for sure,in court.
    Stop blabbering.

  28. zed

    no matter what, hh is winning 2021…we can’t just continue with this nonsense of loadshedding,k162 mealie meal…and hh is not even the one responsible for this gassing muleumfwako insoni,insoni ebuntu.

  29. kenny

    i’ll be a voter aparth in my whole life coz nothing is good

  30. Zero

    Leave HH alone! Why him every time there is a crisis in the country! Does he have such powers?

  31. Zibani

    Who is calling who for dialogue? You see this kind of politics is what the majority of Zambians have rejected, the PF government seems not to be changing even when everything bad that happening in this country is pointing toward them, this is what happens when you put cadres in position of the deserving and qualified people, I pray and hope that this filfy trend will die with pf when we bury them in 2021.

  32. Uluse

    @kenny….Not voting is allowing the pathetic failures continue misbehaving. Are you enjoying the indiscriminate gassing going on? The opposition needs a massive vote to send pf to the street.

  33. Fucked up

    Since the time we got Independence we had Free and fair elections until Michael sata became a president after he death that’s when we starts having problems in our country because of these visionless people leading us,in 2016 elections we all seen what happened in hiros stadium where the πŸ•ŠοΈ Dove failed to fly that’s where the problem we are facing today started.now coming to the issue of gassing and the accusations which are being thrown on HH please, what ever plans we make to our friends whether good or bad God is watching and He can not allow all Zambian to suffer we are His children and He loves us all,so if PF members you are doing all this because you are planning evil 😈 on him just know that you are not doing it for him alone but for all Zambian because we are one people and God will not allow it.may the power of God show itself in our country so that all evil plans will not succeed in Jesus name

  34. King cool

    HH he is a baby with no brains, Minor issue He wants to be calling the neighborhood to come and solve.

  35. Dj

    Notoo,,, at Christian nation mutivutisa

  36. Buju

    Iwe Andrew you want HH to give you evidence,start with Bowman and GBM to give evidence

  37. The next DC mafinga peter rock

    Our government is there to help and offer security you people should stop killing innocent souls yet no evidence is provided to proof . any suspect should be taken to police . don’t take the law into your hands. Today my people in muyombe mafinga district they have killed two suspected innocent people. Its not good Zambia is a Christian national let’s meditate to the word of God and wait for the lord to fight for our lovely country Zambia

  38. Ok

    The reporter has nothing to positive to report about Hh bcoz there is nothing. Only failure (X5) in this man called hh.

  39. Yaba

    To hell with your hatred for HH. You will not rig this time you visionless dunderhead

  40. Hatamba

    But zoona,u leave People who boaldly said they have the evidence (they know the ones behind this scheme of gassing)eg Gbm.come on pipo let’s put jokes aside this issue is serious.

  41. Dube

    Only God knows who is responsible

  42. Dube

    Only God can solve

  43. Daniel Sakala

    We have prayed and believed Jehovah God that whosoever is chief Mastermind behind the gassing and the death of 44 people has been arrested, whoever it is he or she is arrested in Jesus Christ name. Amen.

  44. Not true

    Some comments that pipo make you can see that they know nothing is it possible for someone in power to panic for what?

  45. Savior

    The master minders were arrested and charged yet no more arrests have been made………meaning the culprits haven’t confessed….govt staged gimmick kwsila.

  46. Ft Ayer

    Zambia is bigger than HH or Edgar Lungi, Zambia is our home , politicians please don’t destroy our country because of leadership hungry, Zambia is bgbigg than everyone here our children should fine a better Zambia not a destructive nation.thanks

  47. Ft Ayer

    Zambia is bigger than HH or Edgar Lungu, Zambia is our home , politicians please don’t destroy our country because of leadership hungry, Zambia is bgbigg than everyone here our children should fine a better Zambia not a destructive nation.thanks

  48. Olala

    Ifyakupatikisha teefyo! Pf has failed. Let citizens choose leaders of their choice. Leave the country mumutende, so that with the money you have accumulated you become employers to many unemployed youths,then zambia will continue to be good, not ifyabupuba mwatampa ukuchita

  49. Shikantwa

    Unfortunately even this article has failed to woo support. Zambians are ahead of this cheap shots. Am not a supporter of UPNDbut i can tell this is total rubbish!! Most of the people caught are ruling party affiliates.

  50. Mumbi

    Ummmm ba pf you have failed

  51. Lodza

    God choose leaders even a leader for 2021 God has already crowned. As for gassers just know that nothing hidden above the heavens or under the sea that shall remain a secret
    Soon or later the whole nation will know who’s behind all this gassing nonsense. Just wait and see. We’re totally greivved about these silly games

  52. Richard Masanta

    PFZambia Reports we know that you are using this to company for PF instead of deceminating of true information to the public. You insists writing articles negative on an innocent man HH. It is like you blaming some one who doesn’t know how to read and write and you even know that person has never been to school. HH is not yet in office, it doesn’t make sense to blame some body who is not in the office. Just blame those people currently in offices are the ones who are misreading the nation. Same as you are a passenger in a vehicle the driver violet the traffic
    rules. The traffic police should they arrest the passenger leaving the driver as innocent.

  53. Kicks Kings

    Kwena bane H H Wene Mwamubepeshafye, he is not even connected to seer 1 in any way, let the security wings do their job and see if it will not be on some guys within the government who are against our seating president mr chagwa lungu. Even Dr chagwa knows that apa pena hakainde hichilema is very innocent.

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